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    Odogwu Akataaka. I will be 30years by November and not to lie I have not attained any height financially or even had access to 1 million naira before. I do things that can make me a millionaire but I never get to that feat.

    I have done oru mmiri and so many other works and prayers, carried sacrifices and even fasted. But it’s as if nothing will ever work.
    My younger brother of the same womb has attained a feat and even a lot of my friends, worst of it all I guide them and they succeed. But what is happening to me?
    I have attempted so many things, worked, made efforts but at the moment of success, I fail and deep inside me I know something is wrong somewhere but don’t know where.
    I have lost 3 relationships bcos they were patient thinking all will be well but eventually I become so broke that I just have to end it bcos I feel it’s them causing it.
    All my mates that I know of are doing well and with all my intelligence and wisdom, I have nothing and even ashamed to face them.
    I have had envious opportunities to be great but they all failed, Odogwu Akataaka please help me, just contact me so I can have a consultation with you.

    Everywhere I go they say I’m destined to be great or could have been big by now, time is running out on me. They said “destiny cannot be stopped but can be delayed”, but who wants their destiny to be delayed until they’re 50 years? No one!.