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      Thanks GGM for attending to our questions, pls sir,I want to know if these group of people known as witches and wizards do have their own different realms as we mariners do,were they also sent into this physical world as messengers?, if yes,why do they derive so much joy in doing evil(killing people and destroying people’s destinies.) Thanks as angels guide us all.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Witches and wizards you don’t know?
      Your inability to understood these words- a witch and a wizard expresses your spiritual ignorant hence every spiritual practitioner is a witch and a wizard.
      Spiritual practices for your information is witchcraft.

      Do you see how oyibo (foreign language) brought barrier, confusion to us (Africans)?
      In Igbo Language we knew it to be amosu. Nwoke na nwanyị dị na mmụọ dị na amosu.
      You often hear the wise saying, ka araa eri anaghị eri onwe ha _ telling you that ‘witch no dey witch wizard’.

      All spiritualist practice witchcraft.
      That’s to say, as a spiritualist, you are either a witch or a wizard (owing to your gender).

      As a young spiritual practitioner, what you learn and practise daily are witchcraft. As you grow your spiritual vibrations, you are growing in witchcraft practices. Your ignorant of this doesn’t make truth lies.

      Having said the truth I know, don’t think there’s anyone born different as a wizard or witch. We are the witches and wizards!

      To prove this further, when you grow your spiritual vibrations. You find out that your spirits have the ability to do the wonders and acts which others attest and call witchcraft.

      When someone cast an evil spells on you and it is reversed, he has to suffer the penalty. The ability for the effects is witchcraft.
      Witchcraft has to do with the spirits. This is why, those who understand this and practice the knowledge are considered witches and wizards.

      Do you even understand witchcraft?
      Perhaps you heard about witchcraft as tales but never understand the operation. As a wizard, I stand to tell you more better.

      One’s ability to demonstrate, operate spiritually is witchcraft. This is why a spirit has to leave the body to manifest his intention. Remember, spirits as seen in us have only but one assignment. Should you don’t know, know it today that spirit has only one mission. The purpose is to serve.
      Yes, services!

      This is why it manifests, accomplishes whatever our minds reflect upon.
      For this to be fully implemented, you must grow your vibration to become an active workforce. This is why the spirit has to leave the body to harm, retreat, obtain, protect, attack, steal, reward etc. Seeing this is witchcraft. Understanding this true functionality is wisdom.

      One’s ability to know and understand his/her spiritual state helps exercises. This is a period you see one and get jealous of his cloth. Owing to your ability hence we all possess different abilities. You might turn a rat to eat the cloth while he/she is asleep.

      This ability you must understand has to do or must be informed with your realm of origin. This is why some turn owls, snakes, lion, snake, bat, etc.
      While others who can’t operate within these means might move wildly with sparks of fire at will. Some others have the great ability to attack with other means such as skeleton.
      While others have the ability to move in person but in spirit, possessing same human nature (during attack). Moving with sharp objects such as cutlass, gun, stones, sticks etc.

      Upon operation, he has to fight the victim using the weapon. Beating him/her to satisfaction.
      Sometimes, owing to one’s weakness or chi, the victim might run, seeking defense. This is a point where one has to run to where his chi shall defend him by any means. The lucky ones wake up feeling the heat while the unlucky one’s sustain injuries or fall sick, death as a result of the attack.

      It’s still a different spiritual ability which makes some individuals (witches and wizards) to attack their victims in personification.
      This is mostly done by high ranked spirits persons. They operate in disguise (using another person’s face).

      They might choose to take the firm of your mother or father, a close friend or relative. Sometimes, they operate using unfamiliar faces.
      I will tell you the possibility proving that every human is a spirit being.

      As we work on the road, most times our spirit persons aren’t with us but have to be somewhere (on a mission). This spirit can be possesed by a higher spirit. During this possession, it could be used to accomplish a certain mission and get released.

      You know, spiritual matters take effects like a flash of light. Even more faster than a flash of light. Most times, when this spirit returns to the body, you feel strange. As if something happens, yet you can’t tell exactly what happened. Sometimes, it returns the moment the body is about to be exposed to danger. By the help of your chi, the spirit has to quit the mission as sent to return immediately to save the body.

      His arrival demonstrates one’s consciousness. This is when you shout of sudden ‘hee’!
      Perhaps you are about to be knocked down by a moving vehicle or someone is about to jam with you.

      Some people might ask you, why can’t you look as you walk?
      Some might get mad at you asking “are you blind”? Can’t you see?

      It’s not your fault. It’s a spiritual matter beyond your control.
      Some have gone as a result of this when the spirits are unable to return quick, saving them from dangers. This is what cause most accidents as seen today.

      This is all you must know about witchcraft (witches and wizards).
      You are one, I am one!
      We are the witches and wizards!!
      We rule and control the world!!!

