Reply To: Discussions that led to LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM TEMPLE BUILDING


Grand Master

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    This is light house of wisdom where knowledge rules.
    We tell you the truth we know not minding how you understand it. The truth we know we make known to you.
    We keep saying the truth day and night regardless who you are and where you come from. We tell you the truth.
    Truth is our watchword.
    Upon angels guide!
    Mmuo dike – spirits are most powerful.

    Now I am online @light house of wisdom, I wish you don’t call me on phone to cause distractions. No matter what happens, hold on till am done with the discussions. Or better still, send text messaged than to call now. I can’t be delivering lectures at the same time you expect I offer you all necessary attention on your private matters. Thanks for understanding

    Today is ahia afo.
    Before we proceed on the issue of the moment, let me firstly give thanks to all infinite possibilities who made it possible for us to be alive seeing today. By their powers, we shall be alive to enjoy the future greater than today. This is why we are here @light house of wisdom where knowledge rules.

    We are here @light house of wisdom for the knowledge of the truth. We are here to know the truth and practice the truth we know. Without these, we have no other reason been here

    Haven given Thanks to whom it due, because he who ended greeting spirits snubbing humans must have lost information. He is like a dog that doesn’t know his owner.
    Because humans are spirits, we must know that its impossible for the gods and goddesses to perfect any assignment here on earth without we humans. They work through us so we work through them. This is how we come to be one and in Union – anyi wee di n’otu (oneness/unity) were dirikwa n’otu (sect)

    Fact GM

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    Our greetings can’t be complete if we cease to extend a warm greetings to all members of the editorial teams @Harrizone @J_Pconnor @Ikechukwu @Henry @chukwuebuka @Adomi Omoka @Tonykel and @Sir3_4Lancelot

    These people have contributed immensely with their money, time, skills etc to see that light house of wisdom is truly what its today building our website.
    Now one can proudly sought for our updates @

    Its not easy even when you think its easy. As it stand now, no member of light house of wisdom has paid 1kobo in support of the work at hand yet work is going on
    None cared to say thanks to the workers yet work is going on

    That’s to say, angels are here.
    The workers are all glad doing their best for the development of this great mission so that the light, good news, truth they received today reaches out to other people tomorrow using the platform. Only wisdom will applaud them. Ofeke will look and pass.

    We didn’t source for funds within us as it should be. The gods did it on their own way which remains the best.
    The pioneers we must remember to say thanks for their great assignment maka na ekele onye gburu ebule, ogbuo efi (when you greet he who killed a ram, he become happy to kill a cow). This is why we can’t cease to say thanks to all the editorial teams

    Am so happy to be here, and to meet these wonderful family, let the angels keep guarding and protecting us all

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    We ask them never to get tired nor discouraged upon angels guide. May our efforts be rewarded by the gods and goddesses.

    Haven done that as I owe them thanks and support. I turn to see another vessel of honour in the house in person of @David

    David you are not alone. More light to your path.
    In as much as we don’t praise people but their chi, we can’t cease to say the truth we know. You are a vessel of honour unto humans and the spirits. Keep it up!

    Our people would say, onye asiri ya raa ka oji, anaghi emete ya mana onye asiri jide ka o ji: n’eme nkeoma. David Jide ka i ji!

    I was offline since Saturday owing to works at hand. Our people would say, when there’s an important subject greater than the barn, we see the need to sale the farm land (just a proverb).

    Coming back online this afternoon, I met lots of messages more especially on our telegram group where I read so much discussions that took place within the weekend

    In all, I must say thanks to David for his truthfulness, inline with the truth just like the master would say; eziokwu bu ndu. Anyi na-aso ntu nso – we hate saying lies

    Our spirits forbids it. This temple forbids it.

    Haven done with the acknowledgement, I hereby return to the issue of the moment. Chi temple, social catastrophe!

    Yes, it has cost a catastrophe among light bearers on the issue of chi temple

    Many have seen the great importance to institute their chi temple but the challenges are left unsolved: where to keep your chi temple

    Where will you keep your chi temple?

    Where will I keep my chi temple?
    Social catastrophe!
    A great challenge indeed!!
    We must win!!!

    Nothing will put a stop to the way of truth. Truth is light, it shines so bright. We don’t have hold up. I said, no go-slow on our path knowing the truth and standing for the truth

    Because mmuo dike – spirits are most powerful, they sure to provide an escape

    Before now, I made reports that rooms we provided for juju/works done for people are filled up. As a matter of fact, it took me time calling everyone involved, home and overseas to come and take their works to their desired places.

    I said these many months before now. So its not a fresh news unto us more especially old members of light house of wisdom

    Moreover, often I do said, here we are, the shrine forbids strangers if not a native of Aguleri

    One may seek to know why?
    Earlier, we were welcoming people here for ritual assignment’s until we couldn’t afford to bear it anymore

    Just like every other sacred places with its rules and nature, the temple has its sacred rules which are too many

    Perhaps you end’s you telling a visitor, while coming on eke day, do not do this and that, don’t eat so so food a day before the D-Day, be careful not to touch this and that. He/she would gladly accepted

    When he felt to keep one of the rules, perhaps as a result of the need to deliver himself or see the success of the assignment, he won’t find it possible informing you to say ‘Oh master, I forgot to kept this rule until I found myself guilty’, pls what do I do?

