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Grand Master

    This spirit person is different also. Before we make a visit to this world from our different realms, each of us was assigned with individual spirits guide.

    It is this spirit person who accompany you to the world and have to be with you all through your earthly existence, in good and bad moment until death do you apart. We call him ‘Chi ụwa’.
    This chi is why people answers Chibụzọ (god is first). When we hear about this chi, don’t misunderstand him to be same as the creator. The creator is not your chi ụwa (spirit guide). Chinedu m ije (god that lead my path). Chibugom (god my success) Chibuihem (god is light to my path ). Chi bu onye inye Akam (god my helper).
    These and lots more are individual names we bear which talks about our chi and his responsibilities to our individual lives.
    This is why each and everyone of us must know and draw close to his/her Chi (spirit guide). We only lost in life, suffer untold hardship when we lost contact with this spirit person’s. When you get connected to him/her, you make a difference.
    It’s this spirit guide which takes your prayers and request to the spirit world whenever you pray (been a messenger).
    It’s this spirit person who answers on your behalf whenever you are summoned in the spirit, in good or bad.
    Knowing all these ask you to draw closer to your chi, build strong spiritual connect with your chi uwa and see how your life changes for good.
    Many person’s have lost knowledge of life and activities as seen on earth therefore suffers the penalty. This is why some face early death even when it wasn’t their time to die.
    This is why some suffered untold hardship, even when it’s not their destiny.
    This is why some are been subjected to slavery even when they have crown on their head.
    This is why people work like elephants to eat like ants.
    When you lost contact with your chi, the power behind your destiny will be hidden.

    When this is happening, don’t misunderstand the concept. Be careful not to point filthy fingers on innocent people, accusing them of bewitching you.
    It’s all your fault, therefore don’t blame anyone neither do you blame the gods.
    While we always say, THE GODS ARE WISE!
    indeed they are wise!
    They can’t force you to know what you should know neither will they force you to do what you should do.
    Human and spirits were given freedom. We have freedom of decision, this is why you have the right to choose whatever life style that befit you. Be it good or bad, yet you leave (if your gods permit).

    Good number of people who feed with gun today, it’s never their destiny to make a living in blood shed and robbery, instead, they chose to do so.
    While you thread on a path different from your destiny, you lost peace of mind.
    Your heart beats in each attempt and every mission undertaken.