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      Chidimma Anene:
      Please Great GM, I would like you to explain the reason why I always forget my dreams. This has been happening since I was small and my dreams often comes true. Most times I remember it after it must have come to pass… Please help me on what I do to stop forgetting them… Thanks in advance… Angel guide..

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Your inability to recall your dreams or take charge of your dream life has to do with your spiritual level.
      When you are spiritual ignorant, you can’t control your dream life making it impossible for you to recall or interpret your dreams. Dream you must know is spiritual. Therefore, you require spiritual knowledge to remember and interpret dreams.

      Knowing this truth, you must strive to build your spiritual level to a higher vibration. To grow your vibration as said don’t ask for juju. None is encouraging you to do any juju here but ritual sacrifices.

      Do we even know the difference between juju/spells/charms and sacrifices?

      You know, most times, as they say bekee bụ agbara and is true that bekee is agbara. English language because it’s not our mother’s tongue /dialect often causes confusion. The very reason Christianity are winning using unfamiliar languages to deceive the people. This is why you need to know and understand your world and spirituality in your mother’s tongue.

      Juju/spells are what Igbos call ọgwụ – Ịgwọ ọgwụ.

      Mmadụ ịgwọ ọgwụ.

      I am sorry for those of you who are Igbos but don’t hear and understand the language. Any Igbo who don’t hear and understand Igbo has three problems even when other people’s problem are one or two. Theirs are three!
      I’m serious because I know what I’m saying.
      The worst thing that will ever happen to someone in life is not even that which you think about but one’s ignorant of his/her root as a human being.

      Reading from our past and present discussion, you must have known that even when you are in America or France or Lagos but from Mbaitolo or Amaifeke in Imo State. What makes your life, controls your life can’t be found or seen over there you reside but where you originate from (your root). To explain this better, there was a case before the temple last month concerning a family. A man from Igboukwu in Anambra State happens to relocate so many years back to a village in Enugu because of problem he had with his family (siblings). He abandoned his siblings and disappeared, refusing to answer an Igboukwu man again.

      Right there at Nsukka where the children now claim they are from, he gave birth to so many children and as a great farmer he trained them to higher institutions. Till his death, he refused to tell his wife and the children the truth about his origin (as a native of Igboukwu). Now the children haven grown up, the sons got married and the daughters too.

      The people where he took residence at Nsukka (the ụmụnna) has to receive them as their people (because these children are rich and also their father was a good man as at of the time he was alive). They felt so bad opening up to these children even though they don’t actually know where this man came from (he made his identity a secret).

      After a little while the daughters that got married started having problems with their husband and poverty struck. Those of them who married young rich men can’t afford a square meal as I write now. Because the case is still on!

      I was here some time ago, that is not more than five weeks ago, and a client called. I know him quiet well. He was with report as regards his friend.

      A very rich man but now suffering. He said that his friend’s problem gives him concern. He wanted me to help find out if the young man was into any form of spiritual engagement that could have led to such rise and fall in finance. He said, isi mmiri, onye a mụ n’ekwu maka ya jibu nkụ (ego n’esi nsi). He made money and controlled money that I never expected he could beg a million naira. As I speak to you now, the young man is worth nothing, please Sir help me check on him.

      I wish to help him but then I sought for your directives upon angels guide. Do check on him so that I will be sure to assist or keep off _ maka n’ife ana-agba na ntị anaghị agba ya n’anya.

      I agreed and he paid for consultation fees the sum of 50,000 and 150,000 for my new year drink. I thanked him and prepared for the consult!

      I sent the messengers for a virgin white ram and white pigeon which we use to Watch the face of black mirrow at dark room. When a dibịa is given that which he demands for, he enters inside evil forest in search of herbs and roots (Igbo adage).

      Upon spiritual consultation, it was clear to me that the problem has to do with where the young man got married. The man (his father in law) that left (the community) is nwa obu – aka ji ọfọ.

      He has ọfọ ndị Ichie (the very reason ndị ichie ala have interest on him) as well as his descendants. Haven left to a distant land without making return, they have to strike the in-laws for the fact that they refused to bring drinks to the homeland – ụmụnna (the kinsmen) on behalf of the daughters. This is called nje in Igbo. Ịgba nje ma ọ bụ amosu!

      When a spirit or the spirit beings in conclusion come with effects against humanity or persons to seek for what that rightful belongs to them, its known as amosu or ịgba nje. If its human that asked human what rightful belongs to him/her it’s called ịgba ụgwọ.

      The kinsmen and ndị ichie ala from Igboukwu should be the people to drink the palm wine and eat from the marriage rites not the people of Nsukka.

      It was like a black day when I got this information across to them!

