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      Chi (Spirit Guide) – What You Need To Know!

      Time has reached for us to tell the world the truth because the day of light has broken. The bells of truth are ringing. We’re not going to waste time in opening the story to the whole world. Ignorance is the greatest enemy of mankind. If you don’t know what you’re suppose to know due to ignorance, then you shouldn’t do what you’re supposed to do.

      For example, you that is reading this message right now. If you don’t know that you’re the son or daughter of let’s say Okorie, it’s going to be difficult for you to accept or go to Okorie as your father. That’s why when you look at the life of a child, you’ll see that a child has most trust where his/her parents are than where the parents’ siblings and relatives are.

      What is the mystery behind this? The mystery behind this is because the child has been made to understand that this person is his/her father and that person is his/her mother. This is made possible by the love and affection given to the child by the parents. The parents protects the child and makes sure he/she is always secured and taken care of. When the child is hungry, and he/she cries out, the parents runs coming to give the child food.

      All these things the parents are doing for the child shows that the parents care and love the child. This makes it possible for the child when grown up has more trust on the parents more than any other person in the world.

      As we said earlier, the time has come for us to let the truth out to the whole world. Time has come to reverse all the false teachings taught to the human race by Christendom. It’s about time we open the ears of every man and woman with the truth. The time is now, to tell the truth as it is both in the land of the living and the land of spirit because human being is a spirit. Therefore, we must know the unknown!

      The only thing you see when you go to the spirit world where human originated is the truth. Nothing else. That is why whenever we talk about human being in Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo, we must go with the truth. We must run away from falsehood because it’s what causes the most demarcation between human and spirits.

      Today, our teaching is going to be centered around ‘Chi’ (Spirit Guide).

      Many times, people may be asking who is Chi?, what is Chi? Yes, a good question, but you’ve to know what is Chi before you can know who is Chi.

      Firstly, to know who is Chi, we have to know what is Chi. Chi is nothing but a spirit. We saw Chi in the spirit. When we get to the spirit world, you’ll see a lot of spirits. In all honesty, like I said earlier, as it stands in the spirit, it’s all about truth. Spirit is truth and truth is spirit. In the land of the spirit, there is nothing like deceit or falsehood.

      So, if I say let’s go to the spirit, we’re going with the truth. When you get to the spirit where truth reigns, you’ll discover that not all spirits are Chi (Spirit Guide).

      Chi is a name given to spirits that have higher hierarchy more than other spirits in the spirit world. Spirit is a name given to everything (immortals) that is not human being but look like humans both in the land of the living and the spirits.

      However, Chi is used to refer to all the spirits that has higher ranking than other spirits in the spirit world. Chi is an Igbo language. Igbo language is the language given to us, the Igbo’s by the spirits to use to communicate between ourselves because we see ourselves as siblings with same parents.

      The same Igbo language made us to understand that we have ‘Chi Ukwu’ (High spirit) and ‘Chi Nta’ (Smaller spirit). This is to tell you, yes you that is reading this message right now that all spirits are not equal. Now, who is ‘Chi Ukwu’? and who is ‘Chi Nta’?

      Chi Ukwu are all the spirits with the highest hierarchy among all the spirits. Remember, we previously told you that all spirits are not Chi, but all Chi are spirits. Now, we’re letting you know that Chi Ukwu exists among the many spirits.

      Likewise, Chi Nta are all the Chi that are not Chi Ukwu. Which means that amongst all the Chi in the spirit world, Chi Nta are all the smaller spirits that are not Chi Ukwu.

      You now see who is Chi. You should also by now understand why Igbo tell you that Mmadu abughi Chi (Human being is not spirit). You know, a lot people speak Igbo language and many hear the language as well, but not everyone really understands the Igbo language.

      How can someone know anything if he/she doesn’t understand the language he/she speaks or hears. This is why we need to open up to the world and let the people understand the real truth through our forum teachings at Light House of Wisdom where it happens!; house of truth, where we have guidance from the spirits. This is why we say, ‘Angel’s Guide’.

      At Light House of Wisdom, the spirits guide everything we say and do. We don’t just say things because we want to say it. It’s the spirit that gives go ahead to say or do anything before we can now proceed. Whatever you say goes with you, that’s why we always go with the truth.

      You now see why Igbo will say that Chi nile abughi otu (All spirits are not same). This is because there are a lot of spirits. If there is only one Chi, then Igbo will not tell you that all spirits are not same.

