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      Peter Kanayo:
      Good day Odogwu Akataaka. Please what is Arobunagu, what does it do and how is it worshipped? Thank you.

      Arọbinagụ as you may like to know is what Igbo know as ezumezu mmụọ, perfection and completion of spirits given to the people or persons.
      Oke arụsị!!

      This is why it’s institution asked for a complete vulture. Nothing shall be found wanting from the body of the vulture during this ritual performance.
      Remember, the presence of vulture in every ritual symbolises presence of the spirits.

      Among 100 rituals, only 2 to 3 see the presence of vulture. Having complete, body of a vulture during Arọbinagụ institution simply talks about its powers.

      Preparation of Arọbinagụ ask for big clay pot that has two hands(oké ite ọna) . This kind of clay pot is no longer found at place (recent). In the olden days, it is this kind of clay pot that we used to prepare Arọbinagụ for the people.
      This is why it last eternal. Open the ground next five hundred years, one million years or five million years to come: it remains same. It never corrupt or decay in the ground.

      Nowadays, it is done with open clay pot (ọkụ). Both hands are used to install all ritual materials inside the pot until it is completed _ asị n’aka abụọ ka eji efikwa arụsị.
      When it is completed, to install it for the people to help effects. In the olden days, Arọbinagụ must be sacrificed alive with a boy and a girl (to help effects). Hence its oke arụsị na nne. Reason for its powers and quality services.

      Nowadays, it is no longer in practice this is why we sacrifice alive using a ram and female goat. One white colour the other black. They are both buried alive during rituals in the temple.

      Arọbinagụ brings light and progress, prosperity and security to the people. This is why it must be sacrificed with a goat seasonal.

      Arọbinagụ is like Ọda Ọmụmụ but not same as Ọda Ọmụmụ eve though some people mistake them, calling both same name thus they work alike. Arọbinagụ serves same purpose with Ọda Ọmụmụ but with differences. The difference has to do with the fact that Ọda Ọmụmụ serves just the purpose for child bearing and security to the sons and daughters born in the family (where he/she is present/in charge). Another different has it that, ọda ọmụmụ has male and female. While Arọbinagụ contains both male and female.

      Arọbinagụ serve purposes of ọda ọmụmụ as well but with more services on wealth and security etc. That made it arụsị Odogwu. It was found in the house of dike ọgụ or Odogwu (warrior or wealthy men) whereas Ọda Ọmụmụ does not cause prosperity and wealth.
      Ọda Ọmụmụ can only be seen in a family where the gods fight lives of the people(sons and daughters born to the family). And in most cases where children refused coming to a family or staying after birth.

      Arọbinagụ is reason why most family are richer and more wealthy than others in igbo community today. Hence as many as families that have this institution those days are bound to be rich and wealthy upon ritual sacrifices. Because not all family could afford Arọbinagụ, but wealthy families with noble men: some families did not have such till this day. Despite financial ability those days to afford the rituals, some men weren’t after riches and wealth therefore unable to set the path by instituting Arọbinagụ. Moreover, Poor families or clan can’t afford the institution. From time immemorial, not all men were able to carry on with spiritual activities just like nowadays.

      Ọda ọmụmụ or Arọbinagụ shrine are those points when you come in a family, you find out that there is a temple where the elders offer ritual sacrifices with goat occasionally. Some arọbinagụ might ask you sacrifice with goat twice a year and with fowl after four eke or orie or afọ market days. Whichever be the market must allign with market day of the community. If the people /community have eke market days, this ritual is observed after four eke market days. Upon this ritual order are more light upon the sons and daughters born in the family. Secret of the wise, most times remains untold!(wisdom of Odogwuakataaka). These are the deeds and acts of the ancient that has gods permit. Mmụọ dike _ the spirits are most powerful.
      Angels guide.
      Imagine what happens when such was removed from its place or been denied off ritual proceedings owing to religion and belief. Why the mighty are falling!
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      GM u have said it all…cus Arobinagu is the Arusi in my place..which is Ifite Awkuzu..and it happen to be my Chi uwa/Arusi noro mu Uwa..is really oke Arusi…more light to our path..

      Peter Kanayo
      Odogwu Akataaka!!! ikpelem di na ana..Nwa bekee si ‘I bow and tremble’. After series of inquiry and investigation , you have finally given me a deep understanding of this Oke Alusi. I thank you very much for your patience and time.This information is priceless. Regarding Oda Omumu, should I take it to be the same deity as Akwali Omumu? May the spirits continue to guide you aright..

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        <p style=”text-align: left;”>You are a great man of wisdom! Dalu rienne Odogwu Akataaka</p>


          odogwu Akataaka can this arobinagu be installed to a families this day and what are the requirement for this?


            Ekenem Odogwu Akataka. Please So if this is eternal when installed does it mean that it can’t be removed again and if no sons offered it it’s usually sacrifices but then the grandsons want to. Will they have to do another installation on it?

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