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      What you must know about us @light house of wisdom

      (Questions People Ask,What You Must Know)

      Good morning Gm….I am just hearing about the light house of wisdom…. Gm, I am confuse as I really don’t know my purpose and calling in this life……. I need help.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Your state of confusion is why light house of wisdom is here. We understand that millions of people are confused in life not knowing what to do: having lost out. That’s why we are here to help you with the truth. The truth which will help you locate the rightful path in life. When you heed and follow instructions, you will get the desired result.

      To do this, you must choose the path of wisdom. (knowing the truth)! Wisdom that comes through spiritual information/knowledge.

      True spiritual information set the path for the ignorant to gain spiritual knowledge (wisdom)

      When you know the things you don’t know through the available information as we have them daily @light house of wisdom: following instructions, you suddenly become a different person having connections with divine entities; this shouldn’t be misinterpreted to be a day’s job. It comes with commitment.

      It calls for a continuous practice and engagement; hence, none can do it better than yourself.

      We are here to provide you necessary spiritual information while you are expected to follow instructions as given. To rewrite your ugly past, you must have adequate Spiritual knowledge.

      This knowledge calls for committed spiritual practices.

      This is what you must understand, knowing the truth and getting wisdom: ignorance of the truth is to live a life of frustration. Life becomes pleasurable the moment you know and apply the truth.

      Many times people do request from me in writing; seeking the way of wisdom:
      Please sir help me to become wise. I need wisdom!

      My response is always the same, “to become wise, you must know and apply the truth”.

      How many of you knows that wisdom is not different from the truth?
      Do you know that knowledge and application of the truth makes you wise?

      This is the reason that it is often said that the gods are wise?

      Aren’t the gods truly wise?

      Yes they are!
      The gods are wise!!

      The true possibility is as a result of their knowing and applying the truth.

      Remember, I often said, in the realm of spirits, nothing is secret. No secret before the gods.
      Because all things are made open to them at every hour of the day. It is this consciousness that makes them as wisdom personified.

      They always have the solution to every mystery of life.

      Moreover, the application of the truth we know always brings about desired solutions.
      This is a knowledge that makes the distinguishes you and stand you out.

      Because light house of wisdom and information available in the house are truth upon angels guide, we ask SEEKERS OF KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM to get understanding and become a practitioner.

      For a spirit to work with you, you must know the truth and apply them.
      This why an Ofeke (spiritually blind) can’t serve the gods unless he becomes wise giving up ofekeism.

      The gods are wise.
      Its quiet disappointing that Christianity called us heathen’s because we practice the truth we know.
      They said we are IDOL WORSHIPPER’S.
      I ask, which spirit is not an idol? Is Christ they preached not an idol?

      Wisdom indeed is a shelter, it saves the life of it’s owner!
      When the most high met with Moses, they worked together. At a point, he asked Moses to built an Ark which we know today as “Ark of Covenant”.
      Moses instructed Bazalel and Oholiab to construct the Ark. The Ark was built with Acacia wood.
      Within this ark were to be placed the tables of the law which God was about to give to Moses. On the top of the ark, probably not as a lid but above the lid, was a golden plate upon which two cherubims, with raised wings and facing each other, covered the ark. From the place between the two cherubims, God promises to speak to Moses, as often as He shall give him commands in reference to the Israelites.

      We are bringing this information to you so as to help you understand how the spirits operates.
      They aren’t merely what many thought about. Therefore, one should be very careful not to speak with voice of ignorance on spiritual matters.
      This is why we employ you to know and apply the truth you know for more spiritual expediencies. The more application of the truth more spiritual intensity. Because knowledge of the truth brings about desired wisdom, you are sure to grow with time upon angels guide.
      This is when supernatural things are made known to you, giving you reasons to hate perhaps what you enjoy most. You gain instant access to the solutions to your puzzles thereby placing you in command over the issues of life.

      @light house of wisdom, Truth is our keyword and watchword thereby distinguishing us from the ordinary people we often referred to as “Ofeke”.
      We are different because we know the truth and work using the knowledge of the truth upon angels guide.

      We are not religious!
      Not at all!

      We can’t say we are Christians because we are not even though we accept Christ and the sole purpose of his earthly ministry.
      Christ came and died for the lives lost by Adam and Eve: eternal life.
      This eternal life was the sole purpose of creation. Even when we were made in the image of God and was supposed to manifest like God, disobedience of Adam disconnected us from that essence of God. This is were death sets in.

