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      Godwin Agada:
      Thanks a million for your eye-opening lectures GGM. May the gods and goddesses grant you long life so you can continue your good work for humanity.
      If a mariner does his/her marine settlement, can that settlement cover the children that will come as mariners or such settlement would be done for the children individually in the future?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      To know what marine settlement settles is to know what brought about marine settlement. This question is so important hence many don’t understand why we must make a marine settlement.

      Now, understand that we make a settlement because there is a case. Isn’t it?
      Without having a case, you won’t be sitting with anyone, human or spirit to discuss or talk about peace and unity among one another. It’s because there’s a case between a nation that the people have to gather and talk for peace and unity to coexist.

      It’s only when there’s a case in the family that an outsider must come in to make peace for mother and son or sons and father.
      Without a case, there will be no call for peace settlement. So, when we talk about marine ritual settlement, it’s because we human has gone contrary to the will of the spirits

      Because I am a mariner or because you are a mariner, haven gone contrary to agreement done or had before your earthly existence, you must be punished. When this punishment takes effect, our world begins to turn upside down. We lose joy and happiness. We lose peace of mind, success and progress. We become poor and suffer in anything we put hands. We have no reason to live and feel life in us.

      When you see these, the heat are coming from spirits who has assignment, works to do with us (helping our earthly mission).
      When it’s found to be true, we plead for forgiveness. We ask them to forgive and seek for unity. We begin to negotiate, talk peace and have peace talk.
      Ka agbaghara ma dịkwa n’otu na n’otú

      Don’t mind what you are been told in the churches. When I said all pastors are fools in spiritual matters, I know what am talking about. This world where you are functions not by believe but by the truth. When you were taught to believe this and disbelief that, it’s deception hence that your belief or disbelief do not mean reality. Therefore, you must know what you should know. Know your world and how these things work.

      If you are a mariner and been suffered as a result of mariners, that’s because you have something to do with them. If I should ask, who is a Nigerian living in Nigeria and has not gone or visited Japan that pays tithe to Japan government?
      Is it possible?

      I have not been to Jamaica, I didn’t marry a Jamaican and has nothing to do with Jamaica government, will they come after me to claim any right of ownership or whatsoever in our world today?
      Is not possible!

      Therefore, if you are been suffered as a mariner, its simply because you are a marine. Did you not say you are, or you were a Christian? The Christ you claimed you know came from heaven for a mission. He had never been disturbed by mariners hence he was not one of them.
      He only had to take permission from them to help his earthly mission before hands. The very reason he begged John to immerse him with water.

      When John refused, he insisted knowing that without water permit (without the permission of mariners) he could find it impossible to fulfil the mission on earth.
      It’s because water body rule and control the activities of this world.

      All that you see here on earth today comes from water. The great engineers and doctors. Great lawyers and Kings. All are mariners!

      Those of you who are mariners knows what am taking about. You know that the finest and beautiful as seen on earth today first exist and come from water. This is why you have to feel the spirit of water to help your success on earth. They help life and longevity. Who lives on earth without water?

      Life is not possible on earth without water. When you go for marine settlement, you have seen reason for the settlement. This reason excludes your sons and daughters as seen on ancestral course discussed earlier. Your marine settlement has to do with you and your marine people. Gị na ndị òtù mmiri, ọgbọ na uke!

      When we plead them, they accept and cease operations, cease fire and turn to help our mission. When this is done, we begin to feel life and positive change.

      Let me talk further on this. Because ignorant has dealt with mankind so much that many don’t know their left from their right. Your peace settlement with mariners doesn’t mean “you have nothing to do with them again”.

      Just like some of you would think and say. I have done my marine settlement, I did it in 2004. I did it in 2010. I did it 3 years ago.
      Ofeke ajoka!

