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    Grand Master

      Odogwu Akataaka:

      I bring you greetings from the gods and goddesses. May they leave to guide, protect and bless us daily as we look up to them. Isee.


      This is the great light house of wisdom discussion forum on telegram where knowledge of the truth rules. Truth is our watchword. Reason we tell you the truth we know always. If not the truth we know, we have no other business with you.


      Just like always, we bring you spiritual updates to help you keep fit the spirits.


      Do know as a human being, you can’t do without spirits support. To gain their support daily on your routine, you must keep fit with them. Draw close to them through ritual practices. This is more reason why we are keeping you updated. Telling you things you should know and how to do these things.


      As a young practitioner, heed to the information to benefit more. Thus, blessed are those who are closer to their guardian spirits. In regards, there is no other way to get closer to the spirits if not to practice the truth.


      Whenever you talk about practicing the truth in Spirituality. That’s where you see the effects of ritual sacrifices.


      Among all the well to do individuals, they all know the truth and practice the truth they know. Don’t forget, this is the world of human and the spirits.


      To get your equal shares in this world (life), you must get spiritual connect. Spiritual connect here talks about practicing the truth. This will make you a different man. I wish you the best of life more than you wished yourself.


      Haven joined our group, take time to read on our past lectures which are found above. Simply scroll down to your limit, finding numerous topic discussions that enlighten.


      As a new member of the group, don’t feel like you have missed a lot when you still have chances as said earlier. More reason we joined telegram and prefer the platform to WhatsApp. You could find our lectures even the first lecture the very first day we opened this group (over 2 years now).


      Our website http://www.lighthouseofwisdom.com is here to serve you better, therefore, you must love reading as much as you like to hear the truth.


      If you do, you will not miss any gap (like a bus driver).


      We have recorded numerous rituals so far which you still have chances to get engaged. If you could find any, do yourself good by practicing them without seeking for my approval.


      Our ritual exercise are for everyone. Don’t bother to ask me if you should get involved or whatsoever. If you have read them and your spirit beard you witness, telling you that you needed to participate, go ahead (following directives).


      Please don’t bother calling my attention on past ritual exercise. I stand for future as a director of this great assembly. Standing for future here denied me the opportunity to revisit the past. Never forget, life and Spirituality talks about future. As a spiritualist, I always keen to it. I stand for life and future. This is why I won’t go back to yesterday just like yesterday will never come back to me.


      Those information are good for you, it will help you to step up. The rituals will help promote your Spiritual life. Avoiding them is a miss of step.

      I tell you, never miss a step if you must stand positive in spiritual journey.


      Those of us who have tested and trusted could tell how good it’s to keep fit rituals. It offers numerous values with uncountable benefits. With the spirits, life is good. Without them, life is full of sorry, agony, suffer, difficulty and challenges.



      Thanks very much leader


      Odogwu Akataaka:

      This is your world if you must ask me. As I always advice my followers, always rule your world.


      Your world is not my world if we must visit destiny. And you must know, destiny and for the purpose of destiny is the only reason we are here. Let this sound a warning to those of you who think we are here for joke and play.


      Life and our purpose of been here on earth is not for fun and play. We are work men (laborers). The fun and play only comes when you already got your first. That’s when you now leave your life like a free man and a king/queen.


      A free man is he who is not a slave to anyone and that’s whom you should be (owing to your destiny). Your destiny called you a freeman. Because you shares a different destiny from mine and everyone else, it simply makes you a freeman if you must work inline


      A king/queen here is not a tittle but a merit thus every destiny is for honour. Our chi is here to make it possible reason you also have a different chi from mine and to no one else. It’s you and your chi. Me and my chi. Another with his chi and her chi. Our chi aren’t same!


      Following these deep truth to the land of the spirits (home of truth). You see why you must know the truth, practice the truth you know to help you rule your world.


      These we have discussed often time but here am refreshing your memory as well as calling back your attention towards progressive path should you don’t know.


      Our ritual practices for your information is not evil engagement. Free your mind from condemnation if you must get best of life. The world is not kid and will never be a child like your thought if you have any reason to judge activities going on here on Earth.