      The gods having been disappointed by man’s failure, sought for a blood sacrifice as an atonement to restore man back to Himself to achieve the original master plan for humanity: This is the very reason for Christ death!

      Having paid the price with his blood, we acknowledged and give thanks to the gods and goddesses who made it possible and who accepted to bring back mankind to the original master plan which is eternal life.
      Before then, we weren’t Christians.

      We are human being thus we were created to be so.
      Because the gods and goddesses are truth and can’t change, therefore we must be sure not to adopt any name or mission contrary to the sole purpose of onCreation.

      In the book of Genesis 1:26-27 we read;

      Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image, in the likeness of ourselves; and let them rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the animals, and over all the earth, and over every crawling creature that crawls on the surface of the earth.”

      27 So God created humankind in his own image;
      in the image of God he created him:
      male and female he created them.

      We can’t say we are propagators of the truth, messenger’s and pioneers of the truth, and still have to deviates from this truth.

      Truth we know never change: it is constant.
      It remains the truth yesterday, today and forever: it never changes!

      Why must we change and say we are Christians?
      No! thus we aren’t Christians but human beings.
      When you know the truth, the knowledge shall compel you to practices. That’s when you get exposed to the realm of spiritual reality. It is the truth that you know and apply that sets you free!

      Therefore, we conclude by saying LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM where knowledge rules is not a religious centre nor a Christian forum.

      We remain light bearers!
      Yes the truth we know sets us free from ignorance. Ignorance is the true cause of hindrances, chains, poverty, troubles, scarcity etc.

      This is why an ofeke never have peace of mind, experience positive growth in all endeavour, poverty written all over his body, lacking the ability to say and stand for the truth: absence of true knowledge.

      When we apply the truth that we know, we sure makes a difference in this world. This is when the light of wisdom begins to shine like a lamp unto our feet just like the psalmist said in the book of Psalms 119:105
      Your word is a lamp unto my foot
      and light onto my path.

      Its true because the gods are wise, knowing the truth and saying the truth.
      This is why you who listen and obey, must have a light on your path.
      Still in the book of Psalms 119, verse 106 reads: I have sworn an oath and confirmed it,
      that I will observe your righteous rulings.

      This true statement simply talks about our willingness to make a decision, determine to follow truth, doing all it entails.

      If this should be the case, we can’t say we are for Peter or Paul, Barnabas or Timothy, James or John. Stay tuned with the truth as a human being an image of the gods. There is a

      warming we must understand if we should read the book of 1 Corinthians 3:4
      For when one says, “I follow Sha’ul” and another, “I follow Apollos,” aren’t you being merely human?

      It continues saying in verse 5 we read:
      “After all, what is Apollos? What is Sha’ul? Only servants through whom you came to trust. Indeed, it was the Lord who brought you to trust through one of us or through another”.

      Now I tell you, Christ is not a different person from the truth that we may trust him and despise the truth.
      Christ said in the book of John 6:38
      For I have come down from heaven to do not my own will but the will of the One who sent me.

      In same book of John 17:21 he says,
      “That they may all be one. Just as you, Father, are united with me and I with you, I pray that they may be united with us, so that the world may believe that you sent me”.

      In same book of John 10:30 we read ” I and the Father are one.”

      Now, the question remains, who is the father?

      Grand Master

        If we find the father, we saw him in the book of Exodus 25:10 as he who gave Moses the guide to built the Ark as stated earlier.

        This is why I kept telling us the truth we know to be true. we say, SPIRIT’S ARE ONE and same (like the truth), they never change.

        They work with wisdom. This is why you must learn to trust them better than human.
        Don’t trust the guides of a mere mortal while the gods says otherwise.
        Don’t listen to what people has to say on your pathway to truth. Refuse to be dissuaded. Be yourself!

        By your personal volition, seek to know the truth. The truth is in us not outside us.
        Truth is not a visitor but resident within us.
        In other words, truth is a spirit. This is why Christ said that the words that I speak unto you are spirit and they are life.
        He asked us to know the truth.
        John 8:32
        “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

        To know the truth doesn’t ask you to look elsewhere or travel to a distance land or employ the services of a messenger, scholar or wise men. No!

        You will know the truth simply means you will know yourself.
        Man Know Yourself!
        Woman Know Yourself!!

        When you seek this path of knowingness, you shall see life.
        Thus we say, Truth Is Life – Eziokwu Bu Ndu!

