Why Juju/Spell May Not Work Perfect For Individual And Has To Do So To Others

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      GM i will like to ask this question like me I have not instituted my Chi..can i still have results for spiritual work?
      GM can having sex with someone whom one is yet to marry have any adverse effect after the girl had an abortion as a result of the sex?. This issue have preoccupied my mind for a while now. Can this issue negate my success rate? Thank you. More light to your path….iseeee.

      If in any case, you haven’t instituted your chi temple/shrine, your results for spiritual assignments will to a great extent, depends on your chi (spirit guide)

      If your chi (spirit guide/guardian angel) has a reason for the institution, you must do it for maximum ritual effects otherwise you won’t have a successful spiritual assignment no matter what you do, who did it, where you did it, or how many times you did it.
      This is a true knowledge that makes a difference. This is why those who are ignorant of this, comes up with the notion and belief that; juju don’t work for them!

      Juju works for everyone thus; it’s human and spirits. Whosoever that does not believe in the efficacy of juju, must know that juju work in as much as the person drinks water for survival. I must believe in as much as he walks on earth/ground? If it were to be possible that any human legs are not in touch with the earth, will it be also possible that such a human will survive without the breathing of air? Absolutely impossible!

      What more can I say?
      These are among the four (4) fundamental and basic elements of nature which guides all living things thereby, making it possible for all to share from same supernatural source/services.

      All human are spirits, it is an act of ignorant to say ‘ritual services or spiritual services doesn’t have effect or work for anyone”.

      Occasionally when spiritualists are visited for specific purposes, they ought to check and appraise you to be sure that you are in good terms with your Chi so as to be able to obtain the maximum effects for the specific purpose. Otherwise, the spiritualist have to align you with your chi: removing the forces which can bring hindrances towards the ritual exercise.

      What the spiritualist does, is to perform a sacrifice for your chi before undertaking your ritual assignment. Even when he may not tell you this but then, this is an obligation he must carry out for a successful ritual exercise.

      Understand that; no ritual assignment works perfect or has some percentage of guarantee on individual when his chi is not in good terms with him.

      Some people’s chi don’t disturb them as seen in the life of others. This varies from persons to persons.

      Not having done your chi temple doesn’t mean that you won’t have successful result on rituals as stated earlier: your chi may not call for disturbances. It may interest you to know that, not all the dead disturbs after death!
      Not all chi disturb their subject!!
      Hope you understand the message?

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