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    Grand Master

      “Discussions that led to LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM TEMPLE BUILDING”

      If you haven’t done your Chi, please do your chi temple . The problems you face can all be fixed overnight. I am saying this from experience. Me myself kept getting flat tires, every morning before going to work, i will fix them same thing. Brand new tires. Tried Oseoji and prayers. Nothing. Not til i said let me pay for my chi temple, i was delaying payment to take care of other bills while i had the money to do my temple all along, and it continued happening for 2 weeks in a row, random days. I payed for the institution even though i cant pick it up since I’m abroad. Killed a ram for my chi. Overnight all problem stopped. My chi Showed me the problem tires down to the very small nails in them in dreams. Showed me how i should build his shrine, next thing my ancestors revealing themselves to me in dreams. When GM says know your chi, it’s not child’s play.

      I dont even have my temple on hand, but if i ask a question. I receive answer. So i can imagine when it’s face to face.

      Know your chi! Paul, Peter or any letter they wrote to the romans or church at Corinth won’t help you. If your igbo be happy your igbo, be happy you even know your mother tongue because the gods saw you fit to even make you remember it.

      David Louis:
      (Chi bu Zor) master urslf u cant master others if uv not mastered ur slf!aw do u master ur sl thru u guardian angel.

      Gm is a witness for (truth)he say ayi na son tor (he hate lies le lies be far from him)words of wisdom is free and at the same time costly if u abide by it u will enjoy if u wave it aside it may cost u ur very life.

      Aw can we break the barriers of lies created by religion if ur not in spirit and in truth?

      Adonai said my (children) worship me in truth and in spirit!

      So without truth its impossible to please ELOHIM

      Ur concience will align with ur chi.and wisdom is simple to understand, but to act on it depends on U and no one else.

      In the words of truth there lays( Wisdom)and wisdom is profitable to direct there by bringing a positive result to the (light bearers)

      The teaching of Gm sticks into ur inner most part to activate a positive spiritual thought pattern and to spiritually build u up to a point of maturity and to break off all evil barriers that religious lies been built in ur system it requires ur chi to fully actualize ur given destinies.

      It is not easy to have this in one’s apartment where your have a die hard christian wife who probes every corner of the apartment with on’s children everywhere.

      After a while you can’t make excuses in order to make progress. I live in an apartment too. After reading everything regarding chi and sacrifice i need a concrete/tiled floors. All the apartments abroads all have carpet and under it is wood. So i have to find a house. Do i have money for a house on short notice? No! But i must make the provision because it’s what my chi requires to be effective. Do what you can and let the gods handle the rest

      David Louis:
      Be you dont follow wat people say!! be U!wen u start enjoying the positive changes u will be celebrated. ur chi isn’t a stranger and aw u take care of ur chi temple should be ur priorities not any ones.

      Wen ur progress come left right and center who will enjoy the most? ur wife and children right? wen u dont do that which is right cos of wat she and kids will say u will ridiculed in want and need?weather u like or not u will be talked about its ur life deal with it the way u want.

      What I expected is an alternative suggestion on the chi placement and accommodation. How can this be done? It is not as easy as some of you guys may think depending on the type of wife you. Some wives may raise an alarm that you want to use them or any of your child for rituals. Please, let us be realistic and objective in our submission. I am as desperate as anyone else to liberate myself with the truth constantly being made available to us by the GM.

      But one has to look at the best holistic way to get it done to avoid avoidable interferences.

      I understand that those who do have an understanding in matters like this will not have issues but this is not the same with those who have wives with less understanding.

      David Louis:
      A desperate person dosnt goes tru any learnt to actualize his destinies as i said aw u attend to ur chi is ur own privilege no one can give u suggestion on aw u attend to wat is urs!until u get this understanding u will keep asking this.no one stay in ur home or uknow ur wife u know ur home better aw u deal with life issues is ur own priogative and am being realistic and objective angels guide

      I am sure the GM will have a better alternative on the placement and accommodation of the chi as per the aforementioned.

      David Louis:
      Gm has been saying this that except u are not living in Nigeria then he can help but the moment u come home come take ur chi ur chi is urs u dont put ur eyes in the north and ur sleeping in the south wen u wake u will u walk blind to pick up ur eyes in the north?wat is urs is urs so why allow someone keep it for u based on ways people will say as i said its ur perogative to decern aw or where u want ur chi temple to be.not gm or anybody here

      Am sorry Chi edum uwa.
      Am sorry my Ancestral linage.
      Am sorry the forces that brought me forth in this world.
      Am so sorry, all the spirits that were solicited before my coming.
      I am very sorry and this is my coming back.
      Have mercy on poor me, ofeke ka m bu,
      please, light my path way back to my origin so i can serve you and fulfill my earthly mission.
      This i pray before you my source.

      Thank u odogwuakataka.
      (“Anya doo akwuna omara ife omere onwe ya”)
      when a prostitute come back to her senses she regret her attitude.

      you are just removing the veil of ignorance from my eyes.

      David Louis:
      U dont keep ur child away from u for so long or else he will become a stranger to u aw much more ur chi

      Cosmos Nwosu:
      Gm, indeed; you a great.
      Angela guide.

      Nkechinyerem Jessica:
      Oh my gosh!!!,I always come across this but never read meaning into it,OFEKE AJOKA, IGNORANCE IS TOO BAAAAD!!.May gods and goddesses bless my able GGM more light on our path,.

      Odogwu akataka may d gods and goddesses bless and give u more knowledge so that u will teach us more truth . More light to your path as angels guide . Iseeeeeeee

      Chidimma Anene:
      Odogwu akataka may d gods and goddesses embrace you with more wisdom and knowledge to show more light and truth. Am very happy encounter you.. Angels guide

      Please sir I came across some rituals that was made last year that you posted in your fbuk page. Please I want to know if I can still do them now as I didn’t partake

      I now understand sir thanks for the clarification

      Ikechukwu Awuzie:
      /yes you can. Private chat a monitor or myself for proper guide. More light to your paths

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      Pls who can help with the Telegram link for light house?