      They asked for solutions. What could be done hence they don’t know where and the people on quote. It was then I asked they go to Igboukwu, a place named by the spirits!

      As they go, they should meet ìgwè (the king), using name of the deceased to help locate the family hence the man refused to bear his family name instead his church baptism name he has as his surname and that’s what the children bears as their surname.

      They took his picture along, using above information, they succeeded, and the family have to name their prize (to their sons in-law). That’s to say, the bride price must be repaid by the grooms.

      When that’s done, the deliverance they desire comes. A friend to the wise will be wise! This was how his friend got him saved from poverty, calamity and suffering.

      Back to our discussion, those of you who don’t hear or understand Igbo language, not knowing their root, have to be sorry for themselves. I am sorry for you people. It’s dumbfounding to hear one saying, my papa said we are from Imo State.

      Someone leaving in Lagos at age of 40 or 35 says his papa said he is from Imo State. That’s to say he has not been to Imo since birth.
      Problem too many!

      To such people, speaking Igbo is a taboo. They even prefer to speak Yoruba and sometimes spoke better than the indigenes of Yoruba. Yet he/she are ignorant of his origin as onye Igbo. How will he say a prayer and it will be heard?
      How will he call for help in time of troubles?

      Our people would say, ọsọ chụba nwata n’ámá, ọ gbalaga n’ụlọ _ when a child is been pursued outside, he runs back home.
      This is why those of us who knows our true origin and have identified ourselves with forces that has dealings with us are doing excellent. We are champions!

      Can you tell me a champion in the world today who doesn’t know his true origin and haven’t identified himself with his people?
      No one!

      Do you know that there’s power in the root of everything?

      If this is true because it’s true, how much more human?

      Forget a bastard!

      A bastard has a different case and can’t be seen in this discussion.

      Just like when you give an elder, an aged person a little gift which he can’t afford reading from his old age, he turns and give you a blessing. The blessing received is greater and immeasurable, greater than the gift which you gave.

      So is our identification and communion, relationship with the ancestors and our kinsmen.

      It’s an ofeke that runs away from his shadow and has to say, ụmụnnadi dị arụ – kinsmen are evil. Nnadi egbuo m (keeping distance from home for the fear of kinsmen). Saying they will kill him.

      If I may ask, who are the kinsmen that will kill you? Are they human or spirits? Aren’t they men like you? You are a coward and an ofeke. This is why we keep talking about ofeke.

      Don’t you know that one don’t have to run away from nnadi but has to be a man and proof manship to ụmụnnadi?
      Ana akatara nnadi arụ, anaghị agbara nnadi ọsọ.

      This information comes your way to help balance, calling your spirit and body to order. So that you know your and rule your world.

      Not knowing and understanding Igbo language as you should might place a question mark and misconception on your spiritual path. Making it impossible for you to know and do what you should do. It’s on this you have to misunderstood juju/charms for sacrifices.

      Juju/charm/spells are English word meaning ọgwụ in igbo.

      Àjà is an igbo word meaning sacrifice.

      Now look at the differences.

      As much as àjà looks like ọgwụ to an ofeke, get to know that àjà is not ọgwụ.
      Ọgwụ are those ritual exercises that when done, we put them in place for self-services. Such as awele, the ring we put on the fingers, the ones we put somewhere at home (hang on the wall or buried on the ground), the ones we tie on the trees, insert on our body etc. These are ọgwụ _ juju/spells /charms.

      (Here are few photos to help understanding of what juju looks like)

      Ring 1 ring 2 juju 1 juju 2 juju 3 ring 3 ring 4 juju 4 ring 5 ring 6

      One looks at you and assumed that you just put a ring on finger not knowing you are putting ọgwụ.

      The ring here as seen in the image has power for disappear in a period of danger. It’s not the ring, the metal itself but the content inside the ring. Zoom the picture to see that it’s filled and sealed with materials inside. Putting it in your finger no one knows what you have except yourself. Hence the contents are inside not outside.

      The other gives protection against witchcraft any form of juju. If can be used to identify where charms are buried or content with dangerous charms. The moment it takes notice of charm, it begins to hot your finger (signs of danger). These are known as ọgwụ.

      These are the rituals which we do for the purpose of self-services (long time or short time services).

      Most times, these juju/spells after preparation by the spiritualist would ask for sacrifices to help effects. To do this, you might have to offer, make seasonal or occasional sacrifices to the charm for effects. This is where we have blood or non-blood sacrifices to a charm.

      Some charms might not asked for sacrifices, blood or none blood sacrifices but then asked you to forbid one or two things to help effects. These when done act like sacrifices though you aren’t making a physical sacrifice in manner as seen in others.

      These as explained above are different from àjà _ sacrifices.

