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      The great odogwu akataka, please advice me am searching for a wife. How can I know the woman that’s for me? What sacrifice can I make to know if we are compatible spiritually and physically? And to know if marrying her will favour me and bring success to my life?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      A spiritual consultation would do you more good than mere advice. Consult on her to know more about her.
      Marriage and women are like ocean, you don’t measure the depth of it with hands. You need knowledge!

      There are mistakes young men and women make in marriage which I also did (at the period of my ignorant). Having known, I won’t want anyone close to me to repeat the same mistakes.

      Should I start from my mistakes to reach out other peoples’ mistakes?.
      I always start with myself to end up with others.
      When I married my first Afghan woman, it was at the pick of my success. As a successful business young man who was desperate for marriage. I got married to a foreigner and a beautiful lady of my liking. I said, I love her. Good!

      I love her was a mistake I made, deceiving myself. Refusing to know and do what I should have done because I said, I love her.
      After many years of the marriage which bored a son, the marriage broke.
      We got separated in war and share of properties.

      I was alone and out of marriage life for years till I saw another beautify one from Igbo land.
      One may ask, why Igbo land then?

      Earlier, I was carried away and took to understanding that marrying a foreigner in a foreign land could do me good. I never thought otherwise. I had never thought of spiritual perspective in marriage.
      Even when I wished to remarry, I also ignored this important path (spirituality).

      It was during my next marriage that I was called to serve and have to occupy the office where I am today.

      What happened?
      Because I did not know my wife spiritually (as I should), I was put to shame and totally embarrassed. The highest embarrassment I won’t forget so quick till death do me apart was my encounter in marriage.

      In Igbo land, we value good name. We say, it’s better than riches (Eziafa ka ego).
      You are nobody to your people and considered evil when the rumour has it that you killed your wife for money rituals.
      I doubt who would say your mouth in this case.
      That was what actually wanted to happen to me when her iyi ụwa strucked.

      A powerful spiritualist such as isi mmiri Igbo nille refused to know about his wife. No one could have believed if I said it. But it happened.
      Because all is well. Nothing moved me to ask on her spiritual life. For no day did it call to my memory asking about my wife perhaps to know more about her as I often do for others.
      Spirits took it off my mind (perhaps to teach me a lesson). Mmuo dike!

      For what I could simply call minor case resulted to madness. Everyone around me felt the heat. All effort made to control her proved abortive. Odogwuakataaka was messed up. I got divastated. Lost total control of life and office. I was totally messed up.

      To the glory of the great Ezumezu, when they saw that a servant has given up, having no power to do anything in the case again: they revealed the secret in a broad day light.

      I called my father and asked him to accompany me to my in-law’s place. Because they were mad at me, per see!

      None of them wish to set their eyes on me. Believing I witch-hunt their daughter. Good and fine, I am innocent but ignorant. Not knowing what I should have known and do what I should have done to help my wife as a mariner.

      Anambra name is not good when it comes to money ritual and marriage with inter state (in Igbo land).
      That was how we went to Umuahia with all the ritual materials I bought for the sacrifices to her iyi ụwa (water of incarnate).
      Upon rituals performance, they have no choice than to welcome us upon arrival as if there was no fuss.

      We disclosed our intentions and they helped took us to the river where all the necessary was done. That was the end till this day.

      Many have lost their marriages in this platform. Many have also lost their lives and some are in prison for a case like this. Where an innocent has to suffer for no just course, something he knows nothing about. If it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone.

      Many people are ignorant of spiritual roles which are played by the spiritual husband and wife. These are possible reason in most cases for downfall of successful ladies and gentlemen immediately after marriage.

      Wahala and katakata here and there. It has to do with spiritual ignorance. One’s inability to know and do what he/she should have done.

      Don’t forget, not all that glisters is gold. Not all beautiful young lady could fit into your marriage partner.

      She could be beautiful and have all the best of character needed in marriage but may not fit you for marriage.
      How do you know?

      He may have all the money a man needed to take care of a wife and family. He might not be good for marriage when your destiny doesn’t say so.