      JP PH:

      Obiora Jerry:
      Please Sir how do I know my Chi
      How do I connect with my Chi


      What is Chi & Who is Your Chi

      Okwu Chi – Chi Temple

      Virus Detected:
      Odogwuakataaka Isi mmiri Igbo niile .. I ga adi !!

      Addul Accra:
      We see success… we have won the war.. our enemies can’t have upper hands on us.. with the help of the spirits our life is now sweet..

      We thank the gods and goddesses..we can’t deny their existence.. Truly they are most powerful

      @ Odogwuakataka GGM.

      On Spiritual Hierarchy.

      What happens when a stranger (an enemy) offers a sacrifice (probably a higher one) to your CHI spiritually as a bribe or permission to harm you?

      What is the inter power play in the spiritual realms according to hierarchy?

      What are the categories of spiritual hierarchies and placement?

      Its even easier to deal with a wife in this case, its more difficult when your husband is an ofeke and will brand you witch for trying to do these things. Carrying your name to his family that you are doing juju in his house.

      David Louis:
      If ur pastor says u should bring anonting oil and sand from ur village is DAT not juju or he give u an handkechif (mantle) wats DAT? or u buy broom or anything in church wats DAT?we all do is a form of jazz (juju)weather we call it different names juju is to to aid spiritual growth call it which ever name becos its from church didn’t mean it not juju.good or bad juju is African language for rituals.

      Inmersion baptism is wat? Renewal is it not juju dont put a negative intonation to juju days wat is being used to deceive us.

      Some one doing juju the question is wat is his intention?there are some ritual that may seem so simple cos ur pastors says so but it fact its negative to ur spirit man.but cos ur pastors says so JuJu is an African word for rituals (positive or negative) to aid u spiritually weather the priest is a pastor or not.yeshua was not a pastor or imam or envergeslist lets not be carjole by all these invented names he is a SPIRITUALIST.

      There is a major christian church now asking their members to come with sand from their homes for prayers Wat’s DAT(die,die,die)wat do u think DAT is?? Cos ur G.O says so its not jazz?

      Why sand? Hasn’t Gm told us the earth is one av we not prayed to the earth to make us successful in our prayer sections in church (prayer points)anointing the sole of ur feet and u must be bare footed praying in church praying Wat’s DAT?

      Lets not fool ourselves by not stating the obvious we are light bearer and the truth must prevail weather we accept it or not that wat gm has always been saying (Ayi na son tor)as light bearer we hate lies let lies be far from us we dwelling in truth,wisdom and understanding spiritual principles.

      Wen we are babies we are feed with milk now we are adult shelf we still be feeding on milk?gm says spirituality is growth oriented so why do most still dwell on milk?religion was invented to cage all nations look as the history of the american Indiana search it our and read it was the same principle the white man used the subjugate that race the same winning formula was applied to Africans carted away as slaves still date same formula used to suppress the African nations in the name of religion.

      David you speak the truth, but you do not understand the angle I’m talking about. You are talking because you are a man. We know the authority you have as the head of the home in the African context. I’m talking from the point of view of someone who is under a man, and know what is passing through.

      My eyes are being opened, but how do I go about it since I live with someone who is canterkerous and is ready to spoil you and brand you witch at the mere mention of anything spiritual?

      David Louis:
      Gold queen i understand u very well let ur spirit( chi)fight ur battles because u respect ur husband which good but aswell as u do know the battle of spirit its not in ur hand.ur spiritual growth shld not be sacrificed as well on the alter of marriage ur chi knows ur worries and ur battles if ur Inclinde with ur chi, u will see positivity those that stand by the truth can never be put to shame.

      Little by little the scales will drop it take a soul to librate a community in bondage so says gm u cant get to ur destination by walking backwards.

      We are all students and gm has always said never sacrifice the truth on any alter u jus waste ur time cos (the truth will always prevail).

      Being a sensitive issue i believe gm will shed more light to this.

      Queen David:
      @David. I really wish there could be an alternative for those of us that are living with our spouse or relatives that do not believe or understand spirituality.we all wish to know our chi and be at peace with our chi cos that is our source of existence. But seconstances beyond our control keeping us back making us look like ofeke as our great Gm said.

      David Louis:
      Complexity of marriage and religion in our homes is daunting but u cant say beyond ur control by saying that uv already given up.u came alone u will die alone ur spiritual awareness was never based on ur marriage so press on u will see a difference cos in truth there is no confusion

      Golden Child:
      David Louis, you need to understand the angle they are coming from or we are coming from.

      It is not easy! Yes it takes a Lion heart to keep your okwu Chi and don’t care about what people say but as far as marriage is concern, religious family and even friends. When they notice that, they will simply term you evil. You may see it as easy as you think but you don’t know the emotional trauma, stigma and behaviorial approach towards such a person.

      It is as easy for some of us that doesn’t come from a religious background of Christianity to see it as a very simple thing.
      My brother it is not easy, if there is alternative, let us know.

      I am learning alot here and I like it.

      Our great-great grandfather did it and it was very simpler for them because of circumstances of life as then. But in this modern era particularly in Nigeria were religional belief and practice have been narrowed down to Islam and Christian religious practice, following the true order of nature and connection with God and your Guardian angel in a traditional is something that is damn difficult in this present time.

      I would like if Odogwu will teach us another alternative way to communicate and be close to your chi without any other interference from another party of religion who are at the majority side and term African religion practices evil.