      So, when I ask you to keep fit with rituals to open and promote your spiritual vibration to a higher frequency. I mean, you should be ritualistic!

      Now, to sacrifices.

      Sacrifices has to do with ritual exercises meant for all spirits or to a spirit in particular which are not taken alongside with us after the ritual performances. Our spiritual offering, performances and presentations meant for all spirits or to a spirit in particular which are after the exercise can’t be kept with us as seen in case of spells.

      This is why we visit marine for ritual sacrifices. Getting there, the sacrifices are done and left behind water bodies, for the spirits to rule over them. We also make sacrifices on the road, straight road, junctions and roundabout.

      When these are done, it is considered a sacrifice not a spell /ọgwụ even though it looks like and offer same or similar spiritual results. But then, they are differently and can’t be said to be same.

      This is why the wise often says, àjà ka ọgwụ – sacrifices are greater than juju. The secret has to do with the explanations so far. Whereby someone went and brought something home for a purpose, having knowledge of what he has and at same time ready to make all necessary rituals for effectiveness. And another having knowledge of sacrifices has to fight that which the other kept at home with the power of sacrifices.

      This is why we see death, calamity befalling one and say, go and make so and so sacrifices. When he does, the effect stop. The spirit at work for the purpose has to be arrested by the power of the sacrifices.


      It’s because the spirit which fought is one while the spirit which are invoked for a defense (by the power of sacrifices) are many. They have to stop the juju for the purpose it was sent forth.

      Most times you find out that those who make or have spells for money has limited money compared with those who continuously perform ritual sacrifices. Our sacrifices asked for serious commitment to the spirit world, exposing us to spiritual bodies greater than juju. Sacrifices when performed speaks louder than spells. This is why, we keep telling people, in as much as you say prayers, make sacrifices as well to boast your prayers.

      Comparing sacrifices with prayers are like comparing amputated man with an able man. A man with one leg can’t be compared with a man with two legs. This is why a man with one leg don’t answer dike – valiant man. He can’t stand pleasure from a blow or hand push like a man with both legs.

      Prayers when moved, reporting to the realm of spirit kept knocking on the door and has to wait for a permission to make entrance unlike a sacrifice.

      A sacrifice is like that of a child whose father sent robbing, he uses leg to blow off the door. Our Sacrifice speaks with louder voice and make immediate entrance, waiting for no permission.

      This is light house of wisdom where knowledge of the truth rules.

      Get knowledge and understanding, in all you get, get wisdom.

      Know the truth!

      The truth you know, and practice shall set you free.

      Still on sacrifices, the instruction may say, kill so and so thing at so and so hour or so and so point for so and so purpose.

      When it’s done, no spirits are given or called to receive or control the sacrifices but ezemezu arụsị – all gods and goddesses

      Therefore, you see people performing rituals inside market that boom daily.

      Taken someone to such a market for a ritual sacrifice, ritual bath is a great exposure. Such sacrifices speak louder and the sound uncontrollable.
      This is why after such ritual is undertaken, the subject asala ọkụ – become weird, known, rule and has to dominate (owing to the purpose of undertaking).

      Many are road one has to cross to control wealth and riches but then you have to start somewhere.

      When someone is taken to a deep flowing sea, river or ocean for ritual bath for powers, money or fame.

      It’s not juju and can’t be said to be juju for its not like juju.

      They are all spiritual practices with a difference.

      So, don’t be deceived by ofeke pastors who knows nothing and claim they know something. This is why I often said ọrịa gbuo mpete, ọ laa ya n’afọ.

      You as a human being knowing that this is world of human and spirits _ ụwa mmụọ na mmadụ has to identify yourself with the spirits body to help you rule your world. Otherwise you are just wasting your time no matter what you believe in.

      Ignorant can be the possible reason you have to mistake your good friend for your bad friend. No one that has ever ruled, dominate, or prosper without true spiritual identification. It doesn’t matter how you did it, when you did it, where you did it and who did it for you.

      All that knowledge care about is knowingness.

      Ignorant can lead you into harming yourself assuming you are doing someone else.

      Ọrịa gbuo mpete, ọ laa ya n’afọ!

      Haven known today the difference between juju and sacrifices Chidimma, I asked you to grow your spiritual life to help your dreams otherwise no way by which you can rule your world and control your dreams if not this way. You must not shun spiritual exercises.

      No ritual sacrifices are too small and too big!

      This is why you must start and do that which you have to do than to sit and wait until you have the whole money in the world to begin.

      Those who have gotten their first started with nothing.

      If you think it’s this and that you have to do tomorrow to get there, hereby ignoring this and that you can do today: you are just deceiving yourself.

      At this juncture, I have to wrap it up maka n’ife ju akpa, e kechie ya ọnụ.

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