      Now, let me tell us what we should know being the truth. If you had gone for your marine ritual settlement and it was accepted because it’s not a must it has to be accepted pending who led you and your mindset (state of mind by which you visited). You shall keep fit rituals to help the light shining on your path. Haven said this, it’s ignorant you keep deceiving yourself assuming the ritual settlement done last year, last month or 2 years ago are enough to stay tuned. Not at all!
      Our people would say, agwọwa nsị̀ ka o doo anya, onye osee ebula bata. That’s to say, when important matters are been discussed, let not be any room for confusion.
      This is your life and your world, therefore, make it great. To achieve this, it calls for true knowledge of spirituality. Know what you should know and do what you should do.

      Furthermore, in some cases, because of the deception, lies and falsehood told by the religious leaders: many minds are filled with corruption against the spirits.

      This is why you see someone who agrees to make peace settlement with the mariners not because he need them as supposed but because he/she understands that such ritual assignments because it was said to be settlement asked for her freedom from marine world.

      Now he/she has accepted, he took to heart that he has nothing to do with them again. Okay, the priest said all the items cost 30.000 naira.

      Let me pay these evil spirits and be free from their torment: he says.
      At least they leave me to get married and stop disturbing my peace: she keeps saying.

      Have you seen a reason he/she accepts the exercise? The priest might be ignorant of your thought not the spirits. Because the spirits search the heart and knows our mind, this could lead to failure for the sacrifices.

      Another thing which could led to rejection of marine ritual settlement no matter what was bought and brought before them and how it was done is the priest in charge. Therefore, you must be careful who lead you in spiritual matters. Many are called, few are chosen!

      I have said it earlier in one of my discussion that mariners are most jealous even though all spirits are filled with jealousy.
      Spirits are jealous!!
      Mariners rarely accept from those who are not theirs. I don’t know why but this we found to be true and it happens. Perhaps they understand their perfect nature, having it all.
      This is why it takes a marine priest /priestess for marine rituals. Some truthful priest would tell you the truth saying, go to Ọzọkwere agụ for marine ritual. I shall undertake the rest.
      Though you may not understand and ask why. It is because he is not a mariner and have found out that his marine rituals have not been successful so far.

      He has to stop for the good of the people and his safety hence its even dangerous for a true priest who is not a mariner to take a mariner to marine for ritual settlement or consult mariners to accept ritual sacrifices meant for a mariner.

      It’s like Igbo tradition where we say that this person is osu. An osu is forbidden in the community on certain things which has to do with right of the son of the soil.

      This is how mariners sees priest who aren’t mariners when they stand for a mariner on marine ritual settlement. Same is applicable to a marine priest that visit other realm for an assignment that has to do with someone from that realm.
      The gods are wise!

      So, when you visit a priest and he says, I don’t do this, don’t force him. He knows what he said. Don’t say he is a coward or a learner. He knows himself and his limitations more than you do.
      Most people think been a dibịa means you will know all and do all things, forgetting that spirituality has to do with powers/knowledge of the truth. Without haven powers, backups, forces behind your mission, you are nobody and nothing.

      You don’t pick up herbs and cause a healing. Forces behind your mission makes it possible, otherwise you find out that the herbs which you know causes healing now kills.
      The gods could better use it in reverse to suffer, disgrace and humiliate you.
      Ọ butere gị uke.
      People now said and accused you of killing. You open your mouth in awe. Yes, you have good intentions of healing, but the result is in reverse. This is the very reason we consult them before taken off duty.
      Institute your chi!
      Your chi temple _ Okwu Chi is the first and starting point.
      The guardian angel who was assigned to you. Give him a place for worship and communication, this is known and called okwu chi.
      Okwu Chi – Chi Temple – Light House of Wisdom

      Okwu Chi – Chi Temple

      When you come to a palace, the king is not found everywhere in the palace even though the Palace belongs to the king. The king instead has his seat and place of the king. This is where he is found all the time, we call it his throne.