      Some of you don’t need to marry already made husband or wife.
      There are people who lack food today and can’t boast of a bread but have to feed a nation immediately after marriage.

      When you happen to marry the right woman. She becomes a destiny helper.
      My first wife was a destiny killer!

      I lost properties for her and money as well.
      I paid a whooping sum of Euro in expense of property domiciled to her. I paid through my nose. All these happened in France. It was the first financial shake I had and have to start all over again. To the gods be praised that a great destiny remains a star to the nation. Dead bone raised. Don’t make mistakes choosing a marriage partner. Some of you mistake your great wife for witch when you as a husband fail in your duty. Destiny is like a cutlass. It waits till it sees an object that sharpens it.

      If you are spiritual ignorant as well as your wife, “no be double wahala”?
      It’s either you are Amosu or your wife must be called the Amosu. Perhaps, you have a great destiny to shine like a bright star or your wife does.
      Both of you have to suffer, gnash your teeth and smell your fingers. Poverty shall be the next neighbour. May the gods and goddesses forbid.
      Be wise to take a right step towards future and destiny.

      Don’t make mistakes in marriage life. Choose a right partner. When you do this, don’t expect easy wife or task free wife.
      Every great destiny calls for a great work.
      Gold passes through a great furnace to become a pure gold.

      The waka for greatness no bi here. A kọrọ gị. Ọ bụrụ na a kọrọ gị. I ga asị ka ọ diba. If you were told, you sure to ask for it to hold on. It’s only a fool who thinks to become someone, a personnel, is moi moi. Some think it is “talk make I talk”
      You work out your destiny!

      If your wife’s destiny asks for your support, support her.
      My second wife and present wife supported me. One of the reasons I am the most happiest man on earth today. Having a happy home. A confident wife who confides in me. Trust me like her chi. Who never say No when I say Yes. Who always seek for my opinion to take her final decision. It is because we helped ourselves when it matters.

      That’s what marriage called for. Help your partner in all aspect of life. Whatever her destiny demands for greatness, help her achieve it. A woman too should be a helper at all times and in all things to her husband. Stop castigating your husband. Trust your husband with all you have, heart and body. Love him not for what he has but for who he is. He is your body, fresh and blood. Give it to him at all times.

      Don’t make him an escape goat. Stop giving him a high blood pressure. All men must not be rich! It’s not even said in the spirit realm. All fingers aren’t the same and must not be the same. Don’t kill your husband because he doesn’t have money. If he could not afford for your needs today, with love, care and understanding: both of you should stand to train your children for better tomorrow.

      Our people would say, Nwa ji akụ (child holds riches). These are spiritual words and truth that makes manifest in names.

      There are unions( husband and wife) that are destined to bring forth a powerful child. A rich kid and destiny child.
      My father is a farmer and a great farmer who has a hut. Today he lives in a mansion.

      I personally built a duplex for him and my mother then.
      After some period of years, my young brother said no, papa for house, mama for house: he built another for our mama and said, “nne this one is your house”. It’s said to be Nwa ji akụ.

      With happiness, mutual understanding, love and unity, train your children to become a light of the nation tomorrow.
      Don’t see today in your marriage as end of life. Be spiritual conscious. My father is the pillar of my success today.
      So I am to my children (wherever they are today). Don’t be ofeke and drunkard.

      Always have life moving track for your family. Nna bụ ugo!
      Let your children be proud of you everytime they remember you. Let your role speak volume. May it spark fire in their heart and memory. Don’t see your children like a product of their mother when you have concluded their mother is a failure and destiny killer who messed up your life.

      See them as your products for that is what they truly are. Never forget so quick ‘Nwa bụ ife’. That which you are unable to do today, train up your child to do it even better tomorrow.

      If you dream to travel overseas but could not, say to yourself my child must go overseas.Pray ndị ichie ani who help mission. Ndị ichie ani (the great ancestors) look up to you and have to hear you when you pray for your children.

