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Grand Master


    Eziokwu bu ndu..mine Akaraka iyi uwa was under Ukwu udara..

    onye nze:
    Odogwu akataaka

    Isi mmiri Igbo niile

    Thanks for your response…

    Gm, I greet you and all members of the house. Am new here a Cameroonian but presently in Lagos. I heard so much about this house on different pages online. I left my home some 3yrs back due to some political issues that could cost my life though am not even a politician. Frankly speaking I don’t believe gods still exist having seen you people here talking about it. It has been tough for me lately as I have been trying to make my passports and leave for Europe. I ran out of finances and it has even affected my day to day survival. My coming here is to get any help that would drive me towards enrichment. Please dear GM and members, can I have such help?
    I am not really familiar with gods and I have never weaknessed any manifestation of a god or even visit gods Oracles . All of that is rare to me

    You’re very welcome.
    You need to know what you really want then search for it.

    If you’re still having difficulty, then Chat GGM directly for consultation.

    Thank you so much

    In a family where there is a deity called Arobinagu,my question is, who should be the person that will take in charge of the deity?
    Is it the direct sons or the first son of the man that instituted the deity?
    If the man that instituted the deity is the one that reincarnates you, my question is, are you permitted to take responsibility of the deity even though you are not the direct son of the man?
    The man that instituted the deity is dead.

    Good morning all, i just join the group today and hope to learn a lot about igbo tradition and culture. Am from Nnobi in Anambra state.

    onye nze:
    Odogwu akataaka.
    Isi mmiri Igbo niile.
    Ndewo nna.
    Please I have a question.
    What is ogwugwu diety?
    Is it dangerous? someone told me that it could make a woman barring. Is it true?
    Secondly, can someone hold the family ofor, Ofor Ngwu and the ofor of a River at the same time?
    Meaning can someone serve as a chief priest for all these deities at the same time?
    Good Afternoon

    all, I am a new person, in this group, I am happy to learn more of spirituality, I thank our great oracle odogwuakataaka god’s and goddess will continue to give you more wisdom, I still remains Anthony by name from isseke, ihiala Anambra state, I learn many things since I joined this group, please how can I get your contact or your address, I like to speak with you one on one because I have many things to discuss with you, and how can I get this awele soap and the amount it will cost, I am sending this message from Lagos now, I need it urgently. thanks

    Good evening sir ,isi mmiri Igbo Nile, Odogwu Akataka oke dibia nwoke teghete from Abrude city,nwoke nwere oke chi biko
    Odogwu Akataka the oka amuta of our time, isi mmili Igbo Nile biko what is the difference between Arobinagu prepared using A boy and a girl, and the one prepared using a goat buried alive ?

    Onyii Vicky:
    Good morning all pls I want to know the items for second and third rituals thank you all.

    New month rituals please I need help

    Okoli R.:
    Pls new month ritual I equally need help

    Good day. Please I need to perform the new month ritual, how do I go about it. Thanks

    Good Morning everyone, Happy new month.
    Good morning Odogwu Akataka.
    Pls I have a question bothering me,
    Can mariners torment a family from generation to generation and it looks like a family curse?

    With my little understanding as a student of this great institution.if I am to give an answer to your question, I will say “Yes”.it may look like a generational course when the ignorance of their true being persists in such family and has been transferred from generation to generation! Our GGM,the greatest teacher among all,made us to understand that if a man who is a Mariner marries a woman who is also a Mariner,