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      Further discussion on chi temple, reasons for our ritual practices.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Today is Sunday (Orie). Before we proceed to provide answers to questions from members, I wish to let us know that ije ụwa bụ onye na chi ya (journey of life is between you and your chi)

      For those of you wandering here on earth living your chi by the side. Get to know that in as much as everyone alive has enemies, but then, I have to tell you: the greatest enemy is been ignorant of the truth. That’s when you can be an enemy to yourself thinking that someone is behind your predicament. Mmadụ i bụ iro dịnyere onwe ya.

      I have a lot of spiritual consultation report to deliver this morning, I know that good number of you who requested for report are looking up to hear from me. I will do so haven promised and done with your consult.

      From time to time, I do consult. As a consultant, I sat down to check, reading from report available to me so far upon angels guide. It’s obvious that most challenging factor making it impossible for one to get defeated all times has to do with one not knowing his chi.

      And this we have made us known so many times. We kept saying, know your chi.
      This information, message kept coming to you. You can’t just ignore it and think you can make ahead way. Can you walk without your legs? Can you laugh without mouth?

      Tell me, is it possible to breath without nose? How do you think life is easy, possible without you knowing your chi?
      Get to know your chi!

      This knowledge and practices cut your miserable journey short. I didn’t say, it brings it to an end but it cut it short.

      And you should know what it means that something was too long but now short. That’s to say, it’s gradually coming to finish if it’s a journey.
      This is our adventure with chi.

      More light on our path as angels guide us all. May the spirit of wisdom lead us into discernment

      In a second note, don’t neglect the power of daily morning rituals.
      There is a reason you brush you tooth every morning when you are in good state of mind. This reason is why you take your bath, eat food and have a good water to drink. When you are doing all these to help physical growth and for health purposes, never forget to perform ritual prayers daily for energies that work with you.
      When you say prayers, make sacrifices too.

      One does not expect abundant harvest simply because he has planted plenty of farm produce. Instead, one expect to have abundant harvest for the fact that he took care of the farmland. This is result of sacrifice! It is a reward for Labour force.

      It’s a sacrifice when you give attention to your farm land, helping your crops to grow by removing an unwanted grasses. Check up from time to time.
      This is what the wise does through constant ritual sacrifices.
      Don’t say its enough when your prayed with kolanut ones in a week or twice in a month.
      Do you eat ones in a week or twice in a month?

      Don’t say its enough when you perform saraka rituals, given drinks to the people one’s in a week or twice in a month. Do these things as often time as you can. Let it not be countable. Always give to human and spirits.

      I will let you know mystery in buying drinks to people. But before then, let me inform you about necessary rituals to help yourself.

      Do you know what?

      There are ways to know when you are exposed to truth.
      1: think about where the information are coming from, then find your square root.
      2: think about who is given you those information. From the above, you can help understand, read meaning to the information perhaps to accept it to be true or false.
      3: compare those messages with the little you have known, heard or was told earlier. This is not believe but a practice that brings about perfection.
      With the above, you could tell when you are in line with the truth.

      Let’s stop here to bring out other important matters.
      When I say pray daily. Understand you aren’t praying me neither are you praying my wife. This is why you must not see it as if I have anything to benefit from your ritual prayers.

      When you buy these ritual materials, note that I don’t supply them neither do I sell them. That’s to say, by no means am I looking for your patronage here.

      When you were asked to make ritual sacrifices (given to the spirits), note that its not me you are given. I don’t eat ritual materials.
      Haven known and understand these, yet I urge you to do all these with sincerity of heart.
      Yes with all your heart!

      Let me tell you, this is not a mission for the depressed but for the wise. Depressed: that’s to say people who have tried many format and got weary, then have to give this a trier perhaps out of frustration.

      We aren’t talking to these group of people instead we are talking to the wise. Those who seek for knowledge of the truth. Spirituality is not a thing you can give a trier. If you do, you might likely fail. The reason is because, the spirits aren’t in haste to prove themselves before you.
      Did you read it?

      I have worked deeply with the spirits for so many years. A child born 26 to 28 years ago by now should have children and family. That’s to say, he is no longer a kid but an adult.