        Life you must know, begins the moment you know yourself. Knowing yourself is a call for truthfulness, fulfilment, perfection, wholesomeness and endlessness thus human are spirits.
        Hope you are following the connections?
        You sure do because truth is life.
        Truth never gets the just confused but ofeke.
        Truth never gets the upright confused but ofeke.
        Truth can only get an ofeke confused not the just in heart.
        This is one of the character to know your present state of being, knowing if you are Ofeke or not.
        Your inability to understand and accept the truth simply talks more about your ofekeism. No doubts about that!

        Grand Master

          @LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM where knowledge rules: truth is our keyword and watchword.
          Upon angels guide we flow. Telling the people the truth at all times.
          Because you deserve to know the truth to make a difference, you sure to be ritualistic.
          Yes Rituals!
          One may ask, what is rituals?

          Yes because of the presence of evil seen among men today in our society, many are tales following spiritual knowledge and practices promoting likes and dislikes.
          Truly the gods are wise and spirits most powerful! Mmuo dike!!
          Wisdom does whatever that pleases her.
          Do you know this to be true?
          If you are wise you understand better!

          Yes wisdom does whatever that pleases her. Do remember the world was founded upon wisdom.
          In the book of Proverbs 8:22 we read
          “Adonai made me as the beginning of his way,
          the first of his ancient works”.

          In the book of Proverbs 3:19 we read also
          “Adonai by wisdom founded the earth,
          by understanding he established the heavens”.

          “By wisdom Adonai (The most high) founded the earth” telling you that wisdom is a gateway to divine possibilities.

          Because wisdom is a gateway to great possible possibilities, the wise does whatever they like.
          This true formation an ofeke misunderstood and has to call it evil in most cases even when he lacks the knowledge of truth.
          Ask an ofeke what is evil and good, he will begin to speak like a pot of water on fire.
          Making sounds without a discerning body language! (that’s the sound of pot of water on fire).

          Evil if I tell you, to know “evil” and understand “good”, you must be wise!
          Otherwise both would remain a nightmare to you.

          Some are mistaken evil to killing.
          Yes you were asked not to kill your fellow human being. it was written and also a call from wisdom to humanity but then how is it that who asked you not to kill often gives them a supporting hands to kill as many as possible souls during the war?
          Could it be he is an evil spirit as ofeke would say?
          Following by the ways and understanding of an ofeke, he seems and could be mistaken to be an evil spirit thus it looks like a deceit.
          But then, when wisdom sets in, wisdom would say, No!
          He is not evil and can’t be called a deceptive spirit nor an evil spirit but a wise spirit.
          Wisdom remembers, permits us to do whatever we like at any time hence she is there to direct our path.
          Wisdom can’t allow the wise to take wrong decisions.
          Upon wisdom, no spirit can take wrong steps.
          Upon wisdom, angels guides!

          Do you now understand why you were not permitted to judge unless you are wise?
          To avoid evil and punishment, an ofeke shouldn’t judge.

          Solomon became a good judge immediately he gained access to wisdom _ Knowledge of the truth!

          @LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM where knowledge rules, we leave you with surprises upon angels guide.

          This true information is reaching you not for entertainment sake but for a recreational, reformational purposes and godliness.
          Asking you to accept a call of wisdom and understanding.
          Stop life of ofekeism because ofeke is too bad – ofeke ajoka!

          We are ritualistic, an exercise that has wisdom support.
          We are humans, an image of the gods and goddesses.
          Before our earthly coming, we have existed elsewhere. A place not different from the realms of spirits.
          From there, we were sent forth for the sole purpose of creatures.
          Because earth is a mission field, spirits are been sent batch by batch annually to this mission field (earth) as caretaker’s and workers.
          Earth we should know is a field, farm land of the gods and goddesses. This was why after creation, behold he looked and saw that all was good. He said to them, come, let us make mankind in our images and likeness. And let them rule over all fishes etc.
          Read Genesis 1:26 for more information.

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          Grand Master

            In the course of time , they saw the reasons to have to send as many spirits/angels in the form of humans to help the ministry/mission. A good example is Enoch who was born by a woman, was sent on a mission. Enoch was the first to give a prophesy over fallen angels and all that took place in the realm of spirit, heaven in particular.
            We saw other spirits from a land known today as Egypt.
            What is the message about Egypt that humans needs to know to establish the truth?
            I am sure that you are curious to know.
            Because this is light house of wisdom where knowledge rules, we don’t hide secrets from people.
            Reason is because, in open secret is the truth revealed. But We must reveal the truth to mankind, we ensure that secrets are not kept!