      So, your okwu chi _ chi temple doesn’t mean really the plant, sand, clay pot and other sacred items are now the spirits. Not at all but it’s a centre of communion, communication, contact and engagement. It’s the temple, a sacred place and aaa point of focus!
      This is where ritual, communion, oaths was taken, causing unity and oneness between you and your chi _ guardian angel.

      Each time you look at the temple, you remember your chi. Just like the Israelites and the ark of covenant. The ark wasn’t the Adonai but the true representation of Adonai.
      While talking to your chi looking at the temple, you remain focus.
      Hope you are growing in knowledge of the truth?
      The Isrealite perfectly understood this which enabled sacrifices. At a point the ark of covenant became unimaginable object that it fight their enemies greater than the soldiers and war chariots. It answers their prayers greater than when they took sacrifices to the priest. They were so encouraged that they trusted the ark more than every other thing visible and invisible. The very truth behind the death of the first priest of Israel, Eli.
      So your chi temple becomes the moment you understand and perfect ritual sacrifices as due. We call it okwu chi – chi temple just like we have okwu arụsị.

      When we talk about agwụ!!
      Ezumezu Ikenga Agwu – Light House of Wisdom

      Ezumezu Ikenga Agwu

      It’s because your chi _ guardian angels can’t do all things helping your destiny. He has a limitation.
      This is where and how your agwụ comes in.
      Agwụ has to do with people with greatness, people that has great destiny. Everyone has a destiny but then do know all fingers are not equal. The gods are wise!

      To these people who has agwụ, you can’t run away from your shadow. If you try harder, you get lost. Therefore, your agwụ has to be instituted.

      Agwụ we know as a powerful spirit greater than one’s chi. But then, no one owns agwụ personal as we have individual chi. Agwụ is for many people. Agwụ that serves me also serves you. But your chi is your chi and not my chi.
      My chi is my chi not your chi: Agwụ is general.

      This is why it has to work with four angels that guide the earth from the east, west, north and south.
      We say agwụ bụ ikuku _ Agwụ that carries air. Agwụ mmiri, agwụ anyanwụ na agbara, agwụ osisi, agwụ ala, agwụ ọhịa, agwụ elu, agwụ ji ikuku n’eje eje na nke n’ala ala etc.

      Your chi can’t come with a great force as agwu does. Agwụ’s great power is the reason it can cause insanity unlike one’s chi. Your chi does not have such power to inflict madness on you or dangerous diseases but Agwụ has.

      Agwụ ike na ikenga
      Ezumezu dike!

      Next are “Ndị Ichie ani _ the ancestors”. They are another great forces that help humanity!!!
      Everyone must have the knowledge and establish communication with his ancestors.
      They are great with great powers.
      They can stand to say ‘No’ to your chi, and he will hold on.
      They can stand and say ‘No’ to Agwụ and he hold on.

      Most often I do tell you that all spirits are one and in union. They respect and listen to each other. The very reason you must be wise and careful. Know what you should know and do what you should do. Don’t cause or make differences among the spirits.

      Ndị Ichie ani – the ancestors have same behavioral pattern as the elders (kinsmen).
      When a child has a case with an outside, his kinsmen (elders) stand to defend him.
      They say to him our son, come and sit here and he sat.

      They say to him none shall touch you we are here. So, it’s!
      Our ancestors we do say, ‘we stand as their representatives in the land of the living as they stand for us in the land of death and spirit world’ . This is why we can’t do without them.

      They have the power to cause our earlier death the moment we began to misbehave and the power to say ‘No’ to death if we are in tune with them.

      This is why it’s an elder who often shows us true path when we got lost in the land unknown as we sleep. Don’t you know sleep are like death? When you sleep, you have lost total control over your being as a human being. At this point in time, anything can happen.

      Most times, our elders play major role in our destiny causing success on our path. They often send pioneers, one of them to come and council us in the dream or even in vision. They save us from disaster!
      These happens reading from our relationship with them. Otherwise they brought you calamity.

