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      Samuel Okereke:
      When I was a child,maybe during the night or day when I’m sleeping I will see 2 spirit standing beside me. I would shout mom see them they are here. My Mom will ask me, where are they?

      I would say they are here. I kept seeing them every night. Sometimes they will come in a way that I will jump out from my bed with fear and heavy breath.
      I would be shouting and my mother will hold me tight.

      As they kept coming to me every night my parents took me to one man who did some medicine for me with unknown leaves.

      They kept on coming to me day by day both in the dream and reality. Then I used to be sick everyday. Before my parents now gave me mark on the face. They said once they see me due to the mark they gave me on my forehead they won’t recognize me again.

      As I grew up sometimes I will go to the stream with white fowl to do some sacrifice without anybody’s knowledge.

      I began to see visions; when I dream, my dreams will come to reality. If I’m angry with someone the person will never have peace until he/she begged me.

      I like to stay alone, you can never see me among of people.

      I will just sit down in a quiet place, my spirit will tell me to get 2/3 white fowls. Then in the night, only me around 12 a.m. will take them to the stream to pray for guidance and prosperity without getting any spiritual direction from spiritualist.

      Enlighten me more GGM, let me know my calling. Angels guide.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Religion has done more harm to our people. Tradition is the way, the truth and light. Don’t let anybody to deceive you telling you Jesus say this or do that, it’s all figment.

      We are God, we can manifest anything if we believe. Our mind is full of energy, so don’t be deceived by fairy-tales.

      Samuel Okereke, your experience was a true definition of ọgbanje of which you don’t need to be told. This is why people are suffering today. Spiritual ignorance which brought about spiritual disconnections: why people are suffering today.

      If you were told that the mark made it impossible for your sect (ndị ọgbọ na uke) not to recognize you anymore, it’s deception hence that’s not what it is.

      This is spirituality and as a spiritualist, a great dibịa, I will tell you what the mark entails. When we were assigned to visit the physical realm possessing fresh as a human, there are two numerous things deposited in our body for the purpose of this true effects. One of them are found on our fore head. This is why, as a spiritualist, seeing one, you could tell who he is.

      That which is deposited on our forehead are the most attractive magnet which enables spiritual connections. This is the very reason why people and their chi are seen together always. Why people and their ancestors, the gods and goddesses, and every other possible possibilities who were assigned to guide and direct his path for the true mission are seen always.

      This is the true divine sign which no force could fight, seeing who you are. This is real identity.

      It’s as white as crystal in nature. Very white and sparkling without any dent. If anything is pure white, it’s pure white.
      As strong as dynamite but like a stone. You can’t break it in piece and can’t behold its beauty. Very precious and admiring!

      Those of you who have witnessed where a child is been delivered from ọgbanje sects by a dibia could see it when it’s been removed.
      A dibịa could use agụba (local sharp knife that has pointing mouth). This is what is used to carve it out. As blood gushes, the dibia would press it hard, forcing it to come out. As the innocent child cries, you have to press it hard, forcing it out.

      As a result of one’s destiny and spiritual position, some children has this as many as possible. This is why a dibịa could remove as many as possible from your face and forehead. Some are seen in your cheek.

      Now, as these exercises are taken place, get to know that the child knowingly and unknowingly is being disengaged from his realm of origin. This is the possible reason why you could not access same spiritual point immediately after the successful ritual till death do you apart.

      This is why the sects has to keep their distance from you henceforth. How people were ignorantly subjected to suffering, failure, poverty, shame and reproach.

      Since my spiritual services as a true servant, I have not been engaged on this illegality hence I was strictly warned.

      I don’t disconnect people from their realm thus it is the possible reason for mmadụ ikwụrụ ofu ose (one standing alone and for nothing, without gaining, getting, receiving spiritual supports). At the cost of this ritual exercise, a dibịa could go an extent of removing your ugegbe iyi ụwa (a mirror of Reincarnation) at place.

      Get this truth known that when a child is born in a family, the sects must visit the very night of the birth. As they set to leave the environment, what they do is to deposit this mirror. It’s a sign which help guide, enabling them to locate the place next time. To do this, most of these divine are kept under local clay pot (where the family members store drinking water). Some are kept at the entrance of the gate while some are kept under stone. This stone must be where the family members sharpens their cutlass

      The gods are wise!
      Spirits are most powerful!!

      Now, these positions has to do with one’s destiny, that’s to say, what your destiny entails.
      This is why some of you who possess great destiny, the spirits has to drop this divine under the stone so that it could be sharpen each day as people sharpens their cutlass on the stone.

