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      Awele uzu is a specialized kind of Awele which we do specifically for politicians, musicians, radio or television presenters, pastors, footballers and people alike whose businesses has to deal with the public.

      People whose objectives is not getting source of income directly through business transactions. They are people who back on public acceptance and endorsement which directly or indirectly influence activities that brings money to them due to their personality impact.

      All that people in this category requires is to be famous, loved and accepted by the populace. For this reason, their basic spiritual set-up is Awele uzu. Whistle Flowers are set round about the oke ite and four small bells together with other numerous ritual materials which includes female and male organs.

      When the circle is completed, the next ritual to be performed in it will be different and this will continue to alternate as occasion demands using different ritual materials. Sacrifices to the awele will need to be done at the interval of every month with different animals.

      (click here to read more about oke ite and oku awele)

      To gain attraction and love, recommendations from the people, you need awele uzu which serves 100%.

      We do consult with individuals with a view to ascertaining how best to serve them from the various sacrifices so as to know the most suitable for the occasion. It is at this point that the choice of sacrifices are stated. This may attract a dedication, enabling him to dedicate a gift items on the awele, given to the sacrificial lamb who becomes a subject of sacrifice if he or she must use the gift items.

      Here are few rules for Awele uzu:

      – It is kept in a private room which accessible by you only. Others must be restricted as much as possible from gaining access to the room.

      – The sacrifices comes ones in a month. It must be same date every month. This is mandatory.

      – You must knock on the door each time you are to enter the temple.

      – Don’t ever allow a broom to come in contact with the awele consciously or unconsciously.

      – Don’t crossover the awele with your legs for any reason.

      Other additional information are kept for desired client upon ritual perfection.

      Cost Price – $3,000
      Local delivery within Nigeria – 10,000 naira
      International Shipping – $500 or Contact the High Priest for other options


      For more information, write the admin on +2347062855001(WhatsApp)


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