      When you see an elder with a gray hair in the dream who asked for your help or show you one or two things, sometimes provide answers to your questions: who do you think he /she is?
      Do you think it’s Father Abraham as taught in the church?
      Abraham has nothing to do with you!

      Such must be one of the ancestors. Your ancestors. If you doubt, next time, try to ask him /her to tell you his name. I mean that old man or woman that often lead you in the dream, that often appear each time you faces danger in the dream, ask for his or her name and hear what he has to say.

      He won’t call a strange name telling that he is your root, rather he does call unknown name which if you ask an elder, he might provide answers telling you about the name and who she is.

      If she is not from your paternal home, he must be from your maternal home. These are where we have spiritual roots and backgrounds.

      Deities as seen in our town and families. Be it maternal or paternal home, has great work to do with us as well as link. This is why they can easily punish us when we refused to acknowledge them in other hands, help us when we call upon them.

      You must know the truth to make a difference. Most of us are alive today as a result of guide, security provided by these forces. They are known as agụ neche mba _ the lions that guide the people. Why do you think the gods permit them in every town?
      Have you thought about these?

      Mmụọ dike – Spirits are most powerful
      Truly, the gods are wise!

      When you are been suffered as a result of deity found in your home or town, it’s because you have affiliate with him otherwise nothing could bring about the possibility.

      As the king take note of a great child born in his home so a deity takes note of every great child born in his territory.
      In conclusion, these forces as announced work hands to hands to make sure we live and be whom we were meant to be. When they do these, they deserve recognition.

      Our spiritual ignorance are reasons they do come against us, suffering us as the case maybe. When they do, don’t misunderstood their operations for evil. Take it as it is. They are asking for their right.

      To understand this better, the moment you make necessary sacrifices they become happy and allow you to fly like a bird on the sky. Just like your mother and father has every right to suffer you or frown at you when you neglect them or reject them: so they do.

      The right your mother has is different from the right your father has hence their individual responsibilities on your birth role and upbringing.
      Therefore, mothers often said, I carried you on my womb for nine months.
      This is why she has to get mad at you any time you err. And you must recognize it otherwise the gods listen and afflict courses on you if her negative words for you must touch the earth.

      So, your father even though he doesn’t carry you in his womb but then your earthly existence was through his effort. If not him, your mother could not have given birth to you. It’s enough for effect!

      This is why he has the right to bless you and the gods hear him. He will say negative words against you, when you are guilty: it takes effect like the rain in raining season.

      Get knowledge and experience understanding to rule your world. ignorant is the reason you suffer today and have to suffer tomorrow. wisdom gives maximum security. No wise men suffers and felt the wrath of the spirits.

      Your realm of incarnate is the last for today’s discussion.
      Where you took origin before earthly visit. Humans are spirits you must know otherwise we have no relationship with the spirits. Problem Christian religious converts has is that they lack knowledge of the truth making it impossible for them to ask questions reading from the true information.

      This is why you shall know the truth being here @ light house of wisdom where knowledge of the truth rule.
      When we say he is nwa obu/son of the soil. We call him Nwadịnobu or Nwobu. That’s to say he reincarnated from the mother earth, representing the ancestors, a sole representative of the Old. Such a child can’t be taken for granted. The elders know him/her. His kinsmen are always afraid of him. Such people are the ones that has ọfọ ndị Ichie. He lives to see that there’s peace and unity in the family. He knows about things happening in the family without been told by anyone. His people’s life is his concern.

      These people get true information about what has to do with the people from the ancestors. They always guide his path in every step he took. He often receives council from the ancestors in the dreams and physical. His life seems mystery and he always take people by surprises.

      We have mariners also. This we have discussed in verse.
      People are who reincarnated from different realms such as animal kingdom. These are people who has the great possibility of turning into such animal they represent knowingly and unknowingly.