      I have been here for twenty something years close to thirty years. This information comes to you so that those of you who think you have learnt enough for the past one year or two for been a member of this forum shouldn’t know that you haven’t heard, seen, known anything yet.
      It took years for water to turn into wine. Ask a palm wine tapper.

      Therefore, those of you who are tired of life, haven spent years in Christendom and got failed. Coming to ọdinani to have the magic simply because you were told that magic happens here, get a rethink that I said ỌDINANỊ IS NOT A MAGIC PRACTICE BUT TRUE PRACTICE.

      This is why it gives life and protection, success and prosperity, health and wealth. Its not MAGIC!

      Magic doesn’t last but for awhile. You must learn to differentiate between truth and lies. Truth is that which you must think deep to understand before accepting it. Lies are easily believed/accepted.

      You hear truth with both ears unlike lies. This is why it has to sink deep in you. It has no exit. This is why, your refusal to truth keep beating your conscience. You end up with saying HAD I KNOW!

      Truth I know I make known to you because you are human like me. This is why I owe you the truth. Will never force you the truth.

      Always make sacrifices to the gods and goddesses for your good. All things you do in spiritual matters are for you and you alone. Never forget

      Noted sir

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      This is why when you do it good, you receive the reward for doing it right. When you refuse to do it good, you also receive the reward for doing it wrong
      Reason you need a teacher and a guardian. Don’t call the gods and goddesses fools for knowing these and has to made the provision for you. Know your chi!

      When you know your chi, work with your chi. Never refuse the wisdom from the wise men. It has a lot of to do in your life. We do say, ikwu amaghị, ibe ezi ya akọ _ When you don’t know, a neighbour is there to teach you.

      This is why you must pay attention to hear, listen and understand for your own good. Don’t be deceived by those things you think are easy. Easy never help life thus nothing is easy in life.
      Life is not easy!

      Nothing is easy. If anyone tells yo that it takes easy to make it in life, tell him to his face that it’s a lie. Get it known that life itself is not easy. This is why you must suffer yourself to attract positive energy in life.

      Even when you think it’s easy with juju. Visit a dibịa during the juju settings. You will understand better. Some juju are done mid night. A dibịa suffer himself in most cases to deliver the afflicted. This is why the gods and goddesses don’t take it a joke when you come against a dibia.
      The secret why the gods and goddesses never refuse their request.

      A dibịa will perform impossible task to get a certain power for the services. Tomorrow you tell me its easy because you see him discharging.

      It takes period of years, tribulation, resistance for a tree to stand.
      Why you are growing, you require a lot of sacrifices. You must make this sacrifices to help yourself stand. Refusal to do these are reason we don’t stand when we are expected to stand.

      You need wisdom to take a balance in life. Don’t think you can just wake up overnight to become a person in the morning.
      Anywhere, Try and See!

      You know, Christianity has made alot of people to believe all is as easy as believe.
      Until you try that believe, that’s when you hear another side of the master saying, NOT ALL WHO CALL ME BY THE NAME MASTER MASTER SHALL ENTER THE Kingdom. That’s after you believed!

      That’s when you understand that not all who joined a fraternity become wealthy, haven enough money to spent.

      Ofeke think it’s unto him to decide. Until you determine, you will find out that the road to success still has same language written bold on it _ KNOW THE TRUTH! That’s the way!!

      When a strange spirit gives it to you, you have to pay for receiving from unknown spirit. The spirit himself/herself has to fight to get anything from you at all cost knowing that you are ofeke.

      We have been given and what we have are with us. That’s why in every land, there are gods and goddesses who are the rulers and governors. The spirit as we have them here in Igbo are capable of doing everything for us as our guide.

      This is why our ancestors and arụsị can’t permit disaster, calamity to the befall us when we surround ourselves with them.

      When this happens, you find out and understand that ọdịnala dị ike – mmụọ dike. Ọdịbendị n’eche ha dịka ebube agụ n’eche agụ

      A fool is he who think the greatest power is found in India, neglecting powers as seen in his homeland.

      When the gods and goddesses of you land rise and stand for you, I tell you, no power on earth can bring you down.
      Note my words today!