      Remember the bible verse that says, if you’re ashamed of me before the world I’ll be ashamed of you before my father.
      Simply put, I don’t think there’s another alternative, because you need to draw close to your Chi, identify with your Chi, that way you’ll work in accordance.
      More light on our paths as Angels guide us all.

      David Louis:
      Everyone wishes success but it takes actions to actualize such (alternative)the road to knowledge is narrow those that press on will reap the benefits gm said “if u av not killed chicken is it ram u will kill” one step at a time u cant jump from zero to a million and there isn’t any alternative to a successful spiritual growth without ur chi aw u set it up and aw u go about it its ur own perogative

      Be in communion with ur chi no alternative to that if u wish urslf in ur life journey

      See wen push come to shove wen a man is drowning he care less of who is beside him .don’t always look for alternative cos it dosnt last long u still attarch people unconsciously to wat is right break out of ur daunted thinking even christ was killed a holy man.assumption is the worst form knowledge.

      Gm as always said this again and again u came on ur own u will die on ur own no one will go down with u ur destiny is ur destiny mine is mine i CNT live ur destiny u cant live mine

      People talk weather good or bad.people talk!! If u live by perception of people u wont fullfill ur destiny but if u are intune with ur guardian angel u fulfill ur destiny aw u go about it is ur own way,my way CNT be ur way my guardian angel is different from yours to even set up ur oku chi u need guardians to do such.my question to u golden child is dis, is it good to set up ur oku chi (temple)? if its good to set ur chi temple why U not do it ? Is it bcos u dont want people to think or talk negatively about u aw does that impact ur life?does it put food on ur table if they think or talk? does it make u become poorer ?wen u reap the benefits will dey salute u?beg u for money?every successful destiny bring forth joy and praise and wealth so why sacrifice ur joy on public perception.

      Will u say u ran well u fought the good fight and u won at the end?

      Golden Child:
      True anyways…. I’m not married and I can decide to find a place and build an okwu Chi for my guardian angel of God.

      But I think I understand the challenges our brethrens who are married will be facing.

      David Louis:
      Complexity of religion and marriage is daunting as i said based on ofekerism but must u hide from the truth? Never!!! the gods and goddesses forbid.

      A good student will keep learning from is his master act like his master follow the path of truth ask questions to increase spiritual knowledge,act acordingly and enjoy the fruits that comes out for every knowing of truth with that u are librated from the shakles of lies and deception.

      Gm we a wait ur teaching sir

      Chidimma Anene:
      Can someone like a priest or priestess help us in taking care of our oku Chi since some of us is finding it difficult to do so because of things that surround us

      BIG JOE:
      Am in support of the suggestion if it can be possible that way

      Golden Child:
      Same as me.

      More light to our paths as angels guides. Iseee. This issue of CHI being kept from others within the same household is a very decisive topic that shouldn’t be wished away with a wave of the hand. It is a critical issue which requires the objective suggestion of all and sundry while look forward to the GM to give his final verdict on it being our leader.

      May Angels continue ti guide us. Iseee.

      Nkechinyerem Jessica:
      I wish also if there could be an alternative too, its like majority of us are facing same challenge, pls Gm if there’s any alternative, we will appreciate that, thanks, angels guide.

      I don’t know how I came across this group but , my spirit guide brought me here , on the search of wisdom and also to redeem myself and find myself back again.

      I love this place

      If you see what it took me to get here ,I struggled like a man in search of wisdom

      A man that needs help finally am here

      Chidimma Anene:
      Same here… Welcome anyway

      My dear , i don’t know how I got myself here but I am very happy

      The happiness flowing in my body is great and too much

      Exactly the reason why am here is the main topic here , which is Chi

      Grand Master

        Odogwu Akataaka:
        This is light house of wisdom where knowledge rules.
        We tell you the truth we know not minding how you understand it. The truth we know we make known to you.
        We keep saying the truth day and night regardless who you are and where you come from. We tell you the truth.
        Truth is our watchword.
        Upon angels guide!
        Mmuo dike – spirits are most powerful.

        Now I am online @light house of wisdom, I wish you don’t call me on phone to cause distractions. No matter what happens, hold on till am done with the discussions. Or better still, send text messaged than to call now. I can’t be delivering lectures at the same time you expect I offer you all necessary attention on your private matters. Thanks for understanding

        Today is ahia afo.
        Before we proceed on the issue of the moment, let me firstly give thanks to all infinite possibilities who made it possible for us to be alive seeing today. By their powers, we shall be alive to enjoy the future greater than today. This is why we are here @light house of wisdom where knowledge rules.

        We are here @light house of wisdom for the knowledge of the truth. We are here to know the truth and practice the truth we know. Without these, we have no other reason been here

        Haven given Thanks to whom it due, because he who ended greeting spirits snubbing humans must have lost information. He is like a dog that doesn’t know his owner.
        Because humans are spirits, we must know that its impossible for the gods and goddesses to perfect any assignment here on earth without we humans. They work through us so we work through them. This is how we come to be one and in Union – anyi wee di n’otu (oneness/unity) were dirikwa n’otu (sect)

        Fact GM

        Odogwu Akataaka:
        Our greetings can’t be complete if we cease to extend a warm greetings to all members of the editorial teams @Harrizone @J_Pconnor @Ikechukwu @Henry @chukwuebuka @Adomi Omoka @Tonykel and @Sir3_4Lancelot

        These people have contributed immensely with their money, time, skills etc to see that light house of wisdom is truly what its today building our website.
        Now one can proudly sought for our updates @ http://www.lighthouseofwisdom.com

        Its not easy even when you think its easy. As it stand now, no member of light house of wisdom has paid 1kobo in support of the work at hand yet work is going on
        None cared to say thanks to the workers yet work is going on

        That’s to say, angels are here.
        The workers are all glad doing their best for the development of this great mission so that the light, good news, truth they received today reaches out to other people tomorrow using the platform. Only wisdom will applaud them. Ofeke will look and pass.