      My father supported me when I wanted to travel oversees. From my little gain in farming, I gained support from my father.
      As a school boy, I was also a farmer. I farmed for my family and also for myself. When I wished to travel. From my savings, I was bold to speak to my parents over my mission. My father took me to a man in our village whose sons were overseas then. He solicited for their help to help me gain visa abroad. The man asked if we could finance it, we concurred.

      He sent me to Enugu where I met one of his younger brothers who spoke with one of them in Germany.Finally I left for Europe. I made so much money in business back then that I counted millions of naira before my 25 years. It was a credit to my father who sponsored me abroad even when my money was among.

      I am a good example. You can learn from my true love stories for better tomorrow. Learn from me also to become a good husband. Young ladies who are about to marry. Most of you have disturbances from your spiritual husbands who are jealous and you must make peace with them. Anaghị akụ mmụọ n’aka ajụ n’obi (you don’t bate with the spirits).

      Beg him to permit you into getting earthly marriage. This is not to be done with stupidity whereby you ask for separation from your spiritual husband.
      No! Odogwu Akataaka, Isi mmiri Igbo nille said No!Never permit anyone to put your life in danger.

      Say No to separation.

      Talk for peace. Let peace be made between both of you. He is sure to permit and add more blessings and guide. If you are called to serve, be proud to do so. Don’t say, no man shall accept me if I happen to be ezenwanyi.

      Your ezenwanyiship doesn’t say No To Marriage. Always be spiritual conscious, making a good lady/wife.
      If you already knew your chi, realm of origin, keep fit. Relate to them and never keep your distance. Sky is your limit. Young men who are about to marry. “Wahala na him you dey find” – says Fela Kuti.

      You must know despite the true fact and saying that he who finds a wife finds a good thing. It’s also true that he who finds a wife finds work and wahala. This work and wahala you are sure to work fine and overcome the wahala before you see the good thing. 85% of ladies you see today married and unmarried are wahala. 100% of them are works!

      Check yourself to see if you can work the work and face the wahala. You can if you have determined. It calls for wisdom. Marriage calls for wisdom as well as lifes itself. Be a man even when you aren’t yet a man.

      To be a man is not a day job. It takes steps and stages to become a man.

      Don’t get into marriage life for financial reasons. Never!

      Don’t marry a lady who is rich for her wealth. Marriage is greater than riches. There are qualities you must lean on which are far from wealth. These are qualities that sustain marriage when the money and fame go. Not all who are rich today will be tomorrow. Sometimes destiny and life play wayo.

      Am I talking to somebody?


      Destiny and life play wayo sometimes to some people. Some destinies resuscitate wealth like a blossom flower in the morning but have to die immediately the sun heat is out. That’s to say, some stars and destiny are quick to shine and easy to fade away.

      These are people who get rich at teens and have to remain rich in their youth age but have to face and suffer challenges at adult. Because they lack the power, wisdom to stand the fame, wealth and money challenges, it becomes a history. If you have married such person for what he/she is, what would be the outcome?

      Get knowledge of the truth to help rule your world. Learn to ask questions more especially to people who have spiritual link (the spiritualist). Ask about that beautiful lady and handsome man. Ask to know him /her better before engagement.

      We aren’t talking about good wife here even though but a destiny helper. Through a destiny helper you get to have a good wife. Every destiny helper must make a good wife. If you ignore this step to find what you called a good wife, I tell you: No good wife unless the husband said so. No good wife among all the ladies!

      All women are same. If they are good, they are all good. If they are bad, they are all bad. Since no human is as good as nature, let’s look for a destiny helper being reason we are here on earth forgetting about good wife for no good man either.

      Therefore, when we you set for, make up your mind to finding a wife, use spiritual mirror. Only spiritual knowledge shall help you win.
      When you are more spiritual than physical, it will help keep the bad egg a way from your path. That’s first character removal! When you pray your ancestor’s overtime, asking them to help and assist you in search, they sure to answer.

      That’s when you begin to see bad side of that your lovely Juliet whom you vowed to take to the alter. Whom you promise to marry for better for worse.
      These are necessary spiritual steps to help choose a wife.