    He won’t do it but prepay to be coming. Reaching the temple, ala atu ya!
    Its then left for us in the temple to source for ransom for the penalty, hence spirits don’t care to know who you are and where you come from

    When this got so disturbing, we have to put a restrictions to foreigner’s (non indigenes). That’s why you may find it impossible coming here for any assignment

    Haven said these, the information has to do with peoples request on where to keep their chi temple outside home

    In as much as am not going to waste any more time telling you what I have said several times, the need to keep your chi temple at your home. @ your closeness

    We have to source for alternative

    Ife amaghi ka emere ya bu onwu – its only death that proves hard finding its remedy and solutions. Every other thing has solutions

    Still on the solution to keep our chi comes below information

    I took a time to contact one of the dibia who has also helped members of light house of wisdom as well as this great shrine (ezumezu)

    I called him to see if he can make a space for us in his house, even if it’s a one room apartment. So that we make use of it for the moment then fall back to find permanent solutions which must see us acquiring a land to build a Temple where we must call a SHRINE


    For the moment, there is need to deliver the captives today before we talk about tomorrow and future. If we fell to secure today, no hope for future

    He didn’t welcome the idea wholely but has no option than to accept knowing that NO ONE SAYS NO TO THE GODS UPON DEMAND

    Though his 3 storey building is still under construction but then, he has to allocate a room apartment for light bearers for this great mission
    We had a deal!
    I gave thanks to the gods and goddesses for their support in our endeavors

    Why its necessary for the chi temple to be at a place where you as an individual would visit at your will is as a result of the prayers and sacrifices

    Because you need to be praying your chi, this is no longer issues of husband and wife, Mama and pikin. I said he said, I look she look!

    You can easily come down at Uruagu Nnewi at any day, at any time, with or without any ritual sacrifice to pray your chi

    This information is only valid for people who are not dibia

    Those who are messengers, we can’t accept to offer them these privileges. Not at all!

    Its only those who said they are pastors that can access this point. The reason been that though we were called to serve, but our services varies

    There are people who are dibia but then, they don’t need to serve under a Temple day and night. That’s to say, their agwu permitted them to serve anyway they go or they found themselves

    Such a person, after settlement with his chi, agwu, mariner’s, ancestors, can leave and stay wherever he chooses. With his ofo agwu, he can do wonders (invoking the spirits).

    He then has to be visiting for sacrifices

    These are what numerous pastors you see in the township are doing

    The successful ones among them knows this truth and inline with this formation

    The truth of success remains WHO TOLD YOU?

    Onye gwara gi?
    Perhaps you had had the opportunity and privileges to know the truth before now, you could have made a difference. But then, who told you?

    Because none told you the truth, here you are today. Mmuo dike – spirits are most powerful
    No time is late so far there is life. Ndubuisi!

    This is light house of wisdom where knowledge of the truth rules.
    We never get tired saying the truth we know.
    Upon angels guide
    Because truth is life
    Eziokwu bu ndu!

    Haven given us update on our resolutions on chi Temple.
    I must also let us know the need for us to start building the future today.
    Day by day, we have reasons to make a difference.

    We can’t stop positive changes so far there’s need for great changes

    Now we have a need to keep our chi, we can’t keep it in someone’s home forever if we can’t keep it in our home

    Therefore, we must find a home for this mission. This is why light house of wisdom must build the future today.
    Start building the future today

    To achieve this, we have to secure a place of ours called and known as LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM TEMPLE/SHRINE: for all light bearers

    The location has to be close to omambala river. Omambala river covers many towns in Anambra state not just Aguleri

    Because its where this information is coming from, where we have source and affliction

    The portion of the land must be situated near Omambala river wherever we can find it

    With this, members have peace, feel at ease performing marine rituals within the temple coast

    When this is achieved, because I can’t tell the possibility now till then, I know if I will be visiting for important ritual’s or has to attached a spiritualist or group of messengers in the temple to oversee all ritual assignment. These are what I have in mind

    May the God’s And Goddesses favor your prayers, iseee.

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    Nevertheless, we have put down so much discussions on chi which you can find pleasure reading at your leisure time

    Our chi temple remains @40.000 for all light bearers. Those who aren’t members of light house of wisdom but seek to do the chi temple must pay the sum as seen on our website

    Which is almost 120.000 naira

    These are my little inputs for the house

    As regards on future and the site @ LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM TEMPLE have your say. Let’s draw a map and see how we can together achieve this in short period or long term

    We can do it. We have the great ability upon angels guide

    Its out house and our home, our temple and our shrine

    I have question and it goes this way, where do I make payment of such money for my chi (1)

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    We make it sacred upon angels guide