      Don’t look at anyone visiting shrines as seen within him for prayers and sacrifices to say he is a fool. You know one thing, ways of the wise remains unknown to the fools

      Your helper can’t be seen far away from you. This is why you must learn to rule your world with forces that are with you. They are your chi, agwụ, iyi ụwa (realm of incarnate), ancestors, deities as seen in your town and locality.

      When you visit and pray them, let them know you are their son, their subject, their beloved.
      This is why you must explain yourself. Say who you are. I am Ndudirim Nwadike. Son of Akobundu from Ezinnachi Akokwa. I am here because you are for me. Perfect introduction!
      Remembering them is a reminder. These are total explanation and are for checkup.

      Do you know that your sacrifices as well as your prayers when done has to wait until all spirits concern attend.

      I am telling you ways of life, truth you must know to make a difference. Reasons prayers are been answered. Why some prayers and sacrifices aren’t answered.

      Now they assembled. Perhaps your chi may ask the deity you visited. Did you say Ndudirim brought all these here? Yet he was starving me?
      He has made a point for discussion.

      Now your ancestors would say, we aren’t sharing from this. Reason been that, it’s wisdom that says ‘CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

      His agwụ will say finally, no one should share from this. He is ignorant and refuse to acknowledge me. I have not finished with him yet.
      When these happens, no spirit will share from your sacrifices

      This is when you return and expect good fortunes to come as a result of your visit to Urasi Okija or Ekwensu Anaku.
      This is why, any dibia who set to work for your open doors, good and success without first making peace between you and your chi is making a gravious mistakes.

      To start with an individual is to start with his/her chi.
      Our chi is a great pioneer that we can’t keep aside and say its well.
      He can put sand to our garri even though he can’t help throw the garri away.
      This is why, as soon as you begin to enjoy the food, itakwute ya àjà. Ọ kwa kọnkịrị!

      To start a good life is to know your chi. That’s the beginning of wisdom.
      It’s when you done with your chi, he will help you to be in peace with your ancestor’s when you make these move.

      That when your ancestors shall demand for a cow, he will be pleading them to accept fowl for the moment. Bearing you witness that the money for cow is not now. Promising them that as soon it comes, that he shall make you understand about the great importance to bring it to them (for the important rituals).

      They will accept knowing that he can’t lie to them even though they know.
      He will be there to help peace accord with your realm of origin.

      Your ancestors, realm, agwụ, other deities don’t follow you around all the time but your chi does.
      Reason they don’t follow you around at all times is because they have other assignments with other people unlike your chi. His business on earth has to do with you alone. Your chi doesn’t have any other assignments with anyone if not you alone.

      Do you now see why it’s impossible to survive without your chi?

      Tell me the spirit that will help you without permission from your chi? No one!
      Disobedience is for human. Spirits follows order!!
      They respect each other for wisdom is their watchword.
      This is why you seek for help, climbing mountain with kneels on swollen blood only to come back home remaining same in abject poverty. Prayers never got answered.
      Even when it’s said others who went their got desired results.

      This is why you traveled to obodo oyibo, haven spent so many years abroad yet can’t afford bread for the people at home.

      To return na wahala. You prayed death only to find out that death is no where to be found. Your chi will end up proving all things impossible for you when you set do without him. That’s when you find out that acid can’t kill you. Drink a gallon of acid, he will say no to death.

      That when you know that death itself is a spirit that works with permission.
      Do you ask for who gives him permission?

      Haven said that, get to know that with your chi, your journey for life is possible. Make peace with your chi in all way possible.
      Even when a dibịa says, it cost 5 naira for the ritual peace settings for you and your chi. If you don’t have the money, don’t keep quite.

      Make a positive move to prove wisdom. Money is not everything. The reason you need wisdom.
      Wisdom is the principle thing.
      In all your get, get wisdom and understanding

      Prove to your chi that you are wrong in all form. To do this is to humble yourself before him. Day by day, prove wisdom.

      Pray him with all manner of ritual materials. Seek his face. Forget about every other person and seek his face first. Pray him earnestly.

      Make lots of sacrifices to him and more especially animal blood sacrifices. Fowl are there, give to him. Empower him.

