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      I have few words of advice for you this new year which you must follow and it shall lead you.

      1) First, you must seat back and ponder over your past life

      Ponder upon life spent on previous years which does not promote your joy, happiness and wealth. When you do, try as much as possible to remember friends you mingled with and count on them.

      If those life spent in the past aren’t worth emulating, leave them behind as well as those friends (especially this year 2021), while you take lead on information I’m about to release below.

      It’s only a fool who never count on past life, wise men do. You must count on your past to help your present and future. Your inability to remember yesterday would amount to your delay in life. You were created and was given brain. The brain is functional as a force. It is a power and force for memory. You can’t excuse its duty otherwise you have yourself to blame.


      2) Always remember you are still in the world

      Remembering your existence here on earth as a human being who is alive today would help you do the necessary. Never assume you are in heaven when you are still here on earth.

      Knowing you are still on earth would help you do the necessary at all times. Life as we see it here on earth is worth working for. You can’t afford to be lazy. Refuse to let go that which you can do today for tomorrow.

      Today you know but tomorrow you don’t know. It’s for this reason you must strive to make today a success leaving hope for tomorrow. Don’t ignore your little effort today which could be a great achievement for tomorrow. It’s today’s creation that is tomorrow reality.

      Even though you have many things to achieve tomorrow, don’t let go the little endeavour of today. Emulate a farmer. I am a great farmer and always like to use farmers as a good example for life illustration.

      A farmer always sees the future today. That’s why he will go hungry today to eat abundantly tomorrow. He would want to sow seeds today to have abundant harvest tomorrow. A farmer is wealthy not because the land is green but because he knows that there’s much gain when you put the little you have today on ground.

      You must learn to grow with the little at your hand by sowing them to fertile land today. Don’t just sow in every soil because some soil are corrupt having too much heat that it can’t spare a seed. Reason you must watch before you leap.


      3) Don’t sleep while others are awake

      There are much you can do today than given excuses. Don’t found joy in given excuses. Excuses will ruin your life and never allow you to attain a great height. Always be a visionary. Have vision and work on commission. Work for gain not just for fun. I haven’t seen any great man who becomes great haven fun for work rather gain for work. There’s a reason I hate gambling. They said, PLAY FOR FUN.

      Any business or carrier that has such logo is a killer disease and you must not associate with it.

      Always work and run with your equals. Find your class and identify with them. Join a moving train and find a seat not just in the middle but at the front seat. Don’t look at anyone to tell yourself he/she is greater than you, believing you would need a billion naira and a million dollars to be like him. It’s all lie!

      You only need wisdom to be better and greater than him not capital.

      Be visionary!

      Set a higher goal ahead of where you see them or met them today. When you do, don’t be in a haste to overtake them. Be patient enough and dedicated. These are keys that would help you achieve your ends.


      4) Don’t be religious in your career

      Yes! this is one thing you must avoid as a goal setter. Right and righteousness is a justice you can’t stand in business and career. It’s a myth you can’t judge on your way to success.

      As much as you were not encouraged to steal and cheat anyone, be mindful of your mindset. What you believe in has a lot to do with what you do today. Stop it when you can’t leave with it. Don’t even think you are righteous when you already know you will never be right in all your dealings. Therefore, mind your business.

      Let success be your prime target. Love those you met on your way going, they may still be the same people you will see on your way back. Therefore, don’t cheat and harm your partner. One good turn deserves another.


      5) Be a wiser fool!

      This might sound confusing but wisdom itself. Not every gain today is gain tomorrow. There are some lost today which would amount to your great gain tomorrow. This is why you must learn to let go where necessary. Don’t have it always at heart that every day is for gain as much as we pray it to be.

      Just like a crop sowed, there are days it must corrupt to germinate. So, there are times and days you might lose in business to stand great chances for multiple gain for tomorrow. When that happens, don’t close business door with your partner because you lost. Don’t quarrel with your partner as if there’s no hope. Even when you watch business dailies on your TV, you see that companies lost some days to make gain other days.

      Business is all about lost and gain. But then, don’t capitalize on lost to miss your chances for gain. Count on your lost to make more gain in the future.


      6) Play And Take Cover

      All works without play makes Jack a dull boy. So it is when you do business and give your times for business minding loop holes where enemies might gain entrance. Spiritual controls the physical. Don’t say no to sacrifices to get rid of unwanted reapers.

      Play and take cover is a business language that taught you about spiritual alertness. You can only overcome unwanted reapers into your business premises using sacrifices. Make your sacrifices great so that your sacrifices could speak for you. It’s impossible for you to be a player to keep watch at the same time. This is why you must employ watch men to watch on your account and keep your earnings.

      To become a great entrepreneur, trader, industrialist and builder asked for more information. Information is all you need, reason we keep telling you the truth to make you a better person in all your endeavour.


      7) Fear nothing on earth but failure

      Yes, you have nothing to fear but failure. Be strong and brave like a lion facing your days and every day. The world is yours. You are reason for life. Therefore, have total control on your venture and fearless.

      A Tiger does not need a companion to hunt for a game. Go with your chi. Reason you must know your chi and recognize his presence. When you are with your chi, you are with a million squad. One with his chi is majority not a minority.

      When your chi leads, no one would stop you on the way. When your chi leads, no one will mislead you.

      When your chi leads, you will always be protected and guided.

      There are many benefits when you know your chi and go with your chi. Chi is light on your path. A guardian and a provider.

      Stop looking up to any one for help when you are in good terms with your chi. When your chi blesses you, no one can curse.

      Know your chi!

      When you do, feed him as well. Every hunter who set to search for a game with his dog must as well feed the dog. How much do you know this to be true?


      Ife ju akpa, a machie ya ọnụ. I will leave the room for another day. More light on your path as angels guide us all.


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