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    Grand Master

      SEED Ebuka:
      Grand Master please With HUMILITY I have a question when you get your chi and start making sacrifices and prayers are we not going against the commandments of GOD THE CREATOR

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Who is God the creator and who is your chi? Can you tell who they are?
      Who is God the creator and your chi, is the question?
      This is what we have been fighting for. This is why people are suffering today.

      When we say it, it looks as if we are insulting someone calling you ofeke but then we are saying the truth we know.
      Many are ignorant even when they pretend they know the truth.
      All existing old members of light house of wisdom knows that chi ukwu is different from chi nta as discussed.
      We have spirits as we all know but then, among the spirits are higher beings we call the gods and goddesses. Among the gods are still ranks. This is where we see different gods in different positions. Among the gods we have chi ukwu (the supreme god). This chi ukwu made a difference among other gods through creation.

      He founded the earth and by wisdom he made creation possible with other gods and goddesses. We acknowledged him!
      Wisdom never ceased talking about him.
      Heaven and earth shall never stop praising him for his greatness.
      But then, there are still other spirits beings who are wise, powerful and loving like him.
      Most of them helped during creation and after creation.

      Chi ukwu okike the creator, supreme being after creation handed over all things to nature (spirits).
      He did and hands up!

      He took abode in his heavenly kingdom to enjoy his supremacy. As a king, he has ministers.
      As a spirit, he works with other spirit beings in order of creation hence there was an agreement before creation.
      The difference between them has to do with supremacy.
      Just like as it’s seen among us. In your village or town, you have a king.
      The king is a ruler and also a human being like you.
      His rulership over you doesn’t make you a foolish man or poor man.

      Having a king or honoring a king doesn’t mean you are poor or ignorant. An honor to the king doesn’t mean you are weak. You might choose to honor a king for the truth that he rule with ọfọ (authority from the people and the spirits).

      For the true fact that all spirits agreed and gave permission to the most high, he led creation and perfected creation: they have to honor him for who he is.

      That doesn’t mean he is the only powerful spirit or only holy spirit.
      One been a king do not mean he is the wisest or strongest in the city or the richest. Not at all!

      These are reason he ‘Chi ukwu Okike’ allowed other spirit beings to exist, and reason for the coexistence.
      He shared mutual relationship with them

      Kar: Nice

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      To some he allowed to rule kingdoms as he rules his heavenly kingdom.
      Among those chosen to rule these kingdoms are pioneers appointed to assist the mission. Just like we see today in our world!

      Samuel Malaysia:
      You are wiser than Solomon GM.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      President of Russia is not the president of Nigeria and great Britain. The Chinese are there like the Japanese are there.
      Each manage and control their territory assigned to them.
      But then, president Donald Trump is the president of great America who rule the world.
      His kingdom (has greatest authority over every other kingdom).

      Owing to this truth, it’s ignorant when you said it’s only an American citizen that is human being others are monkeys.
      It’s ignorant for a Nigerian to hate himself because he is not from America or China.
      It’s ignorant for a Japanese to seek citizenship of Nigeria simply because he is fair and a Nigerian is dark in complexion.
      Get knowledge and understanding!

      Our chi has permit of Chi ukwu okike hence he ‘Chi ukwu Okike’ has permitted the gods to rule different kingdoms.

      SEED Ebuka:
      GOD KNOWS THERE ARE OTHER gods and goddesses then why will he say “have no other gods but me”? It’s very difficult when you’ve been thought a different thing in child hood and another whole new level of knowledge in your adult!

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Yes, the more you grow, the more knowledge you have. That is life!
      When you were still a kid, you don’t eat strong food but light food.

      SEED Ebuka:
      Yes sir.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Does that mean there is no strong food or strong food are poisonous?

      Not at all but then, it simply means that light food are for the children and strong food for elders.
      A dog first learn to eat meat before cracking the bone.

      SEED Ebuka:

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      There are things if you must be told earlier, you will be lost in your world. These things you shall learn later as you grow.
      Even as of that, you can’t learn them same day.

      Now, when the most high (chi ukwu Okike) says, don’t worship any other gods but me.
      It’s as simple as that you know.
      Even you, as an individual, aren’t you jealous of your wife and children?

      SEED Ebuka:

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Remember we were created in their image and likeness.
      Spirits are jealous!
      Did he said that?
      Yes he said it because it is true.

      SEED Ebuka:

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      He said, because I am a jealous god.
      At this juncture, I have to leave the room to mind my offline duties.
      Ife ju akpa, amachie ya ọnụ.
      More light on our path as angels guide us all.

      Slim Glim:
      Please do demons exist if yes what is their duties in spiritual realm and their relationship with chukwu okike, chukwu ukwu?

      Joseph Mazoje:
      More lights on your path as Angels guide.

      Ernest Onwubuemeli:
      I’m happy to be here.

      Hillary Peter:
      Thanks for throwing light to our generation.

      Candy Ghana:
      Dalu isi mmiri igbo nile

      Kobimdi Ujeh:
      Good day Grand master, please I want to know if there was dispute or misunderstanding between The Most High and other gods and goddesses? Because he Most High warned His chosen ones not to have other gods and goddesses and from the Torah, Nevi’im, and ketuvim, we learnt The Most High destroyed temples of other gods. Does it mean that the Jews do not have individual Chi? If they do how do they attend to their Chi?

      I know also that The Most High is a jealous god and He delivered the Jews from slavery, but then what is the problem between Him and other gods and goddesses?

      Melvin Blink:
      Grand Master I greet you, thanks for making us understand more about spiritual matters.
      Sir please throw more light on cannabis/marijuana (weed), is it true that spirit, witches and wizard do not like coming close to people that smoke marijuana or come around where they smoke marijuana?

      Slim Glim:
      What are the significance of nkponani in spirit?

      Nafisat Wakili:
      Good evening Great Master since morning I have been reading through your messages, they are eye opener to the things of this world

      I’m learning things that has been hiden from us

      Thank you very much sir

      Ugochukwu Anthony:
      Hello house, I am Ugochukwu I am base in lagos, I feel so excited and very opportuned to be here. Thanks to the greatest Odogwu Akataaka for this opportunity you have given me.

      Please I want to contribute for the ongoing project but I can’t see any account number for it.

      SEED Ebuka:
      Thank you this is the same question I was asking GOD THE CREATOR KNOWS THERE ARE OTHER gods and he said worship only me and no other.

      Edopounds Edozie:
      Thank you great one. I’m looking forward to know more about the spiritual world and be able to seek solution to what’s happening around.


        Ada Mmili: I believe what that means is simple; do not worship other gods. We can only worship Chukwu Okike the creator of the universe. Thus, we only acknowledge the other gods as messengers of Okechi (Chukwu Okike). We acknowledge the gods & goddesses by venerating them ( appreciate their willingness to serve us as messengers of Chukwu). That is my understanding of the posted question. We never worship deities or gods, but venerate them as our way of appreciating their services to mankind.


          Good morning, Light House of Wisdom! Let’s learn what it means to worship and to honor…

          Prince Nnamdi Kingsley

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