        We didn’t source for funds within us as it should be. The gods did it on their own way which remains the best.
        The pioneers we must remember to say thanks for their great assignment maka na ekele onye gburu ebule, ogbuo efi (when you greet he who killed a ram, he become happy to kill a cow). This is why we can’t cease to say thanks to all the editorial teams

        Am so happy to be here, and to meet these wonderful family, let the angels keep guarding and protecting us all

        Odogwu Akataaka:
        We ask them never to get tired nor discouraged upon angels guide. May our efforts be rewarded by the gods and goddesses.

        Haven done that as I owe them thanks and support. I turn to see another vessel of honour in the house in person of @David

        David you are not alone. More light to your path.
        In as much as we don’t praise people but their chi, we can’t cease to say the truth we know. You are a vessel of honour unto humans and the spirits. Keep it up!

        Our people would say, onye asiri ya raa ka oji, anaghi emete ya mana onye asiri jide ka o ji: n’eme nkeoma. David Jide ka i ji!

        I was offline since Saturday owing to works at hand. Our people would say, when there’s an important subject greater than the barn, we see the need to sale the farm land (just a proverb).

        Coming back online this afternoon, I met lots of messages more especially on our telegram group where I read so much discussions that took place within the weekend

        In all, I must say thanks to David for his truthfulness, inline with the truth just like the master would say; eziokwu bu ndu. Anyi na-aso ntu nso – we hate saying lies

        Our spirits forbids it. This temple forbids it.

        Haven done with the acknowledgement, I hereby return to the issue of the moment. Chi temple, social catastrophe!

        Yes, it has cost a catastrophe among light bearers on the issue of chi temple

        Many have seen the great importance to institute their chi temple but the challenges are left unsolved: where to keep your chi temple

        Where will you keep your chi temple?

        Where will I keep my chi temple?
        Social catastrophe!
        A great challenge indeed!!
        We must win!!!

        Nothing will put a stop to the way of truth. Truth is light, it shines so bright. We don’t have hold up. I said, no go-slow on our path knowing the truth and standing for the truth

        Because mmuo dike – spirits are most powerful, they sure to provide an escape

        Before now, I made reports that rooms we provided for juju/works done for people are filled up. As a matter of fact, it took me time calling everyone involved, home and overseas to come and take their works to their desired places.

        I said these many months before now. So its not a fresh news unto us more especially old members of light house of wisdom

        Moreover, often I do said, here we are, the shrine forbids strangers if not a native of Aguleri

        One may seek to know why?
        Earlier, we were welcoming people here for ritual assignment’s until we couldn’t afford to bear it anymore

        Just like every other sacred places with its rules and nature, the temple has its sacred rules which are too many

        Perhaps you end’s you telling a visitor, while coming on eke day, do not do this and that, don’t eat so so food a day before the D-Day, be careful not to touch this and that. He/she would gladly accepted

        When he felt to keep one of the rules, perhaps as a result of the need to deliver himself or see the success of the assignment, he won’t find it possible informing you to say ‘Oh master, I forgot to kept this rule until I found myself guilty’, pls what do I do?

        He won’t do it but prepay to be coming. Reaching the temple, ala atu ya!
        Its then left for us in the temple to source for ransom for the penalty, hence spirits don’t care to know who you are and where you come from

        When this got so disturbing, we have to put a restrictions to foreigner’s (non indigenes). That’s why you may find it impossible coming here for any assignment

        Haven said these, the information has to do with peoples request on where to keep their chi temple outside home

        In as much as am not going to waste any more time telling you what I have said several times, the need to keep your chi temple at your home. @ your closeness

        We have to source for alternative

        Ife amaghi ka emere ya bu onwu – its only death that proves hard finding its remedy and solutions. Every other thing has solutions

        Still on the solution to keep our chi comes below information

        I took a time to contact one of the dibia who has also helped members of light house of wisdom as well as this great shrine (ezumezu)

        I called him to see if he can make a space for us in his house, even if it’s a one room apartment. So that we make use of it for the moment then fall back to find permanent solutions which must see us acquiring a land to build a Temple where we must call a SHRINE


        For the moment, there is need to deliver the captives today before we talk about tomorrow and future. If we fell to secure today, no hope for future

        He didn’t welcome the idea wholely but has no option than to accept knowing that NO ONE SAYS NO TO THE GODS UPON DEMAND

        Though his 3 storey building is still under construction but then, he has to allocate a room apartment for light bearers for this great mission
        We had a deal!
        I gave thanks to the gods and goddesses for their support in our endeavors

        Why its necessary for the chi temple to be at a place where you as an individual would visit at your will is as a result of the prayers and sacrifices

        Because you need to be praying your chi, this is no longer issues of husband and wife, Mama and pikin. I said he said, I look she look!

        You can easily come down at Uruagu Nnewi at any day, at any time, with or without any ritual sacrifice to pray your chi

        This information is only valid for people who are not dibia

        Those who are messengers, we can’t accept to offer them these privileges. Not at all!

        Its only those who said they are pastors that can access this point. The reason been that though we were called to serve, but our services varies

        There are people who are dibia but then, they don’t need to serve under a Temple day and night. That’s to say, their agwu permitted them to serve anyway they go or they found themselves

        Such a person, after settlement with his chi, agwu, mariner’s, ancestors, can leave and stay wherever he chooses. With his ofo agwu, he can do wonders (invoking the spirits).

        He then has to be visiting for sacrifices

        These are what numerous pastors you see in the township are doing

        The successful ones among them knows this truth and inline with this formation

        The truth of success remains WHO TOLD YOU?

