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      Odogwu Akataaka:

      We are back and don’t take a leave not until we are done with our purpose of coming.

      There is this common belief that exist within my igbo brothers, which was truly made available and possible by Christian religious group.

      It has to do with ‘Chineke and ekwensu’, who is more wicked and a killer?
      Can you tell?

      Majority of the people by so religious introduction made us to know that the most high God whom they call Chineke in Igbo Language is the most righteous, harmless and upright deity while Satan whom they call ekwensu is evil, wicked, heartless and a murderer. The people’s believe!

      All these are possible reading from information which has a backup and background from a history book passed on to the people called the bible.

      Before we look at this matter today in the house, let us first and foremost find out what was the understanding of the oldest indigenous people of ndị Igbo over this issue before the arrival of the white men who brought the misguided information.

      Before the arrival of the foreigners who presented themselves to be God among men, the white men who presented themselves gods among the black men: there were deities known as Chi Ukwu Okike and Ekwensu.

      These are Igbo words which aren’t foreign or borrowed. Well known to the people reading from their acts and representations. Each stood unique in true representatives and has to perform his duty to mankind as nature permits.

      We call one chi ukwu Okike and also has a shrine for him situated at Arọ Chukwu in the present Abia State. We call the temple Ibini Ukpabi.

      This is where indigenous people of Igbo takes sacred rituals for the supreme being, the deity chi ukwu onye okike ukwu (god the grand creator).
      The people of Arọ Chukwu in Igbo are priesthood.
      They are the people set aside for priest rites.
      They oversees affairs of the people, ministering to Chi ukwu okike directly from the temple on people’s affairs. We call them Arọ chi ukwu – priest of the most high God.

      What about ekwensu?

      Ekwensu, a deity known to us also has his temple, a shrine situated at Anaku in the present Anambra state.

      What are their functionalities?
      Do they perform same duty?
      Not at all!

      Both you must know are not same deities considering the names and location of the shrines. Arochukwu which is a tribe in Igbo nation do not share boundaries with Anaku. To travel from Arochukwu to Anaku on barefoot takes two days in minimum.

      Now, what are their functionalities?

      Ekwensu is a deity for war. Ukpabi or chi ukwu Okike is a supreme deity whom we recognized for whom he is, being the grand creator. He owes all things created; for creation was made possible by him and for us all. He never fight war for a supreme being do not go to war front.

      As a supreme being, grand creator, he has lesser job to perform after the period of creation. Reason he handed all creatures over to the angels, the gods and goddesses. He stays aback for supervision. We acknowledged that in Igbo.

      A knowledge and information made available to us by mmụọ eke, orie, afọ and nkwọ. The angels that bore witness of creations. When you visit the shrine, cases such as murder, family dispute and witchcraft are what the people brings to his knowledge and not issues of war.

      In the olden days like today, the world was full of contention. Even in the realm of spirit, it could be seen. The spirits sometimes contend positions.
      Humans were not left behind as well and has to contend positions and portions.

      Remember, we are like them and must behave alike. We were created in their images. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Mmụọ n’eme ka mmadụ, mmadụ n’eme ka mmadụ

      This was how the ancient used to get involved, engaged themselves in land disputes and some times has to take someone for slavery along the line.
      Remember, the white men wasn’t the first to introduce slavery to us. We started it!

      We did it within ourselves before the era of the foreigners who then took it far across the border of the Atlantic ocean. Igbos like every other tribes in the world understand the role of the spirits in humans life.

      These made it possible for them to employ the services of ekwensu, where it’s obvious that you are contending your right. That’s to say, when a neighbour encroached your land heritage to contend it.

      If he proves powerful, haven strong hands and mightiness over you, the only way you could fight back is to seek for the face of the gods who conquer the conqueror. Who kill the killer and makes the mighty fall. There are so many spirits with such might but the most recognised in the society then was EKWENSU at Anaku.
      The oppress has to run to the deity seeking for revenge.

      Upon rituals, the person or group of persons (community) could bring the deity to the notice of the disputed portion of land. Because the gods are wise and just, holy and righteous, saving the oppress and passing right justice: they are sure to intervene.

