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Grand Master

    If we find the father, we saw him in the book of Exodus 25:10 as he who gave Moses the guide to built the Ark as stated earlier.

    This is why I kept telling us the truth we know to be true. we say, SPIRIT’S ARE ONE and same (like the truth), they never change.

    They work with wisdom. This is why you must learn to trust them better than human.
    Don’t trust the guides of a mere mortal while the gods says otherwise.
    Don’t listen to what people has to say on your pathway to truth. Refuse to be dissuaded. Be yourself!

    By your personal volition, seek to know the truth. The truth is in us not outside us.
    Truth is not a visitor but resident within us.
    In other words, truth is a spirit. This is why Christ said that the words that I speak unto you are spirit and they are life.
    He asked us to know the truth.
    John 8:32
    “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    To know the truth doesn’t ask you to look elsewhere or travel to a distance land or employ the services of a messenger, scholar or wise men. No!

    You will know the truth simply means you will know yourself.
    Man Know Yourself!
    Woman Know Yourself!!

    When you seek this path of knowingness, you shall see life.
    Thus we say, Truth Is Life – Eziokwu Bu Ndu!

    Life you must know, begins the moment you know yourself. Knowing yourself is a call for truthfulness, fulfilment, perfection, wholesomeness and endlessness thus human are spirits.
    Hope you are following the connections?
    You sure do because truth is life.
    Truth never gets the just confused but ofeke.
    Truth never gets the upright confused but ofeke.
    Truth can only get an ofeke confused not the just in heart.
    This is one of the character to know your present state of being, knowing if you are Ofeke or not.
    Your inability to understand and accept the truth simply talks more about your ofekeism. No doubts about that!