      The world and activities of the world are older than you and will never be your mate. Trying to judge and compare activities as seen here on Earth from information gotten from someone or elsewhere is why you must end up been condemned.


      As much as much as you don’t know the truth yet and seek to know the truth, cease from judgment. Because you have not known what is true in respect of Spirituality, cease to judge spiritual affairs.


      It’s like the information in circulation about evil spirits and holy spirits. Could you help tell much about them? Perhaps, telling us who they are and where they reside?


      Telling us what made them evil spirits and holy spirits?


      Telling us why this is evil one and more reason we should call the other holy one.


      I ask you to get knowledge of the truth. Know the truth. The truth you know shall set you free.


      In spiritual matters, be quick to learn and slow to reach to conclusion. Thus, in the realm of spirit, there’s no end.


      Only person that has an end is he/she who knows all things like the religious leaders. They knows all things.


      Reason they quickly reach to conclusion, telling you what they assumed to be the truth.


      But we the spiritualist, we don’t know all things. More reason we often rely on the spirits to guide and direct our path. Often reach out to them to know more. Always following them like a lad while they flow like a river


      Just like no end to air, earth, waters etc so no end to Spirituality


      Life was created for the the purpose of infinity and stand for infinity. We are rooted onto it. Reason we always soar high like an Eagle and move forward like rivers. Our knowledge are immeasurable like the dept of ocean. And our wisdom is not limited like the air. You can’t compare our fountain of knowledge like any other thing just like nothing could be compared with the spirits


      Do what your world required of you if you must become a better person and when you do, cease not to judge yourself. Never judge yourself!


      To judge is to know it all. What do you know about life and the world? The world is a spiritual place with forces rulling. The governors of this world is the forces we can’t see. The affairs of life lies on their control. You are making yourself a fool when you assume you know all the truth about life.


      We follow the guardians of the spirits for the best of life than the knowledge of men and their teachings. Do you now see why we often ask you to know your chi _ spirit guide?


      Ofeke amaghị mgbe e kere nkụ ụkwa is Igbo adage that speaks wisdom and defines wisdom to the ignorant.


      Know your chi is the only truth ever any one would tell you. In Igbo Language we say, nwata ya na chi ya dị na mma anaghị eje na be dibịa ka ọ gbara ya afa simply means that your chi has greater things and commission for you more than what mouth can say.


      Know your chi is the beginning of wisdom and light on your chi. When you begin with your chi, you sure to end in light _ chibuihie.


      When you begin with your chi, life is possible. You don’t struggle for life and won’t hustle like you do always


      Your chi is a blessing to you and a work force. How do I open your skull to put this truth in you so that you get knowledge?


      Your destiny is your chi and your chi is the carrier of your destiny. Both can’t separate just like truth and life can’t separate. Just like heaven and earth work together so your chi and destiny. Just like day and night. Your chi and destiny works like night and day to make a full day. Just like darkness and light, your chi shares same link with your destiny. Is this well understood?


      To know your chi is to know your destiny. You can’t get to know your destiny nor reap from it without knowing your chi. Why? It’s because chibugo.


      When you suffer as a result of witchcraft, don’t be quick to reach out a conclusion, saying its from evil spirit so that you don’t mistake good for bad. Just like it’s improper to address your beloved mother an evil woman simply because she suffers you for an error committed. So it’s when you mistake a discipline from your guardian spirits when you are been punished for what you didn’t do right


      Do you see why you needs more spiritual information to know the unknown?


      Those of you who joined this group for the basic of asking questions and have to ask their questions immediately they joined. In as much as I don’t condemn the act but then, I tell you, we might not meet up with you this time around for we have much things around us that might not give us the chances of going through questions and answers


      Just like you were made to understand from the record of the wise Solomon in Ecclesiastes chapter 3.


      This time around, we aren’t going through questions and answer but to bring you a review so that you keep fit. This is a priority!


      If you aren’t getting things right in life, seek through spiritual consultation to help know more about yourself. Ana_agba afa isi


      If you aren’t much aware why you are always finding things easy for life and life aren’t treating you with kind, go and consult on your head


      There are limits for prayers_ that’s to say, what prayers can do for you.