      Some destiny which has to do with multitude and rest of others, the divine will be kept at the entrance gate for effects. While others are kept under sacred trees as found in your place, enabling the gods and goddesses (as your destiny has it) .

      Remember, I told us earlier about sacred nature of some tress as we have them in our homes. Reasons for their sacred nature. Some who got reincarnation from these trees, their divine are seen most times under these deities such as akpụ ogwu, ngwu, ọra, ogirisi, achị etc.

      Proving that spirits never had wanted this divine to be seen, removed and messed up. It’s found many feet on the ground. This is why the dibia has to employ the service of able men who has to help him dig it out.

      For it to be found, the dibia has to persuade the child, who has to voluntarily point at the place where the divine are otherwise, it’s proving hard for the dibia to find it. It takes the services of a great dibịa to discover the divine with his oji. This is why it’s called oji agwụ. Oji eji ejigide mmụọ!
      (find oji picture from the discussion Ezumezu Ikenga Agwu – Light House of Wisdom

      As soon as these ritual rites are perfected, the child have been successfully disengaged from the sects (ọgbọ na uke) and his realm of origin (ndị ụwa ya) and has to stand all alone. Ọ kwụrụ n’ofu ose!

      This is how we are exposed to negative energies (the enemies). This is how we make caricature of our lives and has to suffer the true effects.

      Haven read this Samuel Okereke, you could see that only possible means to gain back lost glory is a call for ritual practices. It’s during the rituals that a priest/dibịa has to stand for you. Praying them to accept you back to the fold. Forgiven the errors as it was done in the past. Attributing the mistakes to the parent in other to ensure your innocent hence you were innocent.

      You weren’t the person who called for the services of the dibia as at the time it was done therefore you have to be accepted back if the necessary ritual material for the peace settlement are in place. The gods shall accept and welcome you back on board. I sorokwa n’ụgbọ na-aga aga (you joined back to the moving boat).

      After the ritual exercise, it’s then you shall have the responsibility as an individual to engineer your course, praying them day and night. Making your intentions known to them.

      As you pray them, they would bring revelations, telling you one by one, one step to another which you shall have to perfect for your spiritual growth.

      The more you engage them, the more light on your path.

      This is how you shall gain back your positions gradually.

      This is the truth you must know to make a difference.

      Your inability to know this truth, seeking a short cut for light on your path is ignorant. This is when you find out that nothing works for you whenever you tried.
      Each time you do what others does for success, yours turns out to be different, offering different results from positive expectations. This is how people question the possibility of juju hence juju do not work for them positively but has to work negatively.

      Awele which are done for progress and it brings progress to the people, if you do it, it brings troubles and more poverty to you. You begin to question possible reasons why yours are different. You created a negative path the very moment you were disengaged. The very moment you got disengaged from your realm of origin (ndị ụwa gị).

      Your world turns dark the very moment you blown off the light which was meant to shine on your path. That was the moment your world turned upside down. Religion has dealt with my people, with us immensely that it as well affects our reasoning. People think awkward.

      Even when they read it loud and clear, they have problem with understanding. Otherwise, tell me how could one read the bible from Genesis to Revelation and lack true understanding of the spirits?

      Ignorant made it possible. Hence, from the beginning of the text, the spirits made themselves known to mankind.
      Everything as we teach you today, to some it sounds strange but these are what you have read in one verse or another from the bible: if you so much trust the bible as a holy book.

      You have read them but lack the understanding. Manoah was visited by an angel (a spirit) who declared the truth to him as it has to do with a son who is to be born in his family. The angel made him understood that the son is not like others therefore, they should be careful not to put a razor, blade, knife on his hairs.

      He gave his name as samson. For the purpose of the true mission, the hairs was left uncombed and never cut off
      What happened?

      His true mission was perfected as it was assigned unto him. Today, our people said dada is an evil child. Suffer him not to leave yet they named their sons by the same name Samson.
      Who was Samson?
      Ofeke failed to ask himself.

      Samson was a dada. Your dada is evil child but another person’s dada by name Samson is holy child. Clap for yourself religious person.
      Sorry Africa!
      Sorry my people!!
      Sorry Christianity!!!

      As if that one was not enough. So that it won’t sound old model and out dated to them: another child was born whom his identity was inclined with the Christ (the messiah).

