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      Awele is a blood money spell which we dibịa do for people helping them to have financial success in their field of practices.
      This is why anyone can do Awele no matter your business and profession.
      We do different types of awele ranging from Ọkụ awele to oke ite awele, awele ụzụ and awele ekwuekwe.

      Here we are discussing oke ite awele and ọkụ awele.

      Click HERE to read on Awele ekwuekwe – Awele do as I say.

      Ọkụ awele and oke ite awele aren’t same size but in most cases contain same ritual materials which make them serve same purposes. Though oke ite awele are the biggest size of all awele and most times not all awele can be done using ọkụ.

      At that point, we have to use ite – clay pot.

      Here we are discussing Ọkụ awele at the same time oke ite awele.

      Because its money and a money ritual, ọkụ or ite are been put down to start the settings.

      Inside the local pot, you have to use nzu to mark little on top of the clay pot (signs signifying the front). This is necessary because Awele preparation requires perfect knowledge to help ritual effect’s. This is why it takes a great dibịa to do awele. “Awele is not come, I have it”.

      All the items face forward, none should be put facing backward while the other face forward. They must face one side till completion.

      When this is done at the very first day been eke (for example) thus it takes four market days for completion.

      That’s to say, within these four Igbo market days, different powerful sacred items are been sanctified and put inside.

      It depends on a dibịa, a dibịa may decide to perfect the exercises unclad each time he sets to put items in the Ọkụ or oke ite. That’s to say, he requires time to get desired named materials each day, returning home is to prepare them.

      Each day he is done with the preparation, he makes a white ram sacrifice for the gods and goddesses of the day; perhaps eke day!

      On orie day, he begins again in search of another different ritual material named. One might asked, who is naming all these materials?

      To do awele on individual, prior to the beginning of the ritual exercise (awele settings), if the individual doesn’t have a chi temple and its necessary owing to his chi, the temple must be instituted prior to the awele.

      If the person hasn’t done his agwụ nsi, it must be done prior to the awele

      (Agwụ nsi…coming soon……)

      These are necessary to help ritual effect’s thus these are messengers, spirit forces that help ritual results. Each of the above is capable of causing a hold-up or destruction to the awele irrespective who did it and items used.

      The dibịa is left with no option than to follow their directives hence he is working for their subject.

      When you are done with the items mentioned on orie day, you make sacrifices of a white ram.

      On afọ day, you begin again and have to round up sacrificing a White ram.

      Nkwọ day would be the last day that will see the presence of the client who has to be present (if he wish) for the final ritual perfection – iwake awele.

      If he is not around perhaps can’t make it to the temple, the ritual hold on, to be completed at his residence on arrival.

      This ritual (iwake awele) is very important and happens to be the most important part of the exercise hence it is this period that the initiation takes place. This is when the awele has to observe his owner.

      The White ram sacrifice (iwake awele) will be done accordingly, owing to the kind of awele one does.

      Here we enter another stage of awele discussion.

      To do ọkụ awele or oke ite awele is of two different.

      We have ọkụ and oke ite awele that require blood ( human) sacrifices for ritual effects and another that doesn’t require human blood sacrifices for ritual effects.

      The one that asked for human blood sacrifices, the materials during preparation involve male
      and female organs.

      Nowadays, its not necessarily we kill someone to help this exercise, every organ is sold in the market. Be it human or animal, they are sold in the market. We just get it ready for ritual perfection.

      **** Ọkụ AWELE WHITE RAM (No human blood sacrifices)*****

      Awele white ram without human blood sacrifices doesn’t asked for human organs during preparation. As such, it can’t demand for human blood sacrifices in the future. This is why we only do it with White ram and nothing more unlike the other that asked for human blood sacrifices. This awele can be kept inside your room (unlike others). It permits another person’s entrance. Should you keep the awele inside your room, it must face the entrance of the room (because this is a spirit that attract success, that’s to say: it goes out to come back at his will).

      A woman is not allowed to touch it especially when on her menstrual circle. While sweeping, be careful not to touch or use broom on its body. No one should walk over the awele.

      It shouldn’t touch on the ground but hang a bit on the wall.(better keep your awele in a private room for safety and for quality services). You owe your awele monthly sacrifices with a white ram. This awele also accept white fowl known as Leghorn. The white fowl can be used for other ritual purposes not for the monthly sacrifices.

