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    Grand Master

      Greetings grandmaster, wise one,

      Pls similar to awele and contrary to oke ite and okuku, pls sir what guide and admonitions do you have to give to people who collectively bind themselves in an oath of deity for wealth and prosperity. They do prayers from time to time and do sacrifice together.

      2ndly is those who single handedly run to a deity for protection and wealth…

      Is there any bad implications from this. Angels guide…

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Earlier, we made it known to the people that their are deities for money, progress and prosperity just like their are deities for healing, war and protection. These are division of labour as we have them in the spirit realm.

      So if you can find one, you are as better as someone who has oké ite awele. If you can keep a mutual ritual order with any, you are like he and would be like he who has ite awele.

      But the problem remains, your ability to locate them. Thus, you can’t find pear under oil bean tree. A deity that has the power and spiritual responsibility to offer wealth might lack the ability to offer good health. It takes another to do so.

      It’s for the sole purpose of “division of labour”.

      Haven said that, there have never been and will never be a problem or precautions, whatsoever under this supremacy. Whereby you kept with your pledge/vow unto the deity and you will have a severe cross to bear later on. That is a story for the churches and by the churches. There is no truth and light in it. It can’t be done!

      As regards your second question which I have answered but have to make it more clear to a layman understanding.
      It’s difficult to find same deity for wealth and protection.

      I remain the great Odogwuakataaka anya fụrụ mmụọ.

      From time immemorial, we have known these two to be a different division/department and ministry.

      Protection is a different thing from wealth. It takes two different deities to perfect it.

      To prove what I am saying;

      Shrine that has such ability for services must have two or more ihu mmụọ/iru mmụọ (temple). That brought the sacrifices and rituals into perfection. This is why you have to take what it takes to sacrifice and make sacrifices to wealth to the deity that is in charge in his/her temple. You perfect with him/her then have to take a different ritual items to another for protection or wealth to make presentations

      Those of you who have gone to the right places would attest to what I have just said.

      This is the truth you must know.

      The problem we have nowadays is that truth has been hidden from greater number of people and the least that knows are not even ready to say and defend the truth.

      But here at light house of wisdom, we tell you the truth we know without fear of favour. The truth we know, we make known to you.
      Let those who have ears hear what the spirits are saying.

      Angels guide.

      Least I forget, this is the common spiritual problem found in religious circle, Christianity precisely. They said Christ will do all things. Reason they have not acknowledged and felt to recognize other spirits bodies…

      … Not knowing that ekere ọlụ eke in the realm of spirit. Spirits I know respect orders and obey the rules. None would work beyond his or her border. So it’s left for mankind to know this truth to benefit oneself.

      Christ the son of God can be a player but can’t keep the goal at same time. He has his responsibility, divisions, different from other high spirits (deities).

      So when you think or accept from what you were been told by a religious leader that he can give you money, love, power, riches, wisdom, etc. You have just been deceived.

      Go to the Bible book and read yourself, to see that many angels was named and their duty post well detailed. Michael can’t be sent for the office of Raphael.
      It’s impossible.

      So when you see us calling Ogwugwu, agwụ, ala, anyanwụ, etc. It’s not because we wanted to do so but it’s because we must do so owing to their respective orders.

      You run to Ogwugwu for what Ogwugwu can do.

      Ogwugwu and her officers would attend to your course because it’s their ministerial appointment.

      Just like ministry of agriculture would not attend to matters related to ministry of commerce and industry.

      When you mistakenly write to the ministry of finance on health services, what do they do?

      They have to reply you, suggesting you channel your cause to the appropriate ministry. They will make it known to you that they are not in charge of health.

      If you strictly obey and accept their directives and write to the appropriate authority been ministry of health on health services, you will be attended to appropriately.

      This is exactly how and why the wise are making a difference today.

      Know the truth

      Christ said it boldly.
      Know the truth, the truth you know shall set you free.

      Don’t think it’s a joke or just a letter. It’s one of the reverences ever. Truth ever spoken.
      Mmụọ dike
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