      Human in their nature and form are strong and too stubborn not to give up until they see what is greater than them. The gods knowing this to be true has to struck to death the mighty ones who dispute the lands or property from the rightful owner. These happens to be the merit and characteristics of the deity ekwensu anaku

      When this seems to happen, out of happiness, reading value to what has just happened, the oppress might resought going for thanksgiving to the shrine.
      When it happens, he could asked to bring along other thanksgiving items like a black cow.
      It was a well known fact that ekwensu anaku accept black cow.

      This symbolism made him stand different and proven strong among others. Haven given you true history of the word ekwensu and Chineke as said and accepted by indigenous people of Igbo, we hereby look at another history across the border line.

      Here we enter Isra_El.
      The people who said they are for the most high God: thus the name Isra’el.

      El is God in their language and letters just like chi in Igbo.
      They had documentations which contains series of information as it happened in their life, land and in other nations that concerns them.

      These piece of information was documented by various messengers been their brothers and sisters. They call them messengers. Some of the messengers was held with high esteem that they were called prophets. Some were regarded as high priest and others are called rabbi.
      One of them was Moses who was born in the land of Egypt

      He had his education in the land and was able to write letters which proves him a vessel of honour before the gods and goddesses when they set to use him for a mission as commissioned.

      From information made known to indigenous people of Igbo, put in writings through the white men who said they are Christians, using what we known today to be the bible: Moses wrote the first five books.

      In the book, story has it that a deity contended with a deity. This happens to occupy and made the whole first book known as Genesis.

      The scene covers the whole pages of the book where the information has it that two deities contended the kingdom of earth where a man and woman was given as caretaker. Their names was said to be Adam and Eve.

      Reading from the story lines which brought about so many facts and stories covering the faces of the book from its beginning to the end, our people whom the information was brought to them said it’s ekwensu and Chineke.

      The one who contended they called ekwensu, the other they called Chineke.


      Because they read further, finding out the event resulted to death. In Igbo, only deity known for killing is ekwensu. Even when others do, our people takes the blame and fame to ekwensu. Never forget so quick what I told you about Ekwensu Anaku.

      These was how the believe came to be till this day. Now, let’s go down through the bible line and history to find out more truth.

      If they said ekwensu is the only killer. What about those that was slaughtered by the most high God himself which he claimed, accepted to have killed by his mighty sword?

      Was it ekwensu the Satan that slayed them as well? The people in their great numbers such as the Perrisite, Amorites, Jebusites. The first sons of Egyptians. Even Moses the messenger himself.

      Does this change your mindset towards spirituality and religious believe?

      Does that put questions to your mind when it’s obvious that humans who died in their numbers daily in Igbo and other nations of the world were not killed by ekwensu if not where he was fully invited for a course?

      Does that set the name ekwensu free from accusations?

      Does that change the mind of truth seekers from having negative mindset over principalities and powers, gods and goddesses who are been cajoled on daily basis?

      Does that tell you that human could have looked at and see the spirits from minor space, ending up to term them equal to what they aren’t?
      Do you see why we are here?

      We are here to bring you the true information, helping you stand positive in your world. So that you rule your world!

      Still in the event of the bible stories. We learnt that El (god of Isra’el) whom they call Elohim, Yaweh, Adonai is also a killer.

      From what we know him to be in Igbo, we didn’t see him as one as I stated earlier while telling about him as seen in Ibini Ukpaba.

      That’s to say, the Igbos held him with high esteemed for justice.

      Here, Bible and the writers brought another information saying he is a killer. Keep thinking right to have perfect judgement.

      This judgement is going for whom they call Satan (ekwensu) and God (Chineke).

      When it comes to hatred, he proves to hate the most from the bible documentations. Never forget we are still in bible study.

      Yes, bible study!

      That’s what we are doing now and has to do the comparison. Finding truth and lies.

      From bible history, story has it that he banished Cain, sending him away to the land unknown even when the young man pleaded for mercy. He crossed his mind saying No!

      This was not said to be done by the so called Satan ekwensu.

      Christians keep reading!

      When Esau and Jacob was born. Bible said that he the God chineke said, Jacob I love, Esau I hated.
      Toddlers who has not spoken words to commit any sin.

      In other words, a foundation was laid for things we are to be made known in the nearest future, which was later made known to us when he accepted it to be righteous despite all odds that Jacob by jealous and evil mind took what was not rightfully his.
      Did he got punished?
      No but was blessed instead.

