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Grand Master

    Good morning. I am not a mariner but I have issues with a stubborn marine spouse, A Queen of coast that always comes to make marriage proposal to me in dreams. She used to come with lots of people like her guards or relatives. She sleeps in my room attimes cos when I sleep I do see her with me on my bed in the same room I’m sleeping physically, even though I’m not seeing her physically. My mom recently told me she saw someone sleeping on my bed with me and came with a little girl child too. This is a spirit I see half human half fish at times in dreams with guards or maidens attending to her, and attimes we see ourselves playing in a large body of water like the sea or big river. I’m passing through some difficulties but I’m sure she’s not the reason although she offered to help if I eventually give her my heart and marry her. People said I need to fast and pray and break any covenant between us so that I’ll be able to marry and I won’t have problem with my marriage, but I did that attimes, only for her to come back and  I wondered if she’s ever going to leave me. What do you think?

    Odogwu Akataaka (Grand Master)
    Dear I have to tell you the truth you should know to help yourself leave a better life, happy, successful and enjoy longevity on earth. The truth I know I must make known to you.
    Before I say anything, I have to first of all acknowledge the fact that you truly understood you being as a mariner. As a result, can’t deny the reason behind the experience as detailed.
    Been a mariner as you are is the reason why you have a marine wife. Get to know that.
    Even when you said she has been disturbing, pleading you to accept to marry her. But then, I tell you, you are already in the marriage. Get the point and the truth known.

    I hate lies and deception. I hate it when people are been deceived or choose to deceive themselves.
    For your information, the child you often see or was been told about that comes with the lady is your own child not a stranger.
    You has a child in marine world with your marine wife. Before your report, as a mariner and a marine priest, upon angels guide, I had given a tutorial in this topic which you can read at your leisure time.
    Why You Have A spiritual Wife/Husband: The Truth None Has Told You – Light House of Wisdom

    Why You Have A spiritual Wife/Husband: The Truth None Has Told You

    Still on your case, I ask you accept the true fact that you are a mariner not by mistake but by divine. Therefore, stop running away from your shadow for its only a fool does it.
    I am not going to talk about those who have asked you to fast and pray, or have tried fasting and praying for you. You yourself can better tell the result so far. Was it successfully? Does it stop the effects? Does it stop her from coming to you? Does the fast and prayers made her forgot you? Were you delivered as said?

    The Truth you know and practice sets you free. This is why we keep telling people the truth so that they know and be free.
    Still on the truth and reality, you must be a man. Have understanding of your world to help you rule your world. Every mariner has a marine spouse. Take this from me. Therefore stop crying foul.

    Did you not run to me for spiritual assistance and counciling?
    But I tell you as a mariner and a marine priest that I have a marine wife.

    You see one thing my dear. The truth about life and activities of life is that things happens to us the way we have understanding and dealings with things. Just like the igbo adage that says, ka onye si aṅaa ụkwa ka ụkwa si aṅaa ya.

    Even when you marry a wife and keep at home. Refusing to take knowledge of her, she won’t be happy with you. Should you except her to be happy, you are just deceiving yourself for she wont be happy likewise when she is not doing her best to make you proud as a wife. It’s high time we gain understanding of the truth and stop deceiving ourselves over spirituality for things of the spirits has no confusion (even though ofeke thinks otherwise).

    Many has cases such as yours, presently and in the past. Some have dealt with theirs in truthful manner, having positive results that made it the past while some ignores the truth and have to continue suffering the effects making it present and future.

    I ask you make peace with her, accept her being and the union to help your earthly mission. You aren’t doing better and she is not happy. The very reason she asked you accept her to help permit. She need your permission to help your success. It’s a spiritual mandate and you can’t do without her. I repeat, you can’t do without her.

    Do you know why?
    We have many forces that has to do with our destinies as I have explained earlier at light house of wisdom where knowledge rules.

    We have our chi _ guardian angel whom we known as chi edu m ụwa. This is a spirit that was assigned to you in the realm of spirit before birth to help oversee your earthly mission. He has parts to play different from your realm of origin (who are like key to your life and movement) here on earth. They control your destiny!
    The destiny is the reason they permit your chi.

