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Grand Master

    Providing answers to your questions to help you grow in knowledge.
    Spiritual knowledge and practices are power.

    This is light house of wisdom where knowledge rules. Do remember, upon angels guide we bring you true information. Know that wisdom is of the gods and goddesses. To whom they have given, much is expected of him. This is why we run like rivers in pool of knowledge day and night and never dry thus sea never dries.

    Get knowledge and understanding. In all your get, get wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing.

    Money and wisdom are the most powerful forces that rule humanity. Money share same volume with wisdom. This is why you must do all things to make money.

    Money gives you happiness and joy.
    Money is good. Among all things, nothing can be compared with Money and Wisdom.

    Money helps you do all things as well as wisdom. A rich person find things possible to achieve just like the wise person.
    The spirits are powerful because they are wise.

    Among men, people are considered most powerful because they are rich and others because they are wise.

    Human bow to the spirits because the gods are wise.
    Human bow to the rich because they have money.

    Can’t you see the scale of money and wisdom?
    I ask you to do everything possible to get rich. Get rich and remain rich.
    In all, wisdom is greater than money.

    The only difference between money and wisdom is that wisdom saves the life of its owner.
    Money causes death of its owner when the owner lacks wisdom.
    This is why you need both of them!
    Make money and be wise!!

    I haven’t seen a wise man who is poor. But I have seen a rich man who is Ofeke.

    Many are Ofeke who are rich and have money. But no wise man or woman without money. Having read the truth. Choose you among the two. If I were you, I choose both of them.

    goodmorning grandmaster Solomon was given wisdom by God is there any way the spirit’s can grant us that privilege

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    Keep fit rituals.
    May today afọ put smile on your face.




    Thank you for this wonderful teaching our able GM. May the gods and goddesses replenish your wisdom, iseee!

    Welcome our able leader GGM.Thanks to gods and goddesses they are forever wise,once again welcome to you sir!

    Odogwuakataka isi-mmiri Igbo-nile!
    Nnam ekenem gi, kenekwaa ife nile na emere gi, ife!!

    How do i private chat you for consultations and private discussions on how to visit you this year-end for my private matters?

    De eastman:
    Iseee thank to the gods and goddess for save returned

    Indeed deception is the worst thing that has happened to humanity


    The explanation is very clear sir Eziokwu bu ndu

    Knowledge is powerful Iseee

    GGM thank you for this wonderful teaching. I thank the supreme and almighty God, gods and goddess for the wisdom given to you. May you continue to grow in light and may your days on earth be long. Iseee.

    Thank you GM for your wonderful teachings this day. May The Most High grant you further wisdom.

    Please GM may I plead you to teach us about elementals,nature spirits etc touching on mermaids as we call them mammy water. Thanks Sir.

    Thank you sir

    Confirmed GM

    F. J.:

    We are glad to see you GGM


    May the gods continue to bless you sir

    Promise :
    Iseee nnam I gadiri my ndu ogologo

    Dalu ri NNE nnam

    Odogwuakata 1, Is I mmili Igbonine, Jide Nke Iji, silver and gold we have none to give you, but I pray the gods and goddess to give you long life, more wisdom to fulfill your mission here on earth. I am greatful to you, you have made me wise.

    Thank you sir.

    More light to your path

    Chukwuebuka I:
    Hello, i am based in united state so i would say it’s fairly easy to get ritual items here. Some i have to order online, others i was able to get from my local Nigerian food vendors.

    So far I managed to get bitter kola locally and will be ordering online ose oji and oji Ndigbo.

    Is there any other ritual items i will need? i haven’t done any rituals (morning and others). Perhaps someone can share here the steps so i may begin on my journey to deliverance.

    Dalu nu

    Prince :
    Welcome back, GGM! I’ve really missed you. So Happy to see you back. May you live long and prosper… Iseeeeee

    Wow! Odogwuakataaka!!!

    Deep truth from GGM. So happy learning from u, sir

    These are words of wisdom

    Wow! Odogwuakataaka!!! May you live long and prosper. Iseeeeee

    Thank you GGM

    Thank you GGM. So Happy to see you online. Really missed you. May you live long and prosper. Iseeee

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