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Grand Master

    promising destiny child. In the future the child will have nothing to write home about while the same parents resume on pointing dirt fingers on an elder in the family, accusing him off witchcraft.

    Why am taking much time to reveal this truth is to help prove languages, words and acts used by spiritualist or self acclaimed spiritualist that felt redressed. Because it was half baked from them to those who sought for their services and guide, it goes along way destroying the entire society by so creating negative views on the way people approach spirituality.

    This is why we are here to help you with true information so that you know what you should have known. When you do, we ask you to teach others. Let’s hold hands together to fight spiritual ignorant. Knowing this to be only remedy towards spiritual awakening.
    Mmụọ dike
    More light on our paths as angels guide us all.

    N K J.P:
    Yes oh! Odogwuakataka

    @reethas_luxury_world/ Hair:
    Odogwu ike u have spoken well I heard about this iyi uwa from an uncle when I was still a little child. Now I understand it beta. But sir, we that were born in d city and didn’t meet all this stone for sharing knife or clay pot for drinking water etc..and are mariners, where is d likely place it could b keep? Is it possible that has I was born in d village the select when to father’s compound to disposite it? And is such applicable today? Pls sir will like to know. Thanks odogwuakataka

    And another thing I would like u to throw more light on for me is this…i was sick somtin ago and went to diff hospitals no cure until a spiritualist was consulted and he said a shocking thing! That I was on a mission to earth as a man and along the line I was changed to female by evil pple that mission was cut off so bcos I couldn’t accomplish that mission being a female and married now that my father’s land is disturbing me. So that a he goat needs to b killed for me in my father’s compound. When that sickness was happening it was also happening to my brother in far away Europe. Same way same period so d man said it was d same thing happening to my brother that his own is beta that he is a man and still in d family. So after d goat killing my brother own stopped and my surfaced again recently so I don’t know. Wat can I do in dis situation? Am a female and married! When d man was consulted again he said he doesnt know wat to do that he has done all d mariner sacrifices and settlement and all they told him to do but let him d end wat he did didn’t work until I meet a woman who told me it ogbanje that is disturbing me. So she did some sacrifice and i became ok. wat can I do to avoid this sickness form coming back or to avoid them from disturbing me again?