      Sometimes the ignorant calls them witches and wizards when it’s confirmed that he turns into tiger or dog. It’s not juju even though through juju it can be achieved.

      But here we are talking about different realms, kingdom we took off from to make up the earth: answering humans and are human. Most times you find out that these people from these realms talks with these animals like they talk with humans.
      It’s because they are one. They hear their languages. Just like I know a mariner the moment I see one, so they do the moment they see themselves.

      He can’t be eaten by a tiger even when you throw him inside tiger den.
      Agụ anaghị eri agụ – Lion doesn’t eat lion. Such like people the community takes note of them and uses them for guide and chief security in the old days (when wisdom are seen among men). During battle, they are positioned to guide the people.

      They could fight from morning till night. They are called and known as azụ eru ala (dimgba), Ọzodimgba!
      You will only know who you are the moment you begin to engage on spiritual exercises.

      Giving yourself unto spirits who are right with you and behind you. If you keep your distance, they keep theirs. When this happens, you are the one to suffer the penalty.

      Spirits has nothing to lose if you must forsake them. They are wise and always right.
      There are people that came from powerful trees such as akpụ, akpụ ogwu, ọra, ngwu etc. These people most of them are indestructible. No charm penetrates them even when they are ignorant, not knowing or haven’t visited any dibịa for any assignment. These sacred trees are juju, arụsị on their own which why the descendants can’t be intimidated with the services they offer to humanity. It’s said, ejighị nwa dibịa elele mgbọrọgwụ – you don’t taste juju/charm with son of a dibịa.

      We call it a day for today maka na ọ na abụ ife ju akpa, a machie ya ọnụ.
      May the gods and goddesses give us the power for understanding the truth, knowing what we should know and at same time help us do what we should do when we most desire to do so.
      Mmụọ dike. Angels guide
      Ka e mesịa!!!!!!


        Good morning. I am not a mariner but I have issues with a stubborn marine spouse, A Queen of coast that always comes to make marriage proposal to me in dreams. She used to come with lots of people like her guards or relatives. She sleeps in my room attimes cos when I sleep I do see her with me on my bed in the same room I’m sleeping physically, even though I’m not seeing her physically. My mom recently told me she saw someone sleeping on my bed with me and came with a little girl child too. This is a spirit I see half human half fish at times in dreams with guards or maidens attending to her, and attimes we see ourselves playing in a large body of water like the sea or big river. I’m passing through some difficulties but I’m sure she’s not the reason although she offered to help if I eventually give her my heart and marry her. People said I need to fast and pray and break any covenant between us so that I’ll be able to marry and I won’t have problem with my marriage, but I did that attimes, only for her to come back and  I wondered if she’s ever going to leave me. What do you think?

        Grand Master

          Good morning. I am not a mariner but I have issues with a stubborn marine spouse, A Queen of coast that always comes to make marriage proposal to me in dreams. She used to come with lots of people like her guards or relatives. She sleeps in my room attimes cos when I sleep I do see her with me on my bed in the same room I’m sleeping physically, even though I’m not seeing her physically. My mom recently told me she saw someone sleeping on my bed with me and came with a little girl child too. This is a spirit I see half human half fish at times in dreams with guards or maidens attending to her, and attimes we see ourselves playing in a large body of water like the sea or big river. I’m passing through some difficulties but I’m sure she’s not the reason although she offered to help if I eventually give her my heart and marry her. People said I need to fast and pray and break any covenant between us so that I’ll be able to marry and I won’t have problem with my marriage, but I did that attimes, only for her to come back and  I wondered if she’s ever going to leave me. What do you think?

          Odogwu Akataaka (Grand Master)
          Dear I have to tell you the truth you should know to help yourself leave a better life, happy, successful and enjoy longevity on earth. The truth I know I must make known to you.
          Before I say anything, I have to first of all acknowledge the fact that you truly understood you being as a mariner. As a result, can’t deny the reason behind the experience as detailed.
          Been a mariner as you are is the reason why you have a marine wife. Get to know that.
          Even when you said she has been disturbing, pleading you to accept to marry her. But then, I tell you, you are already in the marriage. Get the point and the truth known.

