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Grand Master

    Why these information are reaching your ways is to help truth stand so that you don’t get deceived. We are here opening your eyes
    using words of truth which could rarely be seen outside Light House of Wisdom discussion forum where truth rules. We help you rule your world providing words of truth.

    At light house of Wisdom discussion forum, we owe you the truth. Knowing that it is only the knowledge of truth that could save you from this roaring lion in every street and communities. Who hunt for games to make a daily living. Watch before you leap!!!


    What could that be?
    First, what is iyi ụwa?
    Have you asked?
    We have had an extensive discussion on iyi ụwa. Permit me to fetch the information on our website

    I can’t help find the topic on marine section. Perhaps it was one of the discussions held either here (telegram) or on Facebook that failed posted on our website.

    In this regard, I employ the monitors to help find the topic discussion on iyi ụwa. When you do, please do us a favour with publication on our website

    I don’t have enough time going through previous discussions to repeat them. However, our iyi said to be a river or waters as seen at (either) our paternal home or maternal home.

    Why do I use the word “Either” here? It is because each and every one of us got reincarnated  from our maternal home or paternal home.
    Now, if your realm of origin stated that you are a mariner and your reincarnator was an ancestor from your maternal home, it simply means your iyi ụwa has to be the river at your maternal home. So it is when the case has it from your paternal home.

    Because your IYI UWA is seen from either homes, having known what is water or river as we often called, how could one end up saying your iyi ụwa could be seen underground?

    Now I tell you what the fool was trying to tell you which he/she felt to mention right.

    Just like I often make known to you. No one knows about the truth beyond his/her limit of spiritual knowledge. Ebe onye jedebere na mmụọ ka amamihe na nghọta ya jedebere.( your knowledge of spirituality is a function of how extent you have  gotten)

    You can’t help exceed your limit of spiritual knowledge, failure to promote your spiritual vibration using rituals. It’s a culture in the realm that those who are afar must see afar. The more closer you become, much more knowledge of the truth. This is spiritual code!

    This is why spiritualist or self acclaimed spiritualist talks in two voices when they want to speak same language. But then, it’s not true that same language has two ways of saying it that one could end up speaking with two voices. But then, the fact remains, people end up saying what others had said without knowing what the saying is all about.

    This is why a spiritualist or self acclaimed spiritualist would tell you that your chi was your grand mothers or grand fathers. Because they don’t know and can’t help define reincarnator and chi (guardian spirit) just like some of them can’t help tell the difference between deities as we have them in our lands.

    They don’t know who is AGBARA and who is OGWUGWU. They don’t know the difference between OGWUGWU and AGWU. They don’t know what is ANI and AMADIOHA. They don’t even know and can’t help tell the difference between CHINEKE and CHIUKWU!!
    The same way they don’t know what is IYI UWA and how it’s attached to AKARAKA IYI UWA which are found in someone’s compound that acts as a transmitter.