        Onye gwara gi?
        Perhaps you had had the opportunity and privileges to know the truth before now, you could have made a difference. But then, who told you?

        Because none told you the truth, here you are today. Mmuo dike – spirits are most powerful
        No time is late so far there is life. Ndubuisi!

        This is light house of wisdom where knowledge of the truth rules.
        We never get tired saying the truth we know.
        Upon angels guide
        Because truth is life
        Eziokwu bu ndu!

        Haven given us update on our resolutions on chi Temple.
        I must also let us know the need for us to start building the future today.
        Day by day, we have reasons to make a difference.

        We can’t stop positive changes so far there’s need for great changes

        Now we have a need to keep our chi, we can’t keep it in someone’s home forever if we can’t keep it in our home

        Therefore, we must find a home for this mission. This is why light house of wisdom must build the future today.
        Start building the future today

        To achieve this, we have to secure a place of ours called and known as LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM TEMPLE/SHRINE: for all light bearers

        The location has to be close to omambala river. Omambala river covers many towns in Anambra state not just Aguleri

        Because its where this information is coming from, where we have source and affliction

        The portion of the land must be situated near Omambala river wherever we can find it

        With this, members have peace, feel at ease performing marine rituals within the temple coast

        When this is achieved, because I can’t tell the possibility now till then, I know if I will be visiting for important ritual’s or has to attached a spiritualist or group of messengers in the temple to oversee all ritual assignment. These are what I have in mind

        May the God’s And Goddesses favor your prayers, iseee.

        Odogwu Akataaka:
        Nevertheless, we have put down so much discussions on chi which you can find pleasure reading at your leisure time @www.lighthouseofwisdom.com

        Our chi temple remains @40.000 for all light bearers. Those who aren’t members of light house of wisdom but seek to do the chi temple must pay the sum as seen on our website

        Which is almost 120.000 naira

        These are my little inputs for the house

        As regards on future and the site @ LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM TEMPLE have your say. Let’s draw a map and see how we can together achieve this in short period or long term

        We can do it. We have the great ability upon angels guide

        Its out house and our home, our temple and our shrine

        I have question and it goes this way, where do I make payment of such money for my chi (1)

        Odogwu Akataaka:
        We make it sacred upon angels guide

        Grand Master

          Nkechinyerem Jessica:
          Did I hear you call it little? Nnam ,odogwuakataaka, indeed you’re a great man of wisdom, may the

          David Louis:
          Wen wisdom speaks all must know it and see it manifest

          Nkechinyerem Jessica:
          Gods and goddesses bless you iseee

          David Louis:
          This is so great i cant wait to see it manifest.the gods and goddess has indeed gifted u to us may ur path continually shine brighter daily.

          Odogwu Akataaka:
          You may pay online using paystack if you are in diaspora. To do this, visit our website http://www.lighthouseofwisdom.com

          If you are in Nigeria of can make direct payment, make direct deposit
          U. B. A.
          Name :
          Ekeh Onyebuchi Nzubechi

          Odogwu akataka I ga di ooo….you don’t know how reliefed I am with the latest development. ..After the consultation you did for me and it requires me to do my Chi, settle mariners and do deliverance…I have been having sleepless night knowing fully well that I am ready to do my Chi but no place to keep my Chi because I am squoting with my sister and her husband. ..I can’t do against the wish of the owner of the house
          …but with this latest development. ..I am so happy

          Isimmili Igbonile…May the gods and goddesses continue to expand your territory.

          Thank you for everything you have been doing for us here at light house of wisdom

          Very easy this way , thank you so much for the wisdom and eyes opening..

          David Louis:
          On the light house of his wisdom temple i support dis great idea.sir as u said location matters do u av any idea as to the cost of getting a location?

          Yes i concur

          Then when we get an available land even for purchase, through Angels guide…we can do it


          David Louis:
          Yes we can!!!!!

          I an ready to spend for this house as long as , we get what we want , I wish I knew this house for long , I wouldn’t have been down this way …

          Anything for success ,wisdom, knowledge the house , me especially am ready

          I was thinking if I get my chi ready where can I keep it , but as you made mention of getting a land a place to keep it alli smiled knowing that you are guided with wisdom

          Chidimma Anene:
          Thank you very much sir… Angels guide… May the Gods and goddesses of your reward massively

          Gozik Ahams:
          Thanks so much my high priest for these wonderful development and Big thanks to gods and goddess for been there for us on this great journey.

          BIG JOE:
          Am in total surport on dis development
          D great Odogwuakattaka u have done so much and ur efforts and the entire crew of LIGHTHOUSEWISDOM will not go unrewarded,u all will live long and see ur seeds germinate and bears abondant of fruits and to ever member of LIGHTHOUSEWISDOM it’s a call for duty,let’s come out and build our FUTURE the CHIEF HIGH PRIEST has set the pase once again D GGM I salute u. Upon Angels guide we stand in unity

          Please is it only for people from anambra?

          Odogwu Akataaka:
          Are light house of wisdom only for people from Anambra?

          You must be wise, get knowledge and understanding and stop reasoning like an ofeke where there’s knowledge of the truth. Just an advice!

          Haven said that, we have to face the issue of the moment. Because am no longer a child, as an elder, am aware that when important issues are at hand, the general public might find it impossible reaching a conclusion if not said by one or two people among them. Nevertheless, we have reason’s throwing such information on your cult so that you have your say.

          Haven heard few opinion, I expect more as time goes on. Base on questions and suggestions made so far, I stand to throw more light to help our success/future. It’s not easy to build

          I understand that good number of people lack foresight. Some hardly visualize things but has to await final makeup. This is why when you come to new site, during foundation settings. Some would say, Ah this house is too small

          Others would ask, What manner of house is this?