      A wife who snubs you for a praying your ancestors, chi and overtime criticises your spiritual life has nothing to do with her. Having said that, I can’t also say ‘don’t marry so so woman from so so place and town. But I can stand my fit to say: Never have anything to do with a religious woman. A Christian woman and Muslim woman. Being two powerful religious groups in our country Nigeria today, have nothing to do with a woman who belongs to these religious sects.

      A woman who is always in the church can’t make a good woman when his pastor is her priority. She can’t pay attention to house chores and businesses that put food on the table.

      I won’t ask you to try so that you don’t see. I talk to you by experience. Nwanyi neke ogiri, mara ijiji anya kpọrọ. In this office, no issues that do not confront us morning and night. Reading from cases and reports in various home, I ask you desist from a religious woman. Other ladies are controllable. I assure you!

      Even when you marry a woman that is an arm robber. Your spiritualist can help stop her from robbing. You have my word on that. Even when you marry a woman who is a harlot. With rituals, she could be stopped. But a religious woman, Nonstop! She could kill you overnight per pastors order and in the morning put your meat in a plate to pass to the pastor. Claiming she has killed the wizard in her life.

      Religious woman.You won’t sleep, she won’t sleep. When she fast you fast too even when there’s no effects from the fasting. She would force whole household into fasting and praying. When you can’t meet up her demands, she will end up accusing your mother of witchcraft and portioning the blame on every member of your family. Any of your brother who is rich is a ritualist.

      She will bring wahala, katakata for you day and night.

      She won’t admit you leave in same house with your family when she truly knows you can’t afford a house. A religious woman!

      Everyone is a witch or awizard to her.
      Any rat that passes in the house is witchcraft. Mosquito is agent of darkness. Religious woman!!

      She will choose to pray and make noise like a generating machine the moment you need silent and wish to mediate.
      Your house and her room will look like oil production company filled with different bottles of oil. Ask her, she will claim they are nointing oil.

      She will sleep with her pastor and end up pointing fingers at you. She will take night vigil for excuses at all time to help perfect her evil mission.
      And there are dangers living with such women reading from cultural and traditional values.

      We aren’t joking here, reason you must take our massages for great importance.
      Do you know that there are towns and community that have this spiritual engagements which say, your wife shall not get pregnant outside your matrimonial bed?

      That’s to say, your wife shall not sleep with another man nor become pregnant outside you. If she does without your knowledge, the penalty is dead to the husband

      Just like others have it that if a wife sleeps with another man, without her husband knowing to do the necessary, she goes mad and die.

      There are effective spiritual engagements in various communities that you might neglect but they are real. They can’t be tampered with.

      This is why you must put your eyes on the floor to choose a destiny helper who shall bring peace, harmony, progress, riches, longevity into your home.
      When you do upon angels guide, you leave long as a man and woman.

      This is the great light house of wisdom discussion forum on telegram where knowledge of the truth rules.

      We bring you the truth you must know about your world to help you stand. Because truth is life, we do our best possible bringing it to you upon angels guide.
      More light on our path as angels guide us all.
      If ju akpa, amachie ya ọnụ.
      Ka ọdinani chebe anyị nille.


      Iseee, nnaa idiegwu, you are wise indeed, I wish I become so , more light on out path

      Thank you so much the great odegwu akataka, more lights on your path, more life to your age because a man like you is rare. you show us the only true way of life and always rebuke us from the wrong path, you encourage no evil and cast the evil doers who refuse to change away. Thanks to the goods and my chi for making me to know you

      Ugonna :
      ISI mmili igbo nille.. odika odi gi akola akola anyi..you are the greatest of all time,this your lecture on marriage this morning is one in a billion.. no professor can teach this.. this is something that has always been on my mind.. it is like you saw through my mind right now.

