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    Sir pls is Ekwensu really the Devil (Lucifer) as Christianity preach because someone once told me that Ekwensu is not the devil but a deity for war in Igbo landOdogwu Akataaka:
    Ekwensu is an Igbo name to angels of war – spirit of war

    I don’t know what Christianity taught you. Before the existence of Christianity, Igbo language and the people have been in existence

    We were here when they visited us with foreign believed and teachings saying this and that. Before that time, ekwensu Anaku has been there as deity for war

    We didn’t saw Christians to know and recognized these forces, truth and powers.

    Instead, their coming here was first deceit we recorded. The white men and women deceived our people and took our valuables. I won’t forgive them thus the gods are angry

    Nothing like deception.
    I hate lies and deceits. Better kill a man than to deceive him. Should you have a robber and a deceiver at your disposal, save the robber and kill the deceit

    In Igbo where I am. I can’t speak for the Hausa’s or Yourba’s. I speak for the Igbo’s as isi mmiri Igbo nille

    Igbo is a territory I am in charge and have to protect by all means

    Igbo has what we call ebu na mpu (all in all) when we talk about the spirit’s and their true existence

    The gods has every reason to identify themselves here even though they do in every other part of the earth

    Here in Igbo land, the eastern part of Nigeria. We experience all good seasons. We have rain season here that helps plants and trees to feel nature, grow and be well nourished

    We also experience dry season here as well as harmattan

    These three season has a lot to talk about nature

    We experience them here. The gods and goddesses has reason to dwell with us and they did

    Do you know before the arrival of the white men, that spirits were seen and moving round about, visiting peoples and families? They often find pleasure discussing with the people. It was common to welcome and entertain a spirit at home

    These was how all the nso ala came to be and be known

    Hence the spirit’s were here with information to help the people grow, have good life and enjoy longevity

    The nso ala was so effective that none could messed up with. When you do, knowingly and unknowingly, ala atu gi – the earth held you in ransom

    They said, don’t visit rivers in nkwo day and it was rightfully observed in all Igbo towns and communities. Failure to observe nkwo day for the mariner’s, coming to the stream to fetch water or for any other duty, you see why its the world of human and spirits

    They said don’t take away a portion of land belonging to the orphans or a widow. If you do, there are various deities within the communities which such cases are been reported to

    When they received the report, they make sure justice hold. Asi na omere nso ala, o nara nwa mgbenye ala ya. O nara ajadu ala ya. Afo wee too ya

    Yes because its true he took what that was rightfully belongs to the poor orphan or the widow, the gods has to avenge him. He has pot belly and suffer it till death

    Others heard it and took caution

    Every one was leaving in fear and holiness

    Everyone was been careful not to steal or kill the Innocent. Everyone was careful and afraid not to do what was forbidden until the white men came with their deception in the name of religion

    They looked and saw the powers in the land. They wowed with great fear!

    They knew with these powers and practices, its hard to intimidate these people. They began to deceive my brothers and sisters saying Bible said,Jesus said.

    Because humans are made with the spirit’s of knowledge – conscience

    My people wanted to know more about the bible and this foreign name Jesus

    From there, it was told that they have to forsake their practices that its evil

    That they have to accept Jesus as their lord and personal saviour. If they do, heaven would be their inheritance. That in heaven, no farming, on fishing, no job no sorrow nor outcry They shall have all things in fullness.
    This was how they got deceived!

    Because none want to farm here on earth whereas there is a place of no farming called heaven, the people accepted to follow the new teaching that led to heaven. This was how they abandoned their practices to follow the teachings of the visitors who also look different too – looking at their colours, my people had this belief that these are angels knowing the truth. Not knowing they are liars, humans from another country, robbers, cheaters, deceivers and enemies of light and truth.

    What did the gods did?
    The gods were watching!
    They were silent!!

    How are the white not deceivers that you asked me to stop this, that its evil only for me to accept and do as you say. Later, you return and asked me to give that which you asked me to forsake to you? When I do, you accept and take it back to your home

    Its pure robbery in disguise. Its pure deceit. Its scam!

    The deception is still on today. They taught our brothers how to lie to make ends meet. The very reason all pastors lie using name of God and holy spirits without fear.
    They also taught them how to accuse someone wrongly to make the people belief you.
    A pastor would talk evil against dibia’s and follow backyard to visit a dibia.

    He would request for charms and use them for success. He said he is prophet. He can now see. That angel showed him vision and he saw!
    He began to prophesied at same time say all manner of evil against the source of his power only to make the people belief him. This is height of evil but its called righteousness in christendom

    The member’s will be their shouting Amen Amen Amen Amen like it’s a fight

    The deception continues till this day that no one that says he is a prophet that and prophet this without a charm behind its Powers for vision

    Sure, I’m a living witness.

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    What about the magic they performed in the churches calling it a miracle?

    Do you not know that magic is part of witchcraft?

    With powers of magic, one is bound to know many more dangerous spirits with magical skills

    Do the pastors care?

    Instead, all the time we pass ourselves en route to cross river state.
    While am coming they are going. While am going, they are coming. Yet they are right we are wrong. They are holy servants, we are evil servants. They are Christians ooooo

    All the night we fight our ways, who to come first and who to go last; making sacrifices before akpu orimmiri

    They are Christians ooo

    Go to ote ofe nwanyi Niger, pastors have given us race that we can’t even visit ote ofe again for sacrifices at midnight hence we can’t behold the abracadabra they do: messing up spiritual practices. The gods are wise!

    Pastors from asaba, owerri, Onitsha, Enugu axis are marking nonsense of great ote ofe

    Yet they sat and has the gout to say evil things to dibia’s before the congregation

    I have decided, each of them shall get it but pay for it.
    No more pity!

    Nowadays, if the charges is not above a million naira or close to a million naira, no ose nabu for you

    The least I charge them for ose nabu (power for vision) is 750.000 naira; No abeg

    If you don’t have it, go!

    Our people do say, onye aghogburu ka agbara

    Leo Shawn:
    My in-law is a pastor but still visit dibia and Alfa still peach against them in the church

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    The deceived becomes a looser

    If you allowed yourself to be deceived, you have many to loose

    If you like call ekwensu Satan or Lucifer, that’s your business. Keep deceiving yourself

    I often say, what you believed or don’t believed won’t change the truth

    The world has been in existence before you and shall be after you. The world has been in existence before that which you think you know and belief in. Be guided that earth and activities as seen here on earth goes forward and continuously like hand of a clock

    Can you stop hands of a clock from timing? Be wise!

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    Wise words

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