          These saying has to do with individual perceptions, leaving them in confusion until the building comes up to a certain level. Its then they would have better understanding forgetting questions and confusions onset

          We are good to go @ light house of wisdom. From no where we are getting somewhere. Soon, we have a place to call our place, our temple, our shrine, our worship center

          The location as I said earlier has to be situated somewhere within Anambra state of Nigeria. The reason been that this is light house of wisdom where knowledge rules. The source of this information comes your way by the help of ezumezu omambala river. The great gods and goddesses of river whom I serve made it possible. The name Anambra was gotten from the great Omambala river.
          Because this is where we are coming from, reaching out to you; we have needs connecting to them in all and all. Maka na apusia na ama, eburukwa lata n’obi

          When we done with the temple building as stated, it remains the property of light house of wisdom group.
          Their you can have all spiritual services done. Those you can’t take home such as Okwu Chi – Chi Temple – Light House of Wisdom

          Awele Uzu – Light House of Wisdom

          Oku Awele Ocha – Money Spell – Light House of Wisdom

          Can be kept at the temple where you pay monthly or weekly visit for ritual sacrifices. With these, you have more security, happiness doing your thing. These are like mini fraternity

          The reason we don’t go with the clear view of calling it a fraternity even though it looks like a lodge is simply because we are more open than secret societies in this matter

          We have no skeleton in the cupboard

          No hidden information. We are open and as white as snow.

          When we do with the settings/structure, we have a watchman at the entrance that allow visitors with their ID card

          That’s to say, before you enter the temple premises, you must have a membership ID Card of the great house @ LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM with your ID Number

          These must be confirmed by the gate keeper before entrance

          I understand it better now sir, please am new here, I need more guidance sir

          How do I start

          Odogwu Akataaka:
          When you comes in, haven parked at car park. Before you enter the shrine where your chi or awele or any other ritual are kept, you must be confirmed by a watcher/keeper/attendant.

          You must give the watcher your portion number as well as details of your sanctuary. If you call your portion number, the watcher would enter to confirm if those juju you mentioned are what that is there

          How much is this weekly or monthly payment ?

          Odogwu Akataaka:
          If its confirmed, you now allow entrance.
          These is how we are going to situate the temple upon angels guide

          Should you need a service of a priests, you report. Because we shall institute a priest office where males and females priest/priestess are found. Its left for the priest to appoint by themselves who can help oversee the mission for success

          How much is this weekly or monthly payment, and I hope if I don’t visit my chi because of how far I am from it I hope there won’t be any problem , as long as you are handling it and I am doing my sacrifice .

          Odogwu Akataaka:
          Upon angels guide, they have to send a messenger to you

          Right in the the temple, we will have a day when old aged men’s and women shall be present for prayers

          It could be ones in a month. On that very day, those who need blessings of the spirits following gray hairs shall come for prayers and blessings

          They shall pray for the people with ofo

          I shall provide ofo ndi ichie (ofo from the ancestors) and ofo ndi mmiri (ofo from mariners)

          These elders shall say prayers with these to the congregation

          Every participant shall be in attendance with four kola nut cotyledons and a hot drink. When the prayers are said and concluded with iseeee

          You hit your fits four times on the ground, break the kolanut and put one after another on top the ofo. The ofo must be permanent and can’t be moved or be moving from place to place

          You pure your drink as well

          We also have services of virgins

          These virgins shall be under the control of the priests at priest cult

          They will be most available for you when most needed

          We also have a section where ritual material’s are sold

          These are to help this generation make a difference

          Remember my words many years back

          I said, I must build a difference generation. My people must make a difference. Because I am a difference man so shall my people make a difference

          I had never said a thing and refused to do as I said upon angels guide

          Hence am not alone. As day comes by, you see and understand better. In no distance time light house of wisdom must he on top

          Our temple shall generate funds and nations shall visit to witness the powers of the spirits

          That they shall see and understand truly MMUO DIKE – SPIRITS ARE MOST POWERFUL

          This I mote and so shall it be.


          Promise Chizurumoke:

          Opelouwa Lagos:

          Harrison Ani:


          Odogwu Akataaka:
          Haven said these, we return to make it a reality hence it calls for a great work to achieve greatness. We have notching to worry about hence we aren’t alone. Spirits are here! Angels guide


          Odogwu Akataaka:
          We are building this temple all together. Its our temple not my Temple not your temple but our temple therefore we must help in the building

          Harrison Ani:

          Odogwu Akataaka:
          I have a role to play here, you have a role as well

          The most important parts is our future, your future


          Odogwu Akataaka:
          What we did yidau determines our future that’s why the wise lays a foundation when the fool decides not to do anything

          If we start looking for plots of land when we had no money at hand, its not encouraging. Not at all

          As it stands presently, light house of wisdom doesn’t have any pulse or money in the bank

          The reason been that we had no reason for funds generation before now

          Now we see the need, we have to source for funds raising to help our dreams comes through soon

          Years they said are too Long for a child but comes so quick like morning to same child

          This is why every year some people ends up haven a proposal at the beginning of the year only to left out without achieving anything at the end of the year

          So if we should make this project a 3/4 years project, don’t shout and say its too long hence we must source for the funds within ourselves

          There are things we must be careful not to do here all through the moment of the temple building

          We must not borrow a dime from anyone for any reason

          We must raise the funds ourselves

          We have the great financial ability. During this site building, you learn and understand how to build something out of nothing. Seeing secrets how countries grow from having nothing to have something that attracts attention

          We must all work together to make it a success then reap the dividends

          @AbleGod0001 asked if some people from Anambra can help find a location then get back to the house with reports so that we know how much we are going for

          That’s good idea but not welcome. The reason been the fact that we have monitors at present who are capable of overseeing the affairs and administration of light house of wisdom

          Notwithstanding, can still source for more pioneers in addition to the monitors who we can trust the services of this mission unto their care

          We call them BUILDING COMMITTEE

          These are people who reports to us from time to time, given accounts on our spendings so far. Bringing updates to the house on every development

          But before we set up these committee, we must not neglect wisdom

          Our people would say, its only when you hold a kite at hand you may ask if a woman can eat it

          We must first of all, have some cash at hand to begin the move

          I said it earlier, we can get this land at anywhere, any village or town that Omambala rivers pass through within Anambra state

          That’s to say, we have chances of getting lands at affordable prices

          We can’t be looking for plots of lands without money at hand

          Have said this, we return to answer questions on questions on how much per member monthly or weekly

          Here, I leave the room open for us to say our mind. Have your say. How much do we place upon ourselves?
          Monthly or weakly?

