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Grand Master

    Here, what he/she wanted to talk about is AKARAKA IYI UWA which is a golden or silver or diamond precious transmitter.
    Why I am using the word ‘transmitter’ here is to qualify it. The word in usage has to do with my inability to find another English word for representation. But then, transmitter serves right word if I should explain what this is all about.
    Now what is it all about?

    As a mariner who maintains high position in marine world. This kind of person(s) or group of persons are those popularly known and called in the name of OGBANJE.
    You often hear that from people. They said, he/she is an ọgbanje!

    However, I took time to tell you that each and every one of us is ọgbanje if we must
    find true meaning of the word ọgbọ nje.
    The word ọgbọ is Igbo language which means age grade.
    Nje which is also same as éjè is an igbo word representing imitation, buying ideas and behaving similar, doing things alike, sharing same manners with equals. When you are trying to do things likewise. Behaving same way like others mostly your equals (age grade). Instead of the words to go this way, ọgbọ-eje it goes other ways ọgba-nje. Thus it’s the person who is demonstrating the act as earlier defined. We call him/her an ọgbanje

    I have to take time to teach you words and meaning more especially igbo language because I remain the one and only isi mmiri Igbo nille. I have A1 in Igbo writings and speaking. I know meaning of every Igbo words. This is why I stand without equal in Igbo language literature.

    Back and on with our discussions. This group of persons have a special gift from marine world given to them for transmission. Its called, AKARAKA IYI UWA!!

    Mine was kept under a stone in the family. The stone was where the family sharpen their cutlasses every morning before they resume for farm activities. When I resume office as a dibia (priest). At a point I was asked to pick it and hold it on my palm. It gained ancestral permission after a great event. This was how it’s now found on my palm till this day. They now have to reach out to me while I see them watching my palm unlike the earliest it was under the stone. To some people, theirs are seen under ITE MMIRI. Do you know what is ITE MMIRI?

    When you come to every family in the olden days, they have family clay pot.
    This is where each and every member of the family fetch drinking water daily and have to as well fetch for a stranger (upon visitations)

    Some AKARAKA IYI UWA are found under the clay drinking water pot. Some people choose to keep theirs under a certain sacred tree called ACHị. But there’s one thing to know about this  sect (ọgbanje) that meets under Achi tree and keep their AKARAKA IYI UWA there.

    Their intentions are not for good. They are mainly for destructions. Though am not going to discuss about this today or any further.
    Now, when a dibịa set for deliverance ritual on some person(s) upon invitation by parents or family. Some dibia go to thevextent of digging out the AKARAKA IYI UWA. Sometimes to prove how it’s thus no one dares the gods without ọfọ na ogu. It takes hours and even days to keep digging the hole and the dibia will end up been embarrassed when he could not help finding the AKARAKA IYI UWA for the periods not until he lures the young girl or boy to show  the actual locations. Until the person is lured and has to fall under parents threats or promises, the actual location can’t be found. If he/she finally points at the place, the easier the task. Immediately it was found, the dibia has to take it alongside. Do you know what he does with it?
    Should I tell you?

    The worst to happen to mankind is to be born by spiritual ignorant parents. They will do whatever possible to ruin your destiny. Removing one’s AKARAKA IYI UWA is one measure taken by the parents to ruin destiny of a child. It’s the most dangerous engagement parents would embark on in the name and spirit of deliverance to a young promis

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