      There are things prayers could do when you know what you are praying about and things prayers can’t do no matter how long you prayed.


      Even if you like fast in addition. You know when religious elements failed it all, they asked you to fast. Do you know why they suggest you fast? It’s because they believe fast is greater than prayer.

      But I tell you today, there are still many problem you face today that not even fasting could solve


      Situation such as that, go and consult on your head. I always tell people, mmụọ n’eri asaa, ọ bụrụ na gị nye ya isii, ọ naghị anara _ a spirit that asked for seven don’t take six. It’s an adage.


      Don’t think there’s is time things would get better. If you have the opportunity to ask even your great great great grandfathers, they would tell you even in their time and generation things aren’t as better as today and not even tomorrow, things won’t get more better than today


      What does that tells you?


      Did you buy yourself knowledge from the information? That’s to tell you that today you take control of makes tomorrow better for you.


      Have you wondered why some are poor today and some are rich at same time? Have you asked yourself why some who are not rich today happens to become rich tomorrow? Do you think these things happens without cause and effects?


      Who said something just happens for nothing?


      Nothing happened for nothing!


      Every action calls for attraction.


      You know I am not on twitter that you could follow me but then never forget the wise quotes and wisdom of the great odogwuakataaka (the grand master of knowledge).


      Wisdom of the wise is light on the path of his followers. Reason why Solomon asked you to follow the wise so that you become wise like him Proverbs 13:20


      Wisdom for your information is profitable to direct. Reason enough people don’t okay with the wise. No way you can deceive the wise. You can’t enslave him. He can’t be your subject because he is a master.


      Be wise to gladden the heart of your mother and father Proverbs 27:11


      Don’t let anyone deceive you to a limit of destruction. When you suffer, you suffer alone. Remember, you only suffer when you lack knowledge of the truth. Wisdom will make you a king. It position a sit for you and makes you sit with the honourables.


      Wisdom leads you to the right path towards your destinies where you happen to know that it’s you and your world. You have no one to look up to. That’s why you hear people who understand more about life saying, I don’t look up to anyone.


      When you find yourself in this office where you can proudly say, I looks up to you none. It’s my life and my world. I got to rule it. Me and my chi. It’s no one’s business what I do and how I do it. I like it and I am onto it. I go with my chi. His will is my concern!


      Above statement is wisdom. The application is success.


      Reason you must become great as a great person.


      Great men and women do things without second party’s will



      It’s because your world is not her world.


      It’s because your business is not his business.


      It’s because it’s her life, she got to leave her life the way it pleases her.


      Come to know that this is what life talks about. Failure to take note of this truth is reason why good number of you go ahead doing what pleases others and end up displeasing yourself. Finding yourself in this junction is end of road when sorrow, remorse, suffer, hardship, poverty etc becomes the order of the day.


      When it’s been said at eke, orie, afọ and nkwọ, it’s said to be ife onye meere onwe ya. May it never be your portion!


      Odogwuakataaka bụ anya fụrụ mmụọ. My prayers to each and every one of us is that we leave to become great, vessel of honour, men and women of values, rich and King’s that rule empires.


      May we be like the market (full of treasures) but will not go like the market (so soon), but like Ijele masquerade _ ọfọ m n’isi anyị nille bụ ka anyị zụọ ka ahịa, zụrụ uru na eke, orie, afọ, na nkwọ mana anyị laba, anyị agaghị ala ka ahịa. Anyị ga ala ka Ijele.


      Awele awele!


      Ugo ugo!!


      Prince Idmoak:



      Keke Onyeka:



      Chinyere Eunice Okoroafor:



      Amarachi Cyril:

      Wow!!! Thank you my GM you are wonderful



      Iseeeee… Onye amamihe has spoken. Dalu!