    Now, we talk about your marine spouse. The marine spouse is another helper, a destiny helper who help in supervision. She /he at the cause of duty, because she loves and cares may make one demand or another. Here, the demand doesn’t matter even though. Don’t your earthly wife make demands? What about your earthly friends, doesn’t he/she makes demand?.
    So what’s the difference when your marine spouse asked for something that pleases her? So it doesn’t matter her demand but your understanding over the demand: that’s what matters. The reason people are suffering today. Ignorant!

    Because of her spiritual powers, she has the ability to delay or put sand sand for your garri. That’s to say, delaying your destiny when you aren’t in peace, agreement and accord with her. This is where wisdom set in.
    Been in marriage with her peacefully doesn’t refused you from getting married today or tomorrow to any earthly woman of your choice. But then, through ritual sacrifices which is known as peace and unity (i dị n’otu na n’otú), you have her permits and enjoy your world as nature permit. No spirit works agains nature over mankind. Its only possible upon our spiritual ignorance.

    Wisdom asked you to acknowledge these spiritual being.
    You may ask.
    Through spiritual sacrifeces!

    Its not enough to know, say or understand you are a mariner.
    No, it’s not enough when you can’t do the necessary.
    This is why I often says, the truth you know and practice, sets your free.

    Its because our knowledge asked for actions.

    This is why it’s said “blessed are those who knows themselves”.
    Man know yourself!
    First thing!

    When you do, next: YOU MIND YOURSELF!

    When you mind yourself, it’s then you have to disregard looking at me perhaps to do as I do.
    You aren’t me and I am not you.
    Don’t seek to know more about me and activities going on with me the moment you should mind yourself. Such is a path of ofeke leading to ruin.

    Everyone with his up and down hence our individual destinies.
    Do you know or have you been told that our destiny aren’t the same?

    If it’s true that our destiny aren’t same because it’s true, that’s to say there is a possibility that the force behind our individual destinies asked for different sacrifices. This is why you must mind yourself. What I did to protect my destiny must be different from what you have to do to protect yours.

    Pay your dues as your world demand to champion your course. Stop deceiving yourself.

    Haven said the truth I know as a truth sayer, marine priest and a mariner. I wish you get knowledge and understanding of your world to help you rule your world.

    Don’t run away from your responsibility. Ife anaghị eme na nkịtị – things don’t just happen for nothing. To make things happen, there must be a cause.

    You have a prize to pay for your destiny to make manifest. No successful man or woman on earth who didn’t pay his/her prize. The prize in spirit realm is known as sacrifices.
    Sacrifices causes effects!
    No tree that stand gidigbam without roots.

    Going down the roots you don’t just see a root but many roots. Among them are tap root. Our chi is like a tap root while other forces are the roots that stand with the tap root (round about the tree).

    Its not only the tap root that helps a tree to withstand breeze and winds when it blows but by the help of other roots, it stand gidigbam.

    Other root can’t help stand the tree alone without the tap root this is why even when you cut off every other root, you have to dig deep finding the tap root before the tree falls.

    Its ignorant to say eye is nothing because you have a leg. It’s foolish to assume mouth is more important than the nose. When you say I don’t need a tongue, it’s because you lack knowledge of spoken words.
    All the organs and parts that makes the body are useful and none should be neglected.

    Sometimes we feel pains in some part of the body. That result alone simply tells us this part has been at work. Be wise not to neglect response. Treat the part with caution to help it continue its duty otherwise it keep suffering you.

    Don’t just say its a worthless or useless left hand or left leg and have to ignore it. No, but then, respond to it with treatment. This is like when we get disturbed from a marine spouse or from the ancestors or from a deity as found in our hometown. If they have nothing to do with you and your destiny, they won’t call for disturbances. Therefore, you must do your best to respond to their disturbances when matter arises. The moment you done with, they report with happiness. Giving support to make life better for you. This is wisdom and the truth you sought for.
    Be wise to help you rule your word. Wisdom is profitable to direct.
    Get knowledge, in all your get, get understanding of the truth.
    More light on your path as angels guide us all.

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