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      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Today, we are to have discussion on juju. What you should know about juju. Revealing the truth none has ever told you.

      So many of you despite your age bracket still question the possibility of juju. The effects and reality. Some of you still doubt and have to argue saying nothing like juju.

      I have to first of all start by saying the truth I know. There’s truly powers on earth. And these powers aren’t far away from us rather they are seen within us. How much do you know that almost every thing you see today (that was created) possessed powers?

      Knowing it helps you say yes to charm/juju. When you don’t know this to be true, that’s only time you could fool yourself amidst knowledge. Yes there are powers in all things. Every thing you see today has powers. You can only know this deeper when you draw closer to the spirit. That’s when you receive messages, revealing hidden powers in creation.

      So, dibia’s/babalawo’s/alpha’s preparing juju for you does not make it possible by strange powers, using strange materials if not things you see but do not know and things you have but don’t know its powers.

      The creator of heaven and earth left us with these possibilities and wanted us to benefit from them. That’s why they aren’t hidden from us neither do they remain invisible to us.
      Don’t be deceived!

      Going on with the truth at light house of wisdom where knowledge rules. We teach you nothing but the truth we know.

      When you see herbs on the road path and in the bush, they are symbols of powers. All the herbs you see today possesses powers reading from the root to the leaves. The wonder in them is that almost all of them has different abilities. That’s to say, services you did with ogirisi root which prove powerful might fell if you make use of the leaf. In some cases, the leaf will deliver where the root will fail.

      Have you asked yourself why there are so many death rate nowadays more than in the olden days?

      The truth and secret has to do with lack of knowledge of herbs, roots and consumption.
      In the olden days, rarely do people die as a result of gun bullet (for instance).

      The reason being that so many roots they chew in the morning has the potential ability to resist bullet (in any case).
      Same as poison!

      Because these roots and herbs are well known by these people to resist and fight against poison. Therefore, no how person under the possession could die as a result of food poison or poisonous attack.

      But today, at least, 15% death record in our society today’s fingers poison.

      We can’t help count how many life lost weekly in our society as a result of gun bullet etc.

      Haven said these, may you never die a coward and as an ignorant when you have the opportunity to gain true knowledge about life.

      Talking about charm making. We prepare charms using necessary materials that we know, having the ability for the desired services.  It’s as simply as that!

      Just like the white men with education in science and technology. In the school, you were thought in physics and chemistry how to put some chemical elements into action to get a result.

      That’s how you come to produce acid. Isn’t it?

      That’s how battery are been produced. That’s how torch light are been produced. That’s how you make engine.

      In knowledge of the spirit, we are told by the creator(s), the messengers and holy spirits on how to apply creatures into work for desired purpose. That’s how we come to know about these herbs and plants with their individual abilities.

      They will teach you and show you, guide you and at same time approve it.

      It’s falsehood when someone stand there to tell you that it’s Satan who is behind juju/charm and occult is behind its powers. These are fallacy and nothing but lies from the bottom pit.

      If you have anyone to castigate, I think it should be no other person than the creator(s).

      Take for instance you want to make juju we call mkpu. Mkpu is juju that makes it impossible for bottle, axe, matchet and any sharp object to penetrate your body. You go with part gotten from python, some roots, herbs etc.

      Put them together and roast on fire (knowledge is required) say what you want. When they are done, haven sent the messages to the sun, air, earth, heaven etc by the smoke. Put it down and allow to cool.
      With the knowledge required as I mentioned above, you would need to mark on the necessary part of the body or mold it so that it could be swallowed.
      Necessary part of the body is reason it won’t fell hence there are some part of the body that you won’t mark for it to be effective.
      When that is done, you might need to observe a holiness (nsọ).

      Keeping the holiness is what would prolong and champion the course thus every creature is holy. In some cases, owing to one’s level of spiritual order, the priest or person who prepared the charm might ask you not to keep order of holiness. But this must be said when it’s certain that the juju contains too many ritual items. Through spiritual knowledge, we understand that the more you put firewood on fire, the more it blazes/flames.

      That’s why you find out sometimes that some charm are lesser in powers than others.

      It has to do with limited knowledge of the person who prepared it.

      Sometimes you wonder why it takes only a dibia/priest to prepare juju. It’s not like only dibia could do juju or it’s only by him that it will be effective.

      You could make effective juju more than a dibia if you must know that spirits and knowledge are what makes it powerful.

      Therefore, get the true knowledge and get connected to your spirit guide.

      When you do, you will make a powerful juju more than the dibia who lacks knowledge.

      Spirits and knowledge of the truth is only thing that makes juju a juju. They are indeed the most important factors required.

      This is why you must do all things to get reconnected to your realm of origin. When you do, you have directly and indirectly invoked all powers for effects. That’s when you will be able to do that which I can’t do or possibly do that which I can do.

      No one is slave and the other a master. You can only be slave when you lack knowledge that makes a difference. You can only be a master when you have the knowledge that makes a difference man.

      Finally, let no one deceive you from accepting the truth which the world behold.

      In our next episode, we shall discuss further on this to keep the flag of truth flying high.

      More light on our path as angels guide us all.

      I remain the great Odogwuakataaka, isi mmiri Igbo nille, o gbu onye ọjọọ ụbọchị ndụ na-atọ ya ụtọ, nde nni atụ egwu, akpaka na_agba na udu mmiri. In all, the high priest from Abrudeh City. I know whom I am. Ajọ nwa!


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