      Eugenie :
      Few months ago while resting on a sofa my son was watching TV, I saw his spirit moving toward the kitchen but him himself was playing with his sister. I was so shocked, i tried to get answers through Google but I couldn’t. Now with ur explanations I understand that was a spirit person. More light on your path GM

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Help such a child and never get him deceived by religious doctrine. He is a star and has the great ability to bring your household good things. If you can see him, he can do wonders!

      Now I tell you something about such people, he has the ability to save the family from the enemies.

      Do you know as the spirit moves towards a path, it could be he is about to protect, prevent and save a soul from attack.

      Most times, as a result of our low spiritual order, we see nothing even when we open eyes! We hear nothing been when we pay attention!

      Most times, our home as a result of its sacred nature never permit negative energies but then, as a result of our spiritual ignorance, we grant their permission.

      Do you know that our spiritual practices keep negative energies away from our homes as it as well keeps them away from our paths (body)?

      Now, for a stubborn energy to make entrance, he must knock at the door.
      As an ofeke, hearing it you asked, ‘who is it’ ? Who’s there? Silent!
      No response.
      Some ofeke go ahead most times saying, ‘who’s there, pls come in’ !

      After waiting some minutes and finding none, he/she moves at the direction of the door to open and find none. He ends up saying to himself, did I not hear a knock at the door now?

      The permission you gave to the spirit could cause more harm in your family. Thus you gave permission. What spirits require for effectiveness is PERMISSION . This is why you must be careful, be vigilant. Keep alert and never slumber. Get knowledge of the truth. Practice the truth you know. This is only way out: practicing the truth you know

      When we ask people to keep fit rituals, it’s the best guide so far given. The encouragement which you sought for.

      Wisdom through practices. Providing security to yourself and to your family.
      Truly, many things are happening!

      Don’t ever say nothing is happening when you can’t stand a command. If you happen to get exposed a second, you will beg to die for what you saw.
      It’s still world of humans and spirits. May our chi guides us. Iseee.

      GM, my son was visited every night from his one year old before he could even talk. He was crying and screaming then. When he started to talk, one he showed me the picture of that same eagle in a magazine saying that is the bird. I knew he couldn’t lie. Now he is 9 years old, since some weeks he is coming to me asking if I called him cause he heard me calling him. Should he answer? More light on your path GM

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      I know what am saying. If I should ask you not to leave your child to lose in his world. The only way is to expose him to religious bigots.

      He possesses a great destiny that if well nurtured with the knowledge of truth and practices: he is sure to be great. Shine as morning star.
      Do you know who are morning stars?

      No I don’t GM

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Morning stars are those whose destiny shine at early hour. They are the kids who attain greatness earlier.

      At early stage in life. As a mother, you have a great role to play, helping his destiny.
      His calling on you, asking if you called him is a task for you. He looks up to you to help the star to shine.

      Don’t ask him to respond, to answer to any voice for he himself knows its not a strange voice than your voice.

      Listen for I shall teach you wisdom for you to become wise.

      Mum you called me? He often asked simply means you as a mother has a thing to tell him (the child)

      He looks up to you to hear a thing which you must say. This is why I first started, saying, don’t ever expose your child to religion. If you must do, you shall lose him and regret at last.

      Tell him something he needs to hear to help his destiny
      You are nwa mmiri _ a mariner
      You know!

      Your child too is a mariner. I know!
      Help his greatness. This is why he is looking up to you the mother to guide his path towards positivity.

      Teach him so that he will know and understand. Make him understand so that his light will shine.

      Thanks a lot GM

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Eagle is a great bird.
      Do you know what that means? Your child was using a picture to tell you who he is.
      Mmụọ dike. Odogwuakagaaka oké arụsị.

      I asked you to know your child and understand him for he himself knows himself. But then, as a child, help him to grow. That’s the greatness you seek.

      I meant the eagle was visiting him every night and when he could talk he said that’s the bird standing at his side the night

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Listen to my information This is spirituality. How did he know the bird was visiting him?
      If he doesn’t know himself?
      It’s because he knows himself more than you do. That he was able to identify himself, proving the picture. Using a picture no matter the language that follows defines his spiritual consciousness.

      Whatever he said and however he said it has with his ability to the language but then he is supernatural (knowing himself)

      From time to time, teach him how to pray to his chi. Often time, take him to river side for prayers.

      Allow him to wash his face, head, legs and hands with waters (from the river or sea) after prayers

      If you must do, in no distant time, he shall request to bath there in. Permit him!
      Each time such exercise takes place, he grows in spirit.

      This is how you shall help him grow, attaining his destiny without difficult tasks.
      Help him develop the love for mariners for there comes his help, his realm and origin!

      More light on your path as angels guide us all

      Thanks GM for allowing me eat on ur table today, it’s a great honor. More light on your path GM

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