          Have your say, let come to a conclusion!

          More light on our path as angels guide us all

          Both options are ok, some of us are business people, while some are monthly earners, my able GM I’ll suggest we work with both sir.


          Grand Master

            I’m on it, please don’t remove me,

            Dominic Adams:
            I’m in daddy,

            Sellasie Accra:
            I am in

            David Louis:

            Melvin Blink:

            I am in. Pls, don’t remove me.

            Washington DC:
            Don’t remove me


            Chidi Ohazuruike:
            Don’t remove me ooo

            I’m fully with the house

            @Admin, pls give a space of time before removing members as not everyone will be online at this moment. Some may not even be online today.

            I’m in pls don’t remove me

            Queen David:
            I’m in pls. Don’t remove me

            Vitalis Chidi:
            I’m in please don’t remove me

            I have redeemed mine

            Benedict Odigo:
            Am happy knowing about this group.

            I enjoy your take on Alligator Pepper and Native Kola Nut in the Nairaland website.

            I like that you are disposed to sharing such knowledge.

            I will contribute financially to your propagation of African Traditional Religion. It may not be much but I will give any time I have to and as many times I can.

            I am not Igbo.
            And I know that Language is no barrier in the performance of rituals because our gods and goddesses do not need translation.
            However Language is important for me to understand the process and flow with it.

            Though I joined today I have to the the best of my ability read some old posts. I have advice to give and that I will not do in an open forum like this.

            You have the Blessing of the Greatest God Chi Ukwu (Chukwu)

            You have the Blessings of The God that Gives and Rewards Chi Neke (Chineke)

            You have the Blessings of Jesus The Christ.

            Your have the Blessings of the Positive Powers Under the The Waters

            You have the Blessings of Your Ancestors.

            You have the Blessings of All the Deities in your Land.

            I request Mother Mary to at times intercede for you and co-priests.

            God Bless and Keep You and Yours.

            No harm shall come to you, your child and the generations to come as a result of your positive help to the Oppressed Children of God.

            My Brother go in the Peace of The Lord, show Mercy and Harm no One.

            Finally Sir, thanks for being a co-creator with God…. For He has no favourite Religion

            Chidimma Anene:
            Don’t remove me… Am in

            Evans Kebbi:
            I’m in

            Those in diaspora or one who doesn’t have access to mobile banking can make their payments here.


            The alert goes to GM’s email and i can also view it from the sites dashboard

            Chidimma Anene:
            Please sir… I will make my Pledge by weekend…

            Angel guide

            Emmanuel Enugu Ghana:
            Don’t remove me we husstler knows what to do at right time am following let the gods and goddess bless the to show love for the house… am in

            Goodluck Donatus:
            Pls don’t remove me am in ooo



            I am in full support and shall redeem my monthly dues.

            I’m in!
            And I’m so happy to be part of this.

            Christopher Emenogha:
            Am in ☝️

            Chigor Lawrence:
            I’m in

            BIG JOE:
            Am in

            I strongly feel people should stop adding other people. Let whoever wants to join do so with his/her own volition to avoid people trooping in without knowing why they are here.
            They are not sharing candy here neither is anyone doing circus that people will just come in and watch, looking for what to use and gossip or post on social media.
            May the gods and goddesses give us wisdom.

            Am in full support.

            Uchenna IGWUILO:
            Am in am,,,,, am ready for anything as long as it brings good returns !!!!

            I HAVE REDEEMED MY PLEDGED!!!!!!!!!!!!


            Obiora Jerry:
            I’m in don’t remove me Sir

            Cosmos Nwosu:
            Don’t remove me, I am 100% in.

            Everyone who has redeemed their pledge please post a reply here on our website. If you plan to pledge and don’t want to be removed also comment here.

            MEMBER PLEDGES

            This will help us keep proper archives

            Chidimma Anene:
            Thanks… Angels guide

            Martins Ajaba:
            I am in

            I hereby congratulate everyone who has redeemed their pledges and to those who have pledge to be in with commitments. You have chosen the path of greatness consciously or unconsciously.

            Diamond Diamond:
            I am in. Please don’t remove me

            Am very happy for this gteat development. Tomorrow I will give #2000, then I will continue

            As the gods and goddes blesses me. Am having capcha problem I would have pleadge on our website

            Nkechinyerem Jessica:
            I’m in,don’t remove me

            Okonkwo Amaka:
            Nna ayi, am in, pls don’t remove me.

            Gideon Yusuf Kaduna:
            I’m in also.

            Oluwafemi Mayowa:
            Am in

            Tobias Benedict:
            Mmuo dike

            Am in please don’t remove me

            Adomi Omoka:
            Am in

            Godwin Agada:
            Please don’t remove me. I’m a student but am ready to contribute my own quota to help this mission when I get money.

            This is great response to my probing mind in sacrifices being offered to bribe one’s CHI. The GM is truly endowed with knowledge of the truth.

            This is a great mystery revealed.