          I hate lies and deception. I hate it when people are been deceived or choose to deceive themselves.
          For your information, the child you often see or was been told about that comes with the lady is your own child not a stranger.
          You has a child in marine world with your marine wife. Before your report, as a mariner and a marine priest, upon angels guide, I had given a tutorial in this topic which you can read at your leisure time.
          Why You Have A spiritual Wife/Husband: The Truth None Has Told You – Light House of Wisdom

          Why You Have A spiritual Wife/Husband: The Truth None Has Told You

          Still on your case, I ask you accept the true fact that you are a mariner not by mistake but by divine. Therefore, stop running away from your shadow for its only a fool does it.
          I am not going to talk about those who have asked you to fast and pray, or have tried fasting and praying for you. You yourself can better tell the result so far. Was it successfully? Does it stop the effects? Does it stop her from coming to you? Does the fast and prayers made her forgot you? Were you delivered as said?

          The Truth you know and practice sets you free. This is why we keep telling people the truth so that they know and be free.
          Still on the truth and reality, you must be a man. Have understanding of your world to help you rule your world. Every mariner has a marine spouse. Take this from me. Therefore stop crying foul.

          Did you not run to me for spiritual assistance and counciling?
          But I tell you as a mariner and a marine priest that I have a marine wife.

          You see one thing my dear. The truth about life and activities of life is that things happens to us the way we have understanding and dealings with things. Just like the igbo adage that says, ka onye si aṅaa ụkwa ka ụkwa si aṅaa ya.

          Even when you marry a wife and keep at home. Refusing to take knowledge of her, she won’t be happy with you. Should you except her to be happy, you are just deceiving yourself for she wont be happy likewise when she is not doing her best to make you proud as a wife. It’s high time we gain understanding of the truth and stop deceiving ourselves over spirituality for things of the spirits has no confusion (even though ofeke thinks otherwise).

          Many has cases such as yours, presently and in the past. Some have dealt with theirs in truthful manner, having positive results that made it the past while some ignores the truth and have to continue suffering the effects making it present and future.

          I ask you make peace with her, accept her being and the union to help your earthly mission. You aren’t doing better and she is not happy. The very reason she asked you accept her to help permit. She need your permission to help your success. It’s a spiritual mandate and you can’t do without her. I repeat, you can’t do without her.

          Do you know why?
          We have many forces that has to do with our destinies as I have explained earlier at light house of wisdom where knowledge rules.

          We have our chi _ guardian angel whom we known as chi edu m ụwa. This is a spirit that was assigned to you in the realm of spirit before birth to help oversee your earthly mission. He has parts to play different from your realm of origin (who are like key to your life and movement) here on earth. They control your destiny!
          The destiny is the reason they permit your chi.

          Now, we talk about your marine spouse. The marine spouse is another helper, a destiny helper who help in supervision. She /he at the cause of duty, because she loves and cares may make one demand or another. Here, the demand doesn’t matter even though. Don’t your earthly wife make demands? What about your earthly friends, doesn’t he/she makes demand?.
          So what’s the difference when your marine spouse asked for something that pleases her? So it doesn’t matter her demand but your understanding over the demand: that’s what matters. The reason people are suffering today. Ignorant!

          Because of her spiritual powers, she has the ability to delay or put sand sand for your garri. That’s to say, delaying your destiny when you aren’t in peace, agreement and accord with her. This is where wisdom set in.
          Been in marriage with her peacefully doesn’t refused you from getting married today or tomorrow to any earthly woman of your choice. But then, through ritual sacrifices which is known as peace and unity (i dị n’otu na n’otú), you have her permits and enjoy your world as nature permit. No spirit works agains nature over mankind. Its only possible upon our spiritual ignorance.

