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      Questions and answers from members of light house of wisdom as posted on Facebook.

      Agugu Chigozie:
      Pls sir If someone do his/her oku chi presentation how will d person know if its successful or not cos I heard it might not be done well or sometimes u may call down d wrong person nd be feeding him/her,so do one know.

      To prepare ọkụ chi _ chi temple Okwu Chi – Chi Temple – Light House of Wisdom
      http://lighthouseofwisdom.com/forums/topic/okwu-chi-chi-temple/ starts from knowing and haven individuals name.

      That is to say, knowing first the name of person who wants to do his/her ọkụ chi. From knowing about the person that is when we know his/her names.

      From the knowledge, saying his /her full names, the dibia has to consult the person’s chi using the details.
      When the spirits answer. Many questions have to be asked which all will help knowledge of the truth. From the information, the dibia will know if the person is a mariner or not.

      From the information, the person’s channels will get open/known to the messenger who has to work using those vital information.

      From there, he seek for the materials for true representatives. This is where we see ọjị plant (iroko) or ọra in someone’s chi unlike another person’s chi. This is where we find akpụ ogwu or inyi plant in your chi temple unlike my own temple. This is how will insert sand and stone from the ocean or river (reading from one’s level in marine world as a mariner). This is how different herbs and roots make present in the said temple representing forces with him/her.

      These are possible from the invitation, consult on one’s chi. With these, you will see that no room for failure on the temple institution.

      After these stages come next stage which takes place after the temple construction. This is when the person has to be present (if he/she wish to be present).
      Lets get done with the present before we talk about the absence.

      When he/she takes presents on the ritual date which is known as ikpotu chi onye _ calling down one’s chi.
      The priest shall present before you in a broad day light the temple already constructed. Give you a chick (uriem/Ụbụrụ ọkụkọ). Ask you to use to cleanse yourself and the temple. You say after him ritual prayers in that regard.

      After which, comes a ritual with nzu which you say prayers after him. So you do with edo and ọjị (kolanut).
      Ntụ Nsị egbe (gun powder) and alligator pepper (oseoji) rituals follow. All these rituals are done for perfection of the exercise as directed by the priest.

      Finally, comes the fowl which so many prayers have to be done holding the fowl. Finally, it will be slaughtered and the blood has to be sprinkled round about the temple (feeding the spirits in attendance) for the honor of the event. Ọ bụrụ nri chi, i kwọcha chi gị aka/iru.

      After that comes the food sharing where you or someone else have to cook the ritual fowl with a yam. Here, a woman in her menses should not cook nor prepare the meal. When the food is ready, ị bịa gọọ ya na chi gị. It will be said to be orikọ mmụọ na mmadụ. You pour drinks.

      Here, the drink must foam. It could be life, hero, star beer or any other beer which foams but must not be dark coloured such as legend or stout.

      Finally comes saraka. When you are done with the ritual in the present with the chi and host of other spirits in attendance, you bring the remainder to eat with people, children, young and old. This is known as saraka. You share drinks if you can afford. All shall eat and be happy for the successful ritual events.

      A situation whereby the person is not present. The priest has to do all these on his/her behalf.

      With details as given above, how could you question the true possibility of the ritual events and the reality?

      Get knowledge and understanding. In all your get, get wisdom
      Wisdom is the principle thing.
      More light on our paths as angels guide us all.

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        Sir please if someone have called down his or her chi in okpesi only will he still needs to do oku chi



          I thank my Chi for bringing me here today. I just registered today. This is Light.

          I have been confused on our traditional practices and given then current situation of the world, finding such information is very hard.

          I was searching for information on Okeite and I landed on this website and am very glad I am here now. Ya diri unu nma. Iseee!!!

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