      I’m not telling you what is said in the Bible or what is said in the Quran. Either am I telling you the way it was told in Malaysia or Kuwait, etc. What I’m telling you originates from the foundation of Igbo as a son of Igbo soil. So that you know what you’re suppose to know, thereby distancing yourself from ignorance and foolishness.

      I have said, the worst thing that can happen to you is being in ignorant of what you’re supposed to know – the real truth, probably as a result of the many false teachings of Christendom. Distance yourself from ignorance because it’s very bad. Ignorance is a disease, but the ignorant does not know this.

      Chi abughi otu (All spirits are not same) is because there are many spirits. This is the reason why your spirit guide is not my spirit guide. Your father’s spirit guide is different from your mother’s spirit guide and likewise your own.

      However, there is Chi Ukwu, the greatest amongst all the Chi that exists. It’s the spirit we know as the one that laid the foundation for the creation of heaven and earth. It’s Him we know as the one who laid the foundation for the creation of human and likewise everything that exists in the world today, both the things we see and do not see and things we know and do not know.

      The question now is, why is this Chi Ukwu the highest ranked spirit among all the Chi in the spirit world that made it possible for Him to lay the foundation for everything that existed today. Is it because He is the eldest amongst all the Chi or because He, Chi Ukwu is fair in complexion and the rest are dark or what really?

      Let’s visit the land of the spirits; Here We stand with wisdom. Wisdom is life and truth. We’re in the presence of wisdom right now. We’re interacting with wisdom right now. It’s showing us things we’re supposed to know.

      Wisdom told us to come to her in Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo and she will tell us the truth. Wisdom is truth. Wisdom and truth go together. Truth and wisdom is one and same. Therefore, anybody that needs wisdom must rely truth. Anybody needs understanding must lean towards the truth all the time.

      Relying only on the truth on the word of wisdom makes it possible for us to be together with wisdom. Wisdom tells it to us just the way it is from the creation of the world in order to help our existence in this world.

      Begins incantations;

      Who leads me? The spirit leads me. Who leads me? The spirit leads me. Ezumezu the great! I greet the heavens and the earth. I greet those that led me to earth. I greet all the spirits that guide me in Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo; the gods and goddesses.

      I greet the spirit, Ezumezu the most powerful! What the eye sees is what I beg that I be able to decipher. Spirits are powerful. Those that saw it just the way it was in truth because what we say is not in vain as we saw the way it happens just the way the spirits tell us. Truthfully, wisdom we stand in your presence right now.

      We greet everything we see in your presence and everything that lives with you. We’re nothing but messengers. The reason we came is so that we be able to answer questions put forth to us because you told us to tell the world the truth and nothing but the truth.

      We’re in the house of truth and we stand in the words of wisdom. We stand under your guidance, ndi ike na ndi ikenga, Ezumezu the great! It’s you people that are spirits and human as well. We call upon you people as we’re going on Eke, Orie, Afo and Nkwo. And we beg that you always tell us the truth. That you don’t hide anything from us because there is nothing hidden in this temple. We saw and we speak what we see in truth to tell the people as it happens. That the creator of the universe who is referred to as Chukwu Okike Abiama (Most High).

      The person that you get to know very well when you get close to Him is a spirit greater than other spirits whose dwelling is in the heavens; Osebuluwa, Olisabuluwa. We saw Him as the greatest of all the spirits.

      The spirit that used wisdom to visit those who live in wisdom in the house of wisdom, and now told them, “let’s create the world and everything therein”. Many of the spirits He spoke to agreed with Him while many more disagreed.

      Those that agreed with him, saw the light and joined the light and there was light because previously all we see is darkness. As a result of believing in the directive of wisdom is line with the truth, we were able to see the light.

      Under the directive of Chukwu Okike Abiama (Most High), He made it possible for there to be light through his spoken words. And as the light shown brighter, there was a big demarcation between light and darkness.

      It’s in this word that the truth rests. This is how the creation came to be and how everything started in this world, and we have heaven and earth. We stand on wisdom and truth to let you know how the world was created.

      This is why we let you know that all spirits are same just like all gods, but amongst all the spirits, we have Chi Ukwu. This Chi Ukwu made it possible for other spirits to be Chi Nta in other to show His wisdom as the ruler.

      This is why we know all spirits as Dibia, but Chi Ukwu as Eze Dibia. All spirits are powerful because the spirits are powerful. This is truth as it happens in the land of the spirits. This is why we tell the whole world the truth. Let no one deceive you! Let everyone run away from falsehood and deceit to avoid regret.

      Remember, we’re still on the teachings of Chi. The bell of truth is ringing! Time have reached for us to tell the world the way it happens both in the land of the living and that of the spirits. Let us now know who is your Chi and who is my Chi.

