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      The subject matter for today is PRAYER.
      One may ask, what is prayer?
      Prayer is pleading for favour. Whenever a person wants favour from the gods, from the spirits, he has to go on prayers to the gods or spirits.
      How can our prayers be answered? First, you must know the gods or spirits you are praying.
      Which spirits are you praying to?
      This is why we treated CHI first. You must know your Chi.

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      They are so many gods( Chi) but a particular Chi is assigned to you in order to help your mission here on earth. This is why he is called your Chi – the guardian angel!!
      It is the particular god, spirit that you must know. You must know him personally. He is different from your father and mother; for our gods are not the same. We have different gods – Chi anyi abughi otu. Therefore, we should know our individual gods. It is this knowledge that enables our individual gods to attend to our prayers. Hence, our god answer our prayers.
      Gods are spirits!

      One may ask, how can we pray as human being and the gods will answer from their realm?
      Remember, human is equally a spirit. This becomes easier the moment we are familiar with our personal god. The installation of personal Chi temple is the answer. Whenever you pray, the gods answer from all the concerns of the earth. Spirits are powerful – mmuo dike! Truly, they are powerful.
      When this is done through installation of Chi, and covenant with the gods and the spirits for all the spirits work together for good. For these prayers to manifest, we have to embark on sacrifices. For sacrifice is a form of prayer. According to the manner of prayer before the gods that blood ritual sacrifices become necessary. It is equally the nature of our prayer before the most high God, the ancestors and all the spiritual powers that may necessitate the ritual sacrifice: sometimes with or without involving a blood rituals.
      It is also the nature of a particular prayer that ose oji( alligator pepper) may be considered. For ose oji has never failed to deliver – ose oji anaghi eje ije ihere/ifere (it doesn’t embark on a shameful mission).
      Again, another form of prayer may involve a kola nut. For kola nut is another power tool for ritual sacrifices and prayers. When we done with our kola nut rituals, for speedy answer to our prayer by the gods and goddesses, we break it after prayer and gently drop on the ground for effectiveness.

      For light on our paths, we pray using nzu. Nzu is light – nzu bu ihie/ifie!
      We now employ Nzu for such Prayers.
      When we have prayers for peace of mind, we pray with edo. Edo we use to ask for peace in all we do, peace between human and spirits, between human and human. No injustice of any kind, In our family, offices etc. We make use of edo.
      Again, the nature of our prayer may enable us to use DRINKS. Since these gods and goddesses provide for us in EKE, ORIE, AFOR AND NKWO (all the days of our life). Since we do not lack from week to week, it is necessary we drink for our prayers for appreciation.
      These are different ways we can say prayers with sacrifices for effectiveness.

      Prayer is not noise making at all. Prayer is not about the language you speak even when it matters -it is all about pleading for favour from your god.

      When we start saying our prayer, we have to know who and how to say these prayers.
      Having known your god, you should know equally the best tone, mood and diction that will yield result. The way and manner you ask for favour from your father is different from your mother. Thus, this calls for wisdom. Your tone can hinder your prayer. Therefore. Make use of the language you know very well. Do not play to the gallery. Hence in LIGHTHOUSE OF WISOM, it is advised that you should pray using the language you know best. For the gods and goddesses hear all languages. Do away with pride.
      Secondly, having known that you are very close with your god through covenant, do not go shouting when praying.
      He is not deaf.
      He is not far from you.
      Not at all therefore shouting is forbidden.
      To further butteress this, Christ was asked by his followers for prayer direction. He gave them directives. Using a tone that depicts humility. Your voice – tone can hinder your prayers.
      Be humble before your god.
      Be humble before your ancestors.
      These gods through your humility shall give positive results to your prayer. These prayers shall include all divine entities in most cases like the EARTH, WATERS, WINDS, FIRE, they sustain you daily. The spirits are powerful.

      Through these means, you shall start and complete your prayers. By these, your prayers shall surely get to your god. Once your god accepts your prayer, he will convince other spirits for your good. They are one and work in unison. Therefore, let no one disparage other gods. Let no one look down on other gods. For, no single CHI( god) can work and succeed in isolation. There may be division of labour yet through collective responsibilities our prayers are attended by the gods. Spirits are powerful – mmuo dike.

      Once you create boundaries between your god and other gods, you have no god at all( the knowledge that makes a difference).
      Whenever you pray in accordance to this knowledge and direction it becomes effective for the gods to answer such prayers. You become beloved of all. Every of your labour starts yielding results because you are in good terms with the spirits. All spirits are one. This is an important information for all before you embark of any prayer. This is so in order to help integrate all the forces together for good. Do not discriminate by say this spirit or that is good or evil. In first epistle of John while addressing the congregation in the Bible advised them to TEST ALL SPIRITS before arrival at a conclusion of good and evil spirits (1 John 4).
      Do not ascribe good or evil to any spirit because someone said so. This advice as written in 1 John did not come from a fool. John is not one – he isn’t an ofeke.

      Still on prayers!
      How to say prayers for effectiveness.
      Pay respect via thanks to YOUR CHI in your prayers. Thank him for your life, for the breath of life, for the sun, for his provision. Thank the most high God, the angels of the most high God, the gods and goddesses of your land, your ancestors. Thank both known and unknown spirits. Spirits are one!
      Do not discriminate against anyone. Having done that. Through wisdom, speak to your individual gods – chi edu m uwa gi.
      Praise him!
      Praise him for the good he has done in your life. Sing praises (if you can). This will hike his/their spirits. Sing to them in accordance to your spirit.
      Praise is very necessary in our spiritual exercise. How can you expect to gather before a king without first showing humility, respect through praises?
      You must first praise him to call up his attention on you!
      Once you praise him by singing his glories, your request shall be attended to. Like wise, you need to praise and sing the glories of the gods and goddesses for the prayers to be granted.

      Be guided, at this point you do not need distractions.
      Focus, focus for the gods are at alert. This is why you must be wise.
      Don’t shout!
      Shouting doesn’t say praises. To shout is not wisdom and can’t be seen among the wise.
      Be humble!!
      Not by being pride.
      These are qualities which can put a question mark on our relationship with our helpers – the spirits.

      Furthermore, having known thus far about the means and modalities for praying, it is up to you to do away with false religions teaching.
      No one was created to suffer. The wise do not suffer. Know the truth for the truth you know shall set your free!

      I thank the most high God – Chi ukwu okike, the great eze dibia, the angels of the most high God, the gods and goddesses and our ancestors for this teaching. More light on our paths as angels guide us all.

      Ikenna ezenwankwo

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