      This awele does’t have ọfọ and do not have anything to do with ọfọ.

      ( Ọfọ…..coming soon)

      You pray for your awele with kolanut for every ritual exercise unlike others below which don’t accept kolanut prayers.


      This takes human for ritual effects. Because it asked for human blood sacrifices, you owe him monthly white ram sacrifices for ritual perfection, getting what you want. If it’s done with white ram, that’s to say, it must be sacrificed with a white ram monthly.

      You don’t have to worry about the person he might take at his will. That is not your business. One thing with oke ite awele white ram and other oke ite awele that require human blood sacrifices for ritual perfection is that its not your responsibility to provide these sacrificial lamb for them. Its left for him to choose by himself. His subject which can’t be you no matter what happens. Though in most cases, it has to do within your family circle!

      You must be very careful to make sacrifices same day every month. That’s to say, if the ritual was first done on the 3rd of March, on 3rd of April you must perform the next ritual (continues every month). Never miss a day and month of the sacrifices for ritual effects.

      It requires a temple (private room where only you have access to).
      Each day before you enter inside the room, you must knock on the door.
      Whenever you wish to make sacrifices, you must put on an incense, white candle wax, nkwụ ọcha and the white ram.

      The ritual because its done ones in every month, same date, you may choose to visit the room once monthly.


      This is most powerful among all awele and this is why it can’t be done inside ọkụ but oke ite. It pull money like river!
      It is done and renewed with a black dog monthly like White ram (all details given in the oke ite White ram are applicable here).

      The different here has to do with the animal. The same way you make a private room which restrict another persons entrance to WHITE RAM AWELE is applicable here. No other person should see this awele if not you alone. Thus is the very reason why it requires a private temple (private room). If another person mistakenly sees it, he/she can’t leave the room alive. For security reasons, make a sacred room for your awele. Others are doing it, you can do it. Almost one third of rich people have awele and still harm none.


      The only difference here is the animal and rate of pulling money to the owner. Beside these, they all have same rules and directives. This is the third in the group.


      Oke ite Awele black pussycat does not only serve financial purposes but also work perfect on witchcraft. These awele are all powerful and great but this is deadly owing to her operations. This is why we have some fraternities in our society today who have their powers based on this particular awele.

      This very awele also accepts human sacrifices if you wish to make human sacrifices but it must be stated prior to the settings.
      When done, it now serves greater than awele and awele purposes but more like a deity though all awele are deities of money. But here, it serves extraordinary owing to material involved.

      Get to know that Awele do not go with ofo.

      That’s to say, there are certain prayer’s you are not expected to say before awele thus it has no ofo. Awele doesn’t talk Peace and can’t accept a peace talk. All it requires are assignments that have to do with go-getter!

      With awele, you can do many things and stand to be protected day and night against attack.

      Awele are safer among every other blood money rituals which is why we feel pleased to make it known to the people.

      Other ritual directives helping your awele to serve you better will be made known to you on demand.

      Oku Awele white ram (without human blood sacrifices) – $1,050
      Delivery within Nigeria 5,000 naira.
      International – Contact us for shipping options.

      Oke ite awele white ram, white duck, black pussycat and black dog – $2,400.
      Delivery within Nigeria 5,000 naira.
      International – Contact us for shipping options.


      Then contact the Grand Master for ritual perfection and Delivery.

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        Can this be stop by anything?


          Does Awele work for Everybody?


            <p style=”text-align: left;”>Good afternoon my grandmaster.</p>
            <p style=”text-align: left;”>I have a few question regarding the Oku Awele white ram( without human blood) ritual.</p>
            1. After the first ritual, can the subsequent ones be done in the absence of the initiator? Assuming the person travels out of the country, how can the sacrifice continue?

            2. Can the sacrificing stop at any time? Or is it a life long journey? .

            3. Are there any negative effects on the persons family?

            Thanks you so much for sharing this wonderful knowledge with us.

                <li style=”text-align: right;”>How much to prepare oku ite awele and will I still have my chi

                Hw can I get the oku awele Ocha without human sacrifice? And also I want to do my chi . I need ur contact!!

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