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      At light house of wisdom, our priority is to serve using nature’s gift for mankind thus it remains our motto =GIVING BACK TO NATURE WHAT NATURE HAS GIVEN TO US.

      Therefore, we serve not by the power of heaven or earth, water or fire, god or goddesses, man or woman but by the powers given to us as dibia (priest).

      (click to read who is a dibia-priest)

      This power is a true gift of nature to mankind for services. The bearer doesn’t possess it by choice or order; that’s destiny!

      Because we have connected ourselves to the truth, we now have life. Do understand, it’s what one has that he gives. Because we have been saved, we can now save lives. Because we have received, we can now give.

      At Light house of wisdom, we offer remedy/cure to various sickness, ailment as well as provide lasting solutions to people’s problems spiritually: using the gift.

      Talking about our services using nature gift for humanity, we say bye bye to whatever sickness causing you sleepless night. Be it man-made, spiritual or common sickness.

      Our products can reach out to you online on order. To do so, look at the pictures below to find our present products in store for different malady.

      Though we have man-made, spiritual and common sicknesses which fight mankind. By the power of infinite possibilities bestowed on us, we offer permanent cure to all withing short period of time.

      To name and explain in details, we can say that MAN-MADE are those sicknesses which come to us, presenting themselves with names and in most cases without names. Even when it has names, man-made sicknesses resist treatment when a doctor fight them with herbs, roots and other methods of many medications applicable to the diseases.

      Most times, MAN-MADE are so dangerous that they can cost life if not identify prior to medical treatment such as SPELL PIN CASTING.

      Pin for example is one of the most deadly MAN-MADE sickness which cost life if one doesn’t acknowledge it in time. This is why it’s not advisable to administer SYRINGE on a patient especially when the ailment is yet unknown. Should it happen to be MAN-MADE such as SPELL- PIN-CASTING, it kills the patient immediately.

      Many who trust too much in English treatment in all sickness lost chance of good health and quick survival should it be MAN-MADE. To treat MAN-MADE, it takes a witch/wizard to fight a witch/wizard. Then, treatment comes afterwards.

      If it is not done this way, you might experience a situation where one get better in the hospital only to become worse as soon as he returns home. A situation where physicians find it hard to identity what one is suffering from. In any case like this, stop wasting your time and money, seek for spiritualist and herbalist, they will serve better.

      MAN-MADE does not necessary take place as a result of where you are now or where you were then, what you ate and who gave you food, what you drank and who gave you drink. It could come by air, water, dream, earth and hypnotism. Whichever ways, it remains curable if you can identity a spiritualist or herbalist.

      Sometimes it takes the shape of MAN-MADE but can’t be MAN-MADE. This is a kind of sickness we experience when we have cases with the spirits. Your ancestors, realm of origin, your reincarnate, Agwu, deities attached to you might bring you sickness. One may wonder why they have to do that believing spirits are meant to heal not to curse sickness!

      If that be your belief or understanding of the spirits, it’s not wrong but then get to know that they are wise. Having wisdom, they would do whatever they choose to do so far it pleases them. Remember, none can question their wisdom.

      Nevertheless, the spirits I know won’t intimidate you. In Igbo we do say “nwata ahuru n’anya ka ana-abara mba” – it is a beloved child that the parents caution mindless what the rest do. So do the spirits!

      If they had called your attention over a particular important subject, perhaps your destiny or a mission. Your inability to heed to them, accept their call and do as they said might bring about sicknesses. It could be stroke, humans may call it madness, mental disorder, Diabetes, this and that! Whichever, the result remains that it’s incurable if not by their directives. This is a period you question if not this hospital that is good in treatment of mental cases, stroke, menstrual dysfunctions, comes forth?

      Power of roots and herbs won’t provide desired results, giving permanent cure to the sick until the root cause is found and dealt with, every other applications can be nonfunctional.

      Common sickness here doesn’t stand for little sickness as the name indicates. It simply differentiate the other which has spiritual attachment.

      This type of sickness is common hence it accepts medications easily if one can identify it. Saying this is malaria and it’s a malaria. This is Hepatitis, stroke, Staph and it’s truly.

      That’s when you find the power of roots, herbs and other natural mineral deposits. The secret of its treatment has to do with finding its name. Knowing that helps remedy. This is why you must help us to serve you better having been exposed so far. Let us know what you are suffering from. This can be done through lab-test. Get yourself tested and report to us.

      Because we are serving from the Eastern part of the country (Nigeria) where the land is green, we have all plants and herbs for treatment of all kinds of diseases.

      When we get your report, the location and the disease might warrant we send liquid medicine (already prepared), herbs (if it’s the kind only herbs can do), or roots and herbs with other natural minerals.

      herbs1 herbs2 herbs3 herbs4 herbs5

      Whichever, we stand to guide you on the usages and others.

      Here are already products in the market which you may find in your locality or better still order on our online stores.

      * Bye-Bye For Stroke herbal Mixture and balm.

      *Aja Ala
      (Anti-poison and balm)

      (STDS and STI)

      (for Ulcer and pile)

      (maximum protection from witchcraft)

      (For all skin diseases)

      (for manpower, boast sexual immunity.)

      Still the same, the best way we can serve you is to tell us your problems, identity your sickness with us. When you do, stand to benefit from our best of services.
      Angels guide!

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