      When Jacob left the house to his maternal home for evil deed, something happened. He followed him their and thought him a craft.

      Jacob was made to understand that a certain leaf has the ability to cause a pregnant sheep gave birth to a choice of colour.
      These he does all through his stay in the land and was able to blessed himself with power of magic, mystery, using nature given resources as seen in herbs in conjunction with waters, these we read.

      Why these are happening, the readers and believers kept shouting holy holy to he who is holy and evil evil to him whom they believed to be evil.

      The question now is this, does human truly know what is evil perhaps to identify evil when they see one?
      The answer is No!

      This is why all believers without sound knowledge of the truth have been deceived by the hearing of evil refusing to know evil which makes them not to stand before wisdom.
      When you lack knowledge of the truth, ask for knowledge.
      Even the bible itself said it.

      Ask for knowledge when you lack knowledge.
      It’s sure to be given to you.
      Blessed are those who seek for they shall find.

      What people were meant to understand about the bible book wasn’t the purpose of the history book.
      The history book bible was brought to mankind for the purpose of spiritual knowledge (wisdom).
      Not for you to become a judge and have to pass on judgement. This is why in conclusion, you were cautioned not to judge.
      Judge not so you may not be judged.

      Bible wasn’t made known to you so that you stand to judge spiritual matters.
      Who made you a judge?

      Who are you to condemned a certain spirit?
      Who are you?

      Can you make wrong right?
      Can you cause impossible to be possible?
      Who are you to say a certain spirit is evil while the other is not?
      Have you sat with wisdom perhaps to listen to judgement?
      Have you sat in council of knowledge to know Wisdom?

      How old are you?
      How many days have you enjoyed life on earth?
      How many days do you think you still have to leave to face death?

      How old have these powers leaved that you have to judge them?
      Where is wisdom when people have chosen foolishness to rule over them?
      Get knowledge and understanding of the spirits. When you do, say no to religious deceit.

      Religion has dealt with us immensely without sound knowledge. Leaving mankind, mainly believers in dark age. This is why the gods and goddesses shall never forgive the leaders. No spirit is more holy than others.

      They are one, just and right. Both the contender and the one sitting on the throne.
      They are alright!

      None is evil, or more holy than the other.
      They are good, right, righteous, holy and loving. They do whatever that pleased them. Unto you it might be evil but to them, it’s right and just pending the cause of attraction.

      Nothing just happened for no just cause. The spirits are wise. The gods are wiser. You can’t make a case with them.
      This is why you must leave spiritual affairs for the spirits beings to live your life the way your world made presentation to you.

      Stop wasting your time for nothing which you know that does you no good.
      From this common believes, some people has ruined their life thinking that Chineke and ekwensu are in contention.
      I tell you, they aren’t.

      This is why you must mind yourself.
      Even if they are whereas they aren’t, you don’t have the man power to defend either of them.
      You are just mere mortal.

      You have been denied the privilege of immortality here on earth.

      That’s even more reason enough to mind your business knowing you have cut off merits.
      Do the best with your limit of knowledge to make life worthwhile for yourself. When you do, others get dividends from your bold step.

      Stop suffering yourself in hope and belief.
      Belief has killed many, leaving their soul in “had I known” state. And till today, still hold many in state of penury and shall kill as many as possible souls leaving them in state of YOU ARE STUPID.

      Your world asked for knowledge of the truth not just BELIEVE.
      Out of believe many have given up ghost saying I won’t take drugs. Its sin to take a drug. They died!

      Little do they know that almost all the herbs and plants were made for human consumption. They are medicinal and healing to your body. Life given and offers life support.

      The creator(s) aren’t foolish like the believers when they carefully made all these things.
      Some people through believe, religious doctrines has tested poverty and died in extreme poverty believing that their riches are stored in heaven. Only to die, finding out that heaven to believers is a mirage.

      Odogwuakataaka mmụọ na mmadụ.
      I gat to go nwanne m!
      Ọrịa gbuo mpete, ọ laa ya n’afọ.
      Ife ju akpa, amachie ya ọnụ. Ka ọdịnala chebe anyị nille.

      For those of us who knows the truth and practice the truth we know, may the truth set us free.
      So I mote it be.

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