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      Ani Nwa Anoke:
      Good morning my Gm,and to all the members of light house of wisdom,,please I want to ask what can some one do to prevent spiritual attack?????

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      To stop spiritual attack, first get to know why they attack and where the attack is coming from. If you happened to have been the hand behind your back, that serves you better.

      From my years of spiritual services, I have come to know through spiritual information that many canker worm that eats people’s wealth was invited by the same people.

      Many are troubles that men got into which happened to have been a repercussion.

      If these happend to be the case, you deserved it and shouldn’t worry.
      What a man sowed he shall reap.

      Don’t forget that good number of you have heard and accepted it to be true that when a snake refused to swallow a fellow, it won’t grow. The question remains, are you a snake or human being?

      When you refuse to know yourself and begin to compare yourself with an animal and at the same time begin to leave life of animals: that which happen to animals will begin to happen to you.

      Never forget, not everyone you can do away with. You will not succeed tricks and cheat with everyone. Some person’s spirit might fight you immediately and some later. Some people might forgive and forget when you wrong them and some won’t.

      Some may say, let the gods judge you and go their way doing nothing even when they have leftover while some will go extra mile to make sure you reap what you sowed.

      Never forget, spirits have never relent to reward us according to our wages. This is why today, it sound like spirits are quick to punishment.

      That’s one side of spiritual attack.

      Another side could come as a result of revenge from forces that goes with us. It could be as a result of your destiny, family, etc. A situation whereby you do not know what you suppose to know and at same time do what you should have done. It would result to spiritual attack.

      When we speak about destiny. Powers behind our individual destiny’s could expose us to a task which our ignorant would bring about the attack. A situation by which our chi needs our stop to help him fight our course.

      Your ignorant to provide him with necessary energy as required would move him to attack you. But before this happens, you must often be warned. This warning must constantly be repeated either in the dreams or sound. You might be asked to make a certain ritual sacrifices.

      It could be blood ritual or whatever. Your inability to respond will permit the punishment(attack). This is when your chi will give open doors for the spirits to attack you as well as stand to execute the attack. These are information one way we got attacked.

      Moreover, spiritual attack come from our root or home. In every home there are deities assigned for guide and protection. This doesn’t ask for your believe. Whether you believe it or not, it’s real!

      Owing to our father’s and forefathers commitment to these deities, we are compelled to continue the transmission. When we say no to the services, it sometimes amount to spiritual attack. Why?

      That’s because it’s our root!

      I warned you never messed up your with your root. Your root is like a standing stool. None seats well and have a valance without sitting on something. That which gives you a balance when you are sitting must not be ignored.

      Never forget too quick that you no one will succeed working alone. Therefore, never work alone!

      Furthermore, our individual interests could expose us to spiritual attack. Some of us knowingly and unknowingly have in one way and another exposed ourselves into danger. Many are ways of men which felt proper check that brings a tragedy later.

      When the fire begin to burn, we are likely to forget too quick or had to remember but call it nothing. Calling it nothing here is even worse than forgetfulness. Calling it nothing is reason why we assumed that it doesn’t matter when it matters a lot.

      Some of you have in the past called upon the spirits in difficult situations and pledged allegiance only to forget as soon as the storm is over.

      Do you know one thing?

      The gods are not men!

      Human easily forget as soon as worries are over but the gods never forget at all times and always keeps record.

      Their thoughts aren’t like ours. That’s why sometimes, that, which you call something might not be valued unto them as it’s to you.

      In same manner, that which you do not take as something might be a great deal to them. This is why you must be wise to understand the spirits and be careful to work with them.

      Your ways aren’t like their ways. Some of you have gone to several places in search of wealth, happiness, children, success, promotion and breakthrough. Good you did!

      How much do you remember your commitment in those places.

      There was a time a young man contacted me from this great assembly for spiritual consultation and it was revealed to me that her mother took him and his siblings to a certain community where she to prayed a deity for protection and her prayer was answered. She made a promise to the deity and left.

      After so many years the deity attacked. Now, she has forgotten these whole matter and has to ran to the church for deliverance.

      For years, deliverance was no where to be found. So when her child who happened to become a member of this great assembly light house of wisdom contacted me. I asked to speak to her mum and my permission was granted.

      I told her everything and she asked what could be done after accepting the whole information to be true. Though initially she wanted to deny it saying only Jesus she know.

      When I revealed so many information including her marriage palava, she admitted and was on her kness begging for what to be done. She even said that she could not remember the name of the village and way to the village. That it was a friend of her who took her to the place as at the time.

      The son is still here with us till today as I write us. He is an active member of this house.
      Do you see one of the cases as amount to spiritual attack? Why people are suffering today.

      Another member had same similar case but his was a bit different. It happened that he went so many places in search of of success and at a point a certain deity came attacking him.

      Note: no deity would attack you without first haven somethings done for you.

      In his own case, it happened that the deity was visiting and dropping rubbish and sometimes bloods on his door post. He would wake up in the morning to see them and sometimes come back from work to meet them (all at the entrance of his door)

      He contacted me and it was revealed. When he could not help find the particular deity. What we did was to ask him to present the animal ritual sacrifices before the goddess of the sun, calling up the disturbing deity to come and receive his/her sacrifice.