            In ancient Egypt, there are a find group of persons or spirit persons in the form of mankind.

            This was possible because of the fact that, it was concluded in the spirit realms, due to the need to send as many as possible spirits to join mankind for the sole purpose of looking after creatures and its development, using truth/knowledge.
            Many spirits beings took dwelling place in the land called Egypt in human forms.
            When the most high saw what happened, because he is a jealous God( Exodus 34:14. Because you are not to bow down to any other god; since Adonai — whose very name is Jealous — is a jealous God. )
            God who always want to make a difference, he said to Abraham in Genesis 17:9-10
            “As for you, you are to keep my covenant, you and your descendants after you, generation after generation. 10 Here is my covenant, which you are to keep, between me and you, along with your descendants after you: every male among you is to be circumcised.

            In verse 15-16 we read,
            God said to Abraham, “As for Sarai your wife, you are not to call her Sarai [mockery]; her name is to be called Sarah [princess]. 16 I will bless her; moreover, I will give you a son by her. Truly I will bless her: she will be a mother of nations; kings of peoples will come from her.”

            At a point, he Adonai (The Most High) saw the reason to link the descendants of Abraham to the Egyptians.
            You may ask, why?

            Wisdom you must know, saves!
            Wisdom is the same as the Truth. There’s no different between truth and wisdom. They are siblings. This is why you must call wisdom your sister and understanding you shall call your Kinswoman
            Proverbs 7:4
             Say to wisdom, “You are my sister”;
            call understanding your kinswoman;

            They shall keep you away from unknown women.
            Proverb’s indeed!!!

            The land (Egypt) has a vital role to play in the life of the people (the Israelites) in the future, this is the reason they have linked up.
            When they got to the land of Egypt, they got exposed to immeasurable knowledge.
            Remember, it was as a result of this true knowledge in practice in the land of Egypt that stands them out as “first” among their Orientals.
            It is a known and indisputable fact that not only did civilisation started in Egypt but was also the first developed part of the universe in knowledge of science and technology.

            Remember the gods has likeness in knowledge. While Israel (Jacob) and his sons were still wandering in the bush in search of food for the Carmel, donkeys, sheep etc the Egyptians have been known by their global trademarks.

            After years of slavery in Egypt, can you see where Israel are today in commerce, industry, science and technology?

            How much do you know yourself as a spirit incarnate?
            Truly the gods are most powerful – mmuo dike!

            They lived with the Egyptians and learnt many things from the kingdom ruled by a great king Pharaoh. A king who rule by the order of the gods and goddesses.

            Keep the knowledge we return to it afterwards!!!!!

            From this prior information on spirits and humans we saw different realms of incarnations (where humans has origins).
            In the realm of the spirits, we understand upon angels guide there are various kingdoms. Not just one or two kingdoms but many kingdoms.

            Wisdom you must know (should you know) has mystic ability thereby, making it impossible to state her limits. Because of the various kingdoms in the spirit realms, the most high (Adonai) made heaven for himself during creation..
            Instead of returning to join other various existing kingdoms, he decided to dwell in heaven with host of angels.
            (…….Our Angels discussion coming soon……)

            Water is one of the most visible and invisible kingdom we can see today.
            The animals we see and can’t see are been controlled from a certain kingdom, so also are the plants trees and other things.

            @Light House of Wisdom where knowledge rules, we tell you the truth you must know to make a difference man/woman

            Upon this true information and angels guide, you live a life of fulfilment.
            Don’t ever you set a standard or limitations while you are working for the gods and goddesses knowing you are a messenger.
            Reading from our various post and discussions, you get expose to the light of wisdom, knowing and understanding the mystery surrounding our earthly existence.

            In conclusion we ask you to accept the knowledge of the truth and practice the truth you know to make you a difference man/woman upon angels guide.

            Truly, the angels are here thus; we say Angels Guide!
            More light to your path as you set to read with open mind the knowledge of the truth which sets the ignorant free.
            Truth is life – Eziokwu bu ndu!
            Spirits are most powerful- Mmuo dike

            Light House of Wisdom is where knowledge of the truth rules therefore we remains the disciples of the Truth!

            This is why we say the truth at all times irrespective of the hours and to whom it may concerns.

            We Say The Truth even when people hates hearing the truth.

            We Say The Truth even when people are afraid to say the truth.

            We say the truth because the truth is life _ Eziokwu bu ndu!!!!!!
            Angels guide

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