          Wisdom asked you to acknowledge these spiritual being.
          You may ask.
          Through spiritual sacrifeces!

          Its not enough to know, say or understand you are a mariner.
          No, it’s not enough when you can’t do the necessary.
          This is why I often says, the truth you know and practice, sets your free.

          Its because our knowledge asked for actions.

          This is why it’s said “blessed are those who knows themselves”.
          Man know yourself!
          First thing!

          When you do, next: YOU MIND YOURSELF!

          When you mind yourself, it’s then you have to disregard looking at me perhaps to do as I do.
          You aren’t me and I am not you.
          Don’t seek to know more about me and activities going on with me the moment you should mind yourself. Such is a path of ofeke leading to ruin.

          Everyone with his up and down hence our individual destinies.
          Do you know or have you been told that our destiny aren’t the same?

          If it’s true that our destiny aren’t same because it’s true, that’s to say there is a possibility that the force behind our individual destinies asked for different sacrifices. This is why you must mind yourself. What I did to protect my destiny must be different from what you have to do to protect yours.

          Pay your dues as your world demand to champion your course. Stop deceiving yourself.

          Haven said the truth I know as a truth sayer, marine priest and a mariner. I wish you get knowledge and understanding of your world to help you rule your world.

          Don’t run away from your responsibility. Ife anaghị eme na nkịtị – things don’t just happen for nothing. To make things happen, there must be a cause.

          You have a prize to pay for your destiny to make manifest. No successful man or woman on earth who didn’t pay his/her prize. The prize in spirit realm is known as sacrifices.
          Sacrifices causes effects!
          No tree that stand gidigbam without roots.

          Going down the roots you don’t just see a root but many roots. Among them are tap root. Our chi is like a tap root while other forces are the roots that stand with the tap root (round about the tree).

          Its not only the tap root that helps a tree to withstand breeze and winds when it blows but by the help of other roots, it stand gidigbam.

          Other root can’t help stand the tree alone without the tap root this is why even when you cut off every other root, you have to dig deep finding the tap root before the tree falls.

          Its ignorant to say eye is nothing because you have a leg. It’s foolish to assume mouth is more important than the nose. When you say I don’t need a tongue, it’s because you lack knowledge of spoken words.
          All the organs and parts that makes the body are useful and none should be neglected.

          Sometimes we feel pains in some part of the body. That result alone simply tells us this part has been at work. Be wise not to neglect response. Treat the part with caution to help it continue its duty otherwise it keep suffering you.

          Don’t just say its a worthless or useless left hand or left leg and have to ignore it. No, but then, respond to it with treatment. This is like when we get disturbed from a marine spouse or from the ancestors or from a deity as found in our hometown. If they have nothing to do with you and your destiny, they won’t call for disturbances. Therefore, you must do your best to respond to their disturbances when matter arises. The moment you done with, they report with happiness. Giving support to make life better for you. This is wisdom and the truth you sought for.
          Be wise to help you rule your word. Wisdom is profitable to direct.
          Get knowledge, in all your get, get understanding of the truth.
          More light on your path as angels guide us all.

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            Thank you for your reply.
            <p style=”text-align: center;”>When I said I’m not a mariner, I have a reason for saying that. Many years ago in my sleep, a bright light came from the eastern part of the sky shooting towards me, I was afraid and ran inside the house, it followed me and turned into a great muscular man with white apparels and told me that he’s my Father but my mom is doing everything to take me away from him. I do see him in some other apparitions in dreams along with some entourage and I learnt I was given a work to do on Earth, but I’m not doing it. I was told to do the work or else things won’t turn out well for me.  I know that’s were my predicament came from. Yes I may have affiliate with marine spirit from my maternal home which might have been the cause for the marine wife I keep seeing.</p>
            Anyway, you talked about accepting the marine wife, what steps are to be taken towards this.

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