      My fellow light bearers please that which you can do today, dont leave it for tomorrow, with the little spiritual works I have done with the help of odogwu, even when I am still lagging behind,I have seen tremendous changes and light and more success in my path that I always praise the gods and goddesses..I am now wondering how my life will look like when I complete my remaining world and do my awele.. isimmili igbo nile I am forever grateful.. it is really happening

      Even as you did work for my in law that was locked up in abroad prison he came out ..it is not child play

      I know you dont like testimony here..but I really see light on my path and I cant keep it to myself alone

      Isee the great of our time..reading from you lectures gives me joy and confident.. U are really the voice of the spirit. May the gods and goddesses continue to keep you..Isee isee isee


      Udo diri gi ooo. I want to buy

      Frank :
      My lord spiritual Odogwuakataaka isi mmiri Igbo nile for your teachings,may the Almighty the gods and goddesses the angels of light ndi ichie ani continue to bless,protect you for us iseee



      Pls Odogwu_Akataka

      I want to know more about iyi uwa..and can iyi uwa move to Ukwu Udàrá. (Root of Udàrá tree)??

      Odogwuakataaka 1

      Thank you, GGM

      This got me laughing sha. So true my GGM! I keep saying this; the knowledge, wisdom, insight, understanding, u name it, that I’m getting here eh, I don’t think I can get it elsewhere…

      Chai! Odogwuakataaka 1! Honestly, you don see plenty things…

      Odogwuakataaka 1! Isi mmiri Igbo nile!!! I thank the gods and goddesses for always making it possible for you to teach us undiluted truth. May you be blessed in all you do. May you live long and prosper. Iseeee

      If that GGM dey allow testimonies eh, here for always dey loaded with it. Me myself have so so much of testimonies ever since I joined here, following d teachings and keeping fit rituals…

      Frank :
      I believe from my side better de come, I have learned a lot in this light house of wisdom open forum without paying kobo, may the gods and goddesses bless my plans so that I do something tangible here.Nnanyi Odogwuakataaka Chukwu okike abiama gozie gi

      My GM in kneeling I greet you please how can I know my destiny and mission on earth

      My GM I need power for vision it will help me a lot in life
      My GM as see you as a father

      May I know the gods of the land more and heed to their instructions

      +234 818 335 1310:
      Hmmm odogwuakaataka 1, the truth Sayer, the one that say it the way it is I greet you sir.
      Sir am bother on this issue of awele so I said let me ask,
      If someone in a rented apartment does awele and give the awele a private room in his rented apartment, and decided to move from that apartment to his own house or to another rented apartment, can the person move the awele to another place since the room for the awele is made private just for you can a dibia help you move the awele to another place.
      More light on our part!

      Big thanks to you our master odogwuakataka, indeed you are great counsellor, a great teacher, a father with a heart of gold I have learn a lot from you on dz channel……may gods and goddess reward you..BIG BIG BIG……iseeee

      Religion have finished Africa. Never marry a religion woman…

      Greetings Odogwu Akataka, Please anyone in traveling to the UK from Nigeria?
      If so please I need some Igbo colanuts, just 14 pieces, I will pay for the cost please.
      Just a humble and gentle appeal…Udo!

      Chukwuebuka I:
      You can order kolanut shipped to your door https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223690422592

      Thank you Odogwu Akataka, Isi mmili Igbo nile

      Are you new here
      Read the forum guide and stop posting emojis here

      Pls am sorry not intentional

      Odogwuakataaka..saying the naked truth… May u live 4eval…nna Anyi..iseeeeeee

      Greetings Odogwu_Akataka : I have a question but if it has been treating here in this forum. But pardon me if I’m bringing it back for discussion.

      I’ve been drawing from your pot of wisdom and I must confess that I’ve learnt a lot from you and The contributions from other members.

      My question : If someone ignorantly kill a goat for merriment with family and friends. Will they be any repercussion from his/her ancestors OR of likes?


      As in if the person have not killed such for his ancestors before.

      Greetings to you Odogwu-Akataka
      I am new here and I hope to benefit from your great knowledge so as to triumph over the evil forces that have peg me down. I hope am welcome

      How and where should I lay my needs to you Great One

      Greetings to you Odogwu-Akataka. I am new here I want to be enriched by ur words of wisdom.

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