      His name “John” is most popular among men today. Everyone are proud to answer John.
      You see a Yoruba man and asked him, young man what’s that your name? He replied, I’m John.
      A Yoruba man oooo
      He is John!!!

      See son of Okereke from Ndike and ask him his name, he says, John.

      Who is John?
      John in England, John in Nigeria, John in Mozambique John in Sierra Leone.
      Who is John?

      Did you know that the name John brought a controversy when the angel first announced it to Zechariah (the father).
      He questioned saying, who among my relatives bears this name, John?

      It’s not our name and none of our relatives was able to answer the name. How could I give my son, only son a name which is not found in our genealogy?

      At that very moment, when it was obvious to the angel that the man has determined to fight spiritual order, he stroke him with dumb (he was unable to speak again).

      Ugochukwu Italy:
      I love this

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      If this happens to our people today, they scream and shouted, what an evil child coming to visit the family?

      It happens that way anyway. The birth of John brought lots of disputes among the people after birth.

      On the very day he was to be named. Because the father could not speak again, the kinsmen gave authority to the mother Elizabeth. They asked him what the son name should be?

      This is tradition of the Jews. For those of you who choose to follow the ways of the Jews accepting Abraham as their ancestors. They would sing, Abraham blessings are mine.
      Ndị ara! Mad people!!

      It’s tradition of the Jews for a child to be named before his people not in the church. It’s tradition of those people whom you follow their path. It’s their tradition for a mother and father to recognize the kinsmen, given names of born child right before them. After that, other rituals will take place!

      Still on John’s case. Because the father Zechariah could not speak, the authority was given to the mother Elizabeth who said, his name will be called John.

      The people opened their list to find if any of their ancestors had answered such names earlier but founded none.

      They disagreed with the woman saying, he can’t be called John hence its not in our list. We don’t understand this name. From Abraham till date, it’s not found in our list. How come the name?

      When Zechariah finds out that the people are winning over his wife, trying, fighting hard to change the handwriting on the wall: he gave sign that a pen and paper could be given to him.

      They granted his request and offered him writing materials and he wrote, HIS NAME IS JOHN. Immediately, he was released from the spell.

      Who told you that it’s not by the powers of the spirits that spells are made possible?
      How much do you know the truth as e dey happen in the realm of spirit?

      Zechariah began to speak and he spoke with joy, was filled by the Holy spirits.
      He said so many things as it has to do with the child before the people (congregation).

      It was then that it got cleared to them (the relatives) that none should give John yam or rice, meat or fish: no matter how long he begged or cried for it.

      Do you know what it cost to train ọgbanje?
      Do you think it’s ofe nkupu?

      It got cleared to them that John is not like others, he has a divine mandate among the people hence his choice of food which are locust and honey (igurube na mmanụ aṅụ).
      That’s an ọgbanje for you.
      Yes, true ọgbanje!

      This truth has to be told so that the ignorant has knowledge of the truth and be able to stand for the truth.

      It’s high time people are deceived by the so called religious people who device means to turn truth upside down.
      It’s enough.
      Truth must stand!

      My people must know the truth to make a difference. Know the truth and practice the truth you know. This is the life and wisdom you seek.

      This is why we are here @ great light house of wisdom discussion forum, where truth rules.

      More light on our paths as angels guide us all. Iseee

      Joseph Mazoje:
      Words are not enough to describe your level of knowledge. Our GGM some times I ask myself if you were born as human or you are one of those great Angels sent down to deliver mankind because with the way you dissect man and spirits I can only say SPIRITS are most most most POWERFUL.
      ODOGWU AKATTAKA isi mmiri igbo nile, may you live long Iseeeee.

      Samuel Okereke:
      Thank you so much GGM for opening my eye more and more, I’m speechless. I don’t even know what to say. May Gods and Goddesses keep you, bless you and more wisdom.

      Johnson Chine.:
      The GGM, You are indeed an embodiment of wisdom. I am indeed lucky to have joined this house. May God’s and goddesses guide you. Iseee.

      Uchechukwu Origwe:
      Thank you Ezi nnam, words are not enough to explain all you did for me this morning. I thank the gods and goddesses for being a light bearer.
      Ofeke really, ajoka

      Kendo David:

      Cherish Ogbuehi:
      Thanks a lot for the works well done in this media, thanks for the eye opening, for wisdom imparting, and knowledge acquiring lectures with many more to come, most especially for opportunity to be here I say thanks and God bless.

      Wow…I’m highly impressed by your words and they make meaning to my life.. for here is where the truth lies and I’m proud to be in this forum.

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