      None that owes the spirit that goes hiding. You will never run away from the spirit and will never do away with their reward. He listened and the instructions was properly executed  and case settled.

      Finally, if either of these cases as highlighted was never the case as seen. It happened that an enemy who doesn’t want to see you live is the reason for the attack. If he/she comes against you by eating your flesh like suya meat. It has a permanent solution.

      If it’s against your finance, job, life etc. No wahala, it still have a solution.

      So far you are innocent. What I meant to be innocent here is a situation whereby you aren’t guilty at all.

      Because some of you are guilty in most cases. Some of you dey wake wahala when e dey sleep.

      You will first punch and when the person retaliate, you begin dey cry and run.

      If na you find wahala go, as e don come now. Solution still dey but you go learn lesson small, na em make i no go fit help you comot too quick.

      But if you are innocent as earlier said, relaxed yourself and let me know by written me inbox. By the time I finish with the witch or wizard, he/she qwill know that I am the great odogwuakataaka, ogbu onye ọjọọ ụbọchị ndụ na-atọ ya ụtọ

      I am a wizard and will forever be a wizard.

      In my world, witch no dey witch wizard!

      End of discussion!!

      Valentine Egwim:
      Wise one I am experiencing the attack by witches, they press me a times during sleep when I will be dreaming the next will be I almost get choked, I will be seeing snakes and my dead sister, very terrifying dreams. I have gone to three babalawos in Ondo state here and all they are saying is witches are disturbing me. I was asked to make certain sacrifices, the number 16 was predominant un most of the items like akara, meat, etc, I did yet nothing has changed.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Write me inbox while I look after it.
      It’s a small case.

      Odogwu I like ur words of wisdom and braveness nothing do you sir

      Nero Deluxe:
      Odogwu akataaka eken m gi oooo. Your wisdom has not thing to be compared with.
      Jisi Ike .,. may the God’s and goddesses continue to review to you the unknown to guide the younger generation…

      Ikechukwu Amadi:
      I love these, thanks odogwuakataka

      Amy Val:
      You are indeed a wise man sir.learnt a lot

      IKMAN Ik:
      Wise one ekelem gi

      Isi mmili Igbo Nile, I hail and doff my hat for you. Please I plead that you take us on the lecture: ofor na ogu. The materials, the incantations and the exercises that make up this potent ritual.

      Chidiebere Ibe:

      Chidike Okeke:
      Thanks Odogwu Akataka. I asked a question and you have answered it even without mentioning or tagging the question. I have used my tongue to count my teeth and like you told me I will reach home. Dalu.

      Eziokwu bu ndu.. odogwu Akataka isi Mmiri Igbo nile Dalu rinne..okala mmadu okala Mmuo..

      IKMAN Ik:
      My question is this Sir. What can I do to make my DJ business progress

      Have you instituted your chi altar?

      However wat if u don not have  your chi alter  yet (due to financial challenges) cant one pray and make  sacrifices to his/ her  chi….  explaining his her situation thus trying to ask for open doors….  more so is it okay to always leave food for your Ndeotu on the ground / floor before or whenever you want to have your meal… Yagazie.

      IKMAN Ik:

      Ifeoma Okakpu:
      Please house,,I have been doing seven days midnight with kolanut,the kolanut I throw away at night don’t use to be completed in the morning and sometimes all the four cotyledon throne out are not found in the morning, I hope all is going well

      Ikechukwu Awuz:
      That should not bother you as long as you completely and accurately did the prayers as instructed by the gods and goddesses via our GM.
      Throw the bones to the dogs and don’t bother yourself with the imminent battle between the dogs and the spirits.

      IKMAN Ik:
      Sir,I want to also know the difference between my chi and my onyeuwa(the person that reincarnated me).Dalu Odogwu.the wise one.how can I also institute my Chi

      uzowulu Ogechukwu:
      Odogwuakataka… Isi mmiri igbo nile… Thanks so much for your words of wisdom and knowledge you are impacting in us…

      Ifeanyi chi Ukwu Eze:
      My great GM greetings to you please i have a question

      When a war breaks out between my chi and my enemys chi and it happens that my enemy offered human sacrifice to his chi to get me down,

      as a white witch occult practitioner what must i offer my  chi when he runs back to me seeking empowerment or reinforcement

      Thank you

      JP PH:

      What is Chi And Who is Your Chi (Spirits/Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel)?

      Further Discussion On Chi Temple, Reasons For Our Ritual Practices

      IKMAN Ik:
      Thank you

      Uchechukwu Origwe:
      Odogwu Akataka isi mmiri Igbo nile,  Daalu rie nne. Waooo, this is tutoring.
      May I be found worthy before the gods and goddesses
      Isee Isee Isee

      Good morning house. I am just joining this forum after reading some very powerful and interesting things last night the House of Wisdom on nairaland

      Onye-Nze Movies:
      Thanks a lot for this piece.


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