            Wao!!! this morning lecture is more eye opening … Thank you GGM … This topic your treated is a blood tonic … Mmuo dike. May gods and goddesses continue to bless you sir.

            Uchenna IGWUILO:
            This house is indeed light to my life !!!!! May Gods and Goddesses continue to bless you Sir!!! I ask for blessings to fulfill my heart desires for this house !!!!

            Kobimdi Ujeh:
            Don’t remove me GM.

            Nkechinyerem Jessica:
            GGM,you’re great indeed, may your wisdom know no bound, more light on our path. Iseee

            I recently noticed cobwebs falling on my body,most times,if I finished my early morning body cleansing, on opening my door to go and throw away the oseoji,I will meet cobwebs, today again, I did my midnight cola nut ritual, this morning after doing my oseoji body cleansing, on my way to go and throw the oseoji, I met cobwebs again, pls this is giving me concern, I need help,may angel guide us all

            Plz don’t remove me GM,I’m in!

            Washington DC:
            This knowledge today was really an eye opening…knowledge is really power… Thanks for the Light GGM…. May the gods and goddesses continue to shower you with more light and more blessings.

            Chidiebere Jos:
            GM and fellow light bearers I just redeemed for the payment. More light to our paths as angels guide

            I have redeemed for this month. Thank you Daddy for this great idea.

            The plan is good sir I support the development

            Anything that comes out from our great GM’s mouth is pure/undiluted wisdom from above.
            I remember reading about what gm posted about the specie of ski used for udeaki was from the gods and is used in treating convulsion and other ailments that are attack from evil spirits, that it is is used to ward off evil spirits.
            My first son has been having nightmares since last year, anytime it happens whether its in the night of afternoon(anytime he sleeps), he wakes up crying uncontrollably as if he doesn’t know himself even if you call his name or tap him, till after sometime he would regain himself. This happened since last year and my husband said its sleep trauma after researching on goggle, but it got worst. That even my second son began to cry from his sleep this year. We began to get worried as water don pass garri but we didn’t know what to do. I prayed and tired nothing.
            Until I got wisdom after gm post that day, I left my phone and ran to get udeaki and rubbed on their bodies that night I read it and my husband was like what am I rubbing, I said udeaki because their cries have gotten out of hand and I have gained knowledge that it wards off evil spirits, and will use it on them. He said its a lie it is not any evil spirit, that I’m assuming what I don’t know. I told him to leave me alone that anything I do I have done my research.

            My brethren, its been almost a three weeks I’ve been using it on them and not one single noise or cry from them when sleeping. They sleep peacefully. My fist son has put on a bit weight because he sleeps well now and his appetite has improved unlike when he was under attack.
            May the gods bless you GM
            May you never lack
            May your fountain of knowledge never run dry.


            I will do what ever I can to support the project

            Melvin Blink:
            Thanks to the God’s and goddesses,,, may the God’s be praise,,,

            Benedict Odigo:
            Thanks you for your reply.
            I understand you perfectly well.

            God bless you and yours Sir.

            I will find time to reach you outside of this platform.

            Blessing Chukwu:
            Am in

            I have redeemed my pledge

            More Light to our path as Angels Guide…. Iseeeeee

            Chidimma Anene:
            I concur…

            I have redeemed my pledge

            Adigom Chinonso E:

            Amobi Kogi:
            I’m in. don’t remove me.


            I don’t remove me. Am fully in will redeem mine

            I ga adi ka echie. Iseee

            I have redeemed my pledge. It came twice,

            That’s two months

            Chekwube Chukwu:
            The gods and goddesses will help me, i shall not lack the money to pay my dues, so I mote it be

            My pledge has been redeemed, although i sent to wrong account

            Gm, pls clarify me on d difference between Agwu, Oda, and Arusi. What are requirements for instituting each of them.

            And on what instance is each of them instituted?

            I have redeemed my pledge… But Was still removed

            Uchenna IGWUILO:
            If you are removed how come u still here

            What an irony!

            I just requested for the link again

            Martins Ajaba:
            I did leave the group is an error am in

            Nnam,Daalu network held the first transaction and

            Ekene Nna:
            Thank you Nnam, may the gods give us the strength to keep fit rituals and may the goddess direct our paths and shine more light in all our dealings isee,…

            Chidimma Anene:
            Iseeeeeee…sir your teaching are too great and full of wisdom and very easy to understand… What more can I say… Let knowledge and wisdom never lack from you… Angels guide you

            Kobimdi Ujeh:
            GM I appreciate you sir. I have learnt a lot from you. This morning tea is so special. More wisdom! Angel guide.

            Promise Chizurumoke:
            Of a truth Mmuo Dike
            Dalu Nnam

            Uchenna IGWUILO:
            Truth and nothing but the Truth,,, I appreciate you Sir,, Thank you so much!! This is indeed an eye opening. Angel guide!. More wisdom to you and more to us that are here,, more to me too. I’m grateful.. This is indeed Great House of Wisdom .. Finally at the Right source !!

            Frank Okonkwo Abuja:
            Thanks our dear leader GGM Odogwuakataaka the gods are wise,you are indeed a great spiritual teacher of our time may the god and goddesses our ancestors ndi mmiri nine the rulers of the East,West,North and south continue to empower you spiritually for benefits of humanity iseee!

            Yes I have, my GM. Thanks for opening my eyes and mind to more wisdom.

            Prince Daniel:
            GGM, please don’t remove me o! Will start my monthly payment from end of this month. Thanks Sir

            Monthly fee Redeemed

            Monthly fee paid: #2,000 from John N.


              Members can redeem their pledges & pay their monthly dues towards the Temple Building Project using the information below

              ACCESS BANK: 0739726648


              SAVINGS ACCOUNT


                Am in don’t remove I will surely redeem mine

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