      Iseeee Ofo soro ibeya reee iseeee


      Nwatakwocha Aka:



      Okems Joseph:



      Amarachi Orajiuka:



      C.O Ibe:



      Tony Tonnero:




      I thank you so much odogwuakataka when we have knowledge every other things will be added unto us


      GLORY RICH 5:



      kingsley abasili:

      Iseeeeeeeeee. Dalu ri nne, the great Odogwuakataka


      Nwana Raymond:


      Benben Faith:



      Offor Paul:



      Adaobi Nwizugbe:

      Isee nnukwu nna anyi hi eme onu


      IKMAN Ik:



      Ikechukwu Awuz:


      Thanks you sir, Odogwu akataka I.  The high priest from Abrudah City. Your words of wisdom are second to none.


      IKMAN Ik:

      Wise one


      C.O Ibe:

      As  GGM Himself Odogwu 1 of,Abrudah Land says


      Get to know this, the world where we are ain’t free


      Nothing is for free on earth


      Only a fool (ofeke) thinks life is free.


      The wise knows better.


      Ikechukwu Amadi:

      Odogwuakataka u will never die Young


      japan japan:



      Godwin Mbonu:




      Good evening all. Plz I want to know the Igbo name of bay leaf and where it can be found.

      More lights in our path.


      Nneamaka Uruagu:



      Ella Express:

      Good morng all


      Wilson Deco:

      Please can perform a morning request without washing my mouth

      Like praying and sending a request with hot drink and coins to help me perform a request


      Chy Jane:



      David Alo:

      Odogwuakataka eze mmuo……iseeee oh


      Ugochukwu Cyriacus:



      Amarachi Cyril:

      Austin water is life, so is a good thing but meanwhile we don’t interpret dreams in this platform.


      Chiamaka Favour:



      Nkechinyere Asaba 2:



      Ezebranson Branson:

      Is the best


      Wilson Deco:

      OK sir


      Demartino Samuel:

      Iseeeeee papa nwekwu


      Nkechinyere Asaba 2:



      C.O Ibe:

      From GGM : Spirits are closer to you more than the eye is closer to the eyelid. Visible than the moon and brighter than the sun. Spirits are there best friends you can make more than human being


      They answer as soon as you call and always provide assistance to help your happiness, thus your happiness is their motto.


      Daniel Ankpa:



      Prince UJA:






      Mmụọ Dike.


      Daâlú Isi Mmiri Igbo nilé


      Harmony Godwin:

      You are too much my gm,angels guide.





      Peter Excel:

      Iseeeeeee, any time u speak I gain some unknown confident, feel blessed and more educated than any course or study in d world…… Chi Ukwu always bless and grant your always request, iseee


      Sir your last comment carry furious magnitude of information, may d gods and goddess bless u, isee



      May they always answer us a isee


      Uchechukwu Origwe:

      Iseee Iseee Iseee


      Cherish Ogbuehi:

      Iseeee, thanks my master


      Om Kwesi Ayiden Blankson:

      “Prayers when moved, reporting to the realm of spirit kept knocking on the door and has to wait for a permission to make entrance unlike a sacrifice.


      A sacrifice is like that of a child whose father sent robbing, he uses leg to blow off the door. Our Sacrifice speaks with louder voice and make immediate entrance, waiting for no permission.”


      These words of the Grand Master has opened my eyes. I couldn’t stop rejoicing after reading them. What I would have used thousand years to know, the GM has revealed in a second.


      Thank you Spiritual father.


      Cosmas Okafor Ebuka:

      Good evening everyone here


      Izuchukwu Ejerukwam:



      Benben Faith:

      It is your fingers


      henrietta white:

      GGM, please I will like to consult to know the path to take





      Ezeanowii Ugochukwu:



      Cosmas Okafor Ebuka:

      Good morning


      I will like to consult here


      Candy Ghana:



      henrietta white:



      Pato Ranky:

      GGM, please I want to know how to pray with Ose Oji ….


      kings pablo:



      Lizzy Michael:

      Good afternoon everyone


      henrietta white:

      Good afternoon


      JP PH:



      Chief Ọbaghagbọn Akụ Mmiri 1

        Iseeeee, The Gods and Goddesses Bless you Odogwuakataka Isi Nmiri Igbo nille,Anya furu Mmou.



        I have  gained Wisdom and knowledge of the TRUTH because you of your loyalty to the Spirits and Spirituality. Yagazie, Eke, Orie, Afor na Nkwor.




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