      To know who is your Chi and who is my Chi, let’s go back to the creation. In creation, we saw that humans are messengers. We also saw that humans are spirits. We likewise saw that there are heavens and earth.

      After the creation of the world by the spirits, it was made possible that there are things of creation that are only seen physical, which is earth. We then have heavens. After the creation, the Most High now said that He will live in the heavens and leave the earth in the hands of the angels to take care of things and humans therein.

      It’s because of this, He said during the creation, come let’s create man in our own image and likeness. When the spirits gathered, because he is in charge, he then bent down to draw man. This spirits that were with him gathered around Him.

      When they all gathered, He then began to draw man. You that’s reading this right now, hope you understand this. He drew man on top of the soil of the land. After drawing man, He made him look like Him and the spirits that gathered with Him.

      Remember, I told you He bent down to draw man. After drawing man in their image and likeness, he now bent down and through His mouth breath into him the breadth of life through that place where he drew the opening for nose.

      This is how that thing which He drew on ground came to breath the breadth of life and from there rose up from the ground. As he rises, so does the sand used in drawing him turn into flesh. Take a moment to read that again so you really understand how man came to be today.

      After this, Him, the Most High and all the other spirits with him were happy and they called that which they just created ‘mma nke ndu’ that is mmadu (human being). He called him mma nke ndu meaning the beauty of life! – Mma nke ndu m kere eke! (the beauty of life that I created!).

      After this creation, all the spirits dispersed. We’re still on the teachings of Chi. There are a lot of spirits just like there are many gods. So to help creatures, time without number, the creators will send some spirits to the world as human to help a particular mission. They tell you what to do when you arrive the world, in human form.

      “We have created the grass, trees, sun, moon, rivers, air and several other things in the earth to help your mission on earth. So, you have to go”.

      For example, your mission may be to help heal individuals suffering from different ailments in the world. Therefore, if you see someone who is sick, they tell you; you see this grass, yes, take it and boil it and give to the sick.
      If a person is suffering from this, get that leaf, grind it, give it to him/her.
      This is how they send you to the world for a purpose. In the same way, you’re provided with Chi edu m uwa (guardian spirit/Angel) that will be with you, guide and help your mission in this world so it becomes a success. You now see how we have different Chi that comes with us to this world.

      This is what we call Chi edum uwa (guardian angel). This is how it happens in the land of the spirits concerning human and spirit because human is spirit.

      This is why, when human came to earth, his spirit is taken through that foundation which was laid a long time ago, through that creation that took place that made it possible for a man to be, through whom the ribs was taken to create a woman. This man and woman are now told to go to the world to procreate.

      Now, when guardian angels came to the world to help humans, they did so through that same foundation of creation that was laid a long time ago. You now see how humans are spirits as well. How human came to earth through same foundation that was already there a long time ago.

      Therefore, when human came, we now say that he/she is born by a man and woman after an intercourse.

      To clear the minds of the ignorant, thus ofeke often get confused.
      To understand this truth and foundation.
      T here was a time when it seemed like nothing can be done to redeem mankind from original sin (committed by the first created man and woman). What was their sin?
      Their disobedient to the command of their creator brought about possible death against immortality.
      That was how they lost immortal life.
      To redeem the promised, there must be a blood sacrifices by human being.
      The sacrificial lamb (the body of the sacrifice) must be unblemished.
      The question remains, who will it be?
      It seems impossible to find one hence all human (spirit messengers) was born through intercourse.
      Now, if any man or woman were to pay the price with his/her life, it won’t be accepted hence imperfection.

      This was when a message was sent to that woman called Mary, that she will conceive through the power of the spirit. Not through the help of any man as it’s the case on earth. These are things that when you’re reading with the help of the spirit, you’ll have absolute understanding. This is to tell you that humans are spirit.

      So, that woman, Mary came to be pregnant. Who was she pregnant with? – the only son of that Chi Ukwu, who that was already agreed in spirit that he will be a sacrifice to the world. The reason we must bring out all these details is to let you know that truth is life and can never be hidden. This is a separate truth on its own and we will revisit it again in detail with time.

      Therefore, after this agreement, which came to be through man and woman, when the child comes to the world, his world will be opened up to him when he come to know his true mission on earth.

      How will the child know his mission on this world you ask? If you ask me, I’ll tell you that the spirits are most powerful, and everything is made complete through their power. We all dream, and dreams is one of the many ways through which a person can know himself. We’ll talk more about dreams in due time.

      Spirits and human interact through sounds. And this is one of the ways through which any man can know himself. Spirits and human interact through things that can be seen.

      Mystery – sometimes someone sees signs telling him that things are not right; that something is happening. This is also one of the ways through which man and spirit can interact for him to know himself.

      All these things are what you meditate upon in other to know who you really are. Now that you want to know who you’re, you can’t do that if you don’t know who your ‘Chi edu m uwa’ is. I hope you still remember who we said is your ‘Chi edu m u’ _ ‘Guardian Angel’?

      These things have been made to be so in the land of the spirits. Therefore, for you to come to the world and abandon your Chi edu m uwa is calling calamity upon your life. It’s so because your Chi edu m uwa is the person that was assigned to come to the world with you in other to guide you.

      When you abandon your Chi, you’re empty and anything can happen to you. This is when someone can be said to be ignorantly foolish ( Ofeke). Anything you do proves abortive. Do what others are doing to be successful and you won’t succeed.

      This sees you crying every time and asking why always me. Oh.. you don’t know? It’s because you abandoned your Chi!
      Here comes the saying “onye bute Chi ya uzo, o gbagbuo onwe ya n’oso. Truly, ignorant is a killer.

      To know your Chi (spirit guide), it’s left for you to conclude that things are not going the way it’s supposed to go and it’s time to look for what is really happening to you. When you start having these thoughts and it’s giving you sleepless nights, your Chi now sees you’re drawing closer to wisdom and begins to give you directions to go little by little.

      When you go to Okeke and tell him, he gives you a little assistance. That Okeke you went to is made possible through the guidance of spirits and not by your own making. Because you’re now seeking for wisdom, they will help you.

      That is why when you’re reading the Bible, you’ll see where it was written that you should seek, that you shall find. You now see it? Then when you start seeking, it’s then the spirits begin showing you directions.

      You go to Mgborie and tell her, she tells you what to do and you do it. Because you’ve concluded to seek, when you start seeking, you do so through wisdom in the spoken words that you were told. This is how you run to the person that will help and save you. And then you’ll be told this is what you should do.

      Furthermore, when you start seeking, because you’ve distanced yourself from your Chi, and no longer in good terms with your Chi, a priest will now step in to make peace between you and your Chi. Do you know all these?
      Truly ignorant is bad!

      Do you know that as you’re now, there is a problem you’ll have with your mother or father and this same problem has been there for long, say months to years? Do you know that it’s not easy for you to go to your father or mother and tell either that you want to make peace? Hope you know it’s not that easy.

      Therefore, any day you come to terms with yourself and decide to make peace with either your father or your mother, you go to your father’s or mother’s friend. That person you know that it’s in good terms with your father or mother to help you broker peace with either of your parent.

      You tell the person that you’re tired of this quarrel between you and your father or mother, that you no longer have peace of mind and want to make amends with them. You now see that wisdom has entered?

      This is same way you go to a priest/priestess and tell him/her, I’ve really suffered and ask for help. You tell Him; things are not going well for me, my life is like a living there’s no tomorrow, I want to know my Chi, please help me!

      He will now tell you; let’s call upon your Chi (spirit guide) and you agreed. Then preparations will start on the process to make your Chi known to you.

      Yes, it will require preparations because when you go to your father’s or mother’s friend/kinsman/relative and seek for his help to make peace with your father or mother, he doesn’t just tell you to go that the problem is already solved – No!

      Rather he tells you to come back in a later date, and that he will first talk to your father or mother in the meantime. He then talks to your father or mother and arranges a date when everyone will gather to settle the problem.

      This is same way it is in the spirit – arrangement is made with your Chi through the help of the priest-dibia (native doctor/High Priest) in charge and a later date is given for you to come to settle the matter.

      When your Chi (spirit guide) is contacted, he will tell the Dibia things to do and get in preparations for the reconciliation. You know, when dibia is mentioned, people think it’s someone that does evil things – No! Dibia is nothing but a messenger like you. A mediator to the humans and the spirits.

      You must know that all spirits are dibia, but Chi Ukwu (Most High) remains the highest dibia of all: the very reason we call him eze dibia.

      Your Chi is contacted because he is the first person in charge of whatever happens to you in life whether good or bad; thus, the Igbo name Chibuzo.

      This is what leads to the creation of Okwu Chi (Chi temple) for you. This is where there will be a covenant between you and your Chi.

      To be continued…
      Click to read more on okwu chi _ chi temple

      Okwu Chi – Chi Temple

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        I really want to know my chi and reconcile with him/her


          I really want to know my chi

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