      It’s your life not my life. Its your life not your pastors life. Its your life not your mama’s life

      This is why you must live it with YOU DON’T CARE.
      You don’t care what another person would say.

      Stop this James and John stories as it happened in Egypt and Israel. You aren’t John neither were you James.
      You are real you in you. If this world is like that which you were told about, all men could be equal. But then, I tell you, the world aren’t like story written by anyone from anywhere.

      Don’t even believe the truth, truth last time I know didn’t ask you believe him. Rather it asked you know him. Therefore, know the truth today!

      So why do you have to believe Christ or you call him Jesus or whatever for you to be successful?
      He was a messenger.

      If the gods and goddesses, the world are okay, saying enough for life and all things because of him, why must you be sent here on earth?
      He is a messenger who came like other messengers

      Before him, the world has seen so many messengers and note my words, after him, many has come including you.
      Do that which you were sent for (mindless what another person has to say)

      If you die not fulfilling your mission for coming here on earth, that’s where you shall face judgement.
      This is why you must know your chi. Knowing your chi does not ask you to return home but if it asked for it, pack and come back home. After all, no place like home.

      If knowing your chi asked you to starve for others to eat, do so. After all said and done, man can’t eat by bread alone.

      If knowing your chi which is pathway to your destiny asked you to be a dibia, you can’t say no. If you do, agwụ will show you pepper. I go school no reach am.

      I fit speak grammar no reach am. Your agwụ will turn the grammar into vocabulary. Add strange words to you in addition.

      Understand, no shortcut to destiny.
      Its either you go by the way of your destiny or you die by it. Remember, it’s not easy to die that’s why you must suffer the heat first. The gods are wise.

      They will have to inflict you with those things you would not want to tolerant in life so that you feel the heat of disobedience.
      Heal yourself! Heal the world!!

      Don’t think another man so important than you. Don’t accept it to be true that another is more blessed than you. I tell you, No destiny is greater than another. You could make yourself a point of attraction. Another can make himself a subject of ridicule.
      No man is more loved by the gods and goddesses than others.
      With equal love they have loved us!
      Gift us with precious gifts. Reason we possess different destinies!

      It is act of foolishness to say, I wish to be like Odogwuakataaka when you aren’t Odogwuakataaka.
      It’s a mock to the gods!

      You were created to be yourself not like Christ nor like Mohammed.
      Before Christ, tell me who was like him?

      I am not Christ and I can’t be him.
      Angel Micheal is not not Christ and can’t be him. Agwụ is not Christ and can’t be like him.
      Ngwu, aja ala, ogwugwu, all aren’t like Christ and can’t be like him.

      Stop fooling yourself like fools. You were not created to be be like anyone.
      If you were created to be like me you could have been me.
      Be yourself!

      Ofeke find your real self and be yourself.
      Stop fooling yourself with religious information. A fool made himself a god over others for self glory.
      Bring him down from where he kept himself on top, you become his enemy.

      This is why you find out that all who said they are serving you without love can’t be your servant.
      Remover them from their position where they are receiving praises and glory from men, you become their greatest enemy.
      This is why you must learn to trust yourself better than anyone.

      If you have reason to believe anyone seen and unseen, believe yourself and your chi.
      More light on your path as angels guide us all

      This is how we do it here @great light house of wisdom discussion forum on telegram where knowledge of the truth rules. Ọ bụ ebe a ka ọ na-akpọtụ.
      You may ask your questions

      Bishop Emmanuel:
      Odogwuakataka idi too much, more light on ur paths as the angels guide us all

      Victor Shedrack:
      Nice one sir, for feeding us with great wisdom, am soaring higher

      Bishop Emmanuel:
      I have been to somewhere to ask about my predicaments bcos since my life I never got anything easily, I must struggle to get what I want, after consult the man told me the the person that re- incarnated me had issues with a particular woman and the woman placed a curse on him, when I was born same curse continued following me, he said I had to make peace with the woman if not I will be having issues with women and that what ever am going true today was bcos a woman preparation a charm for me and its working, he never told me about my chi, can such thing be possible sir

      Ogechukwu Akobundu:
      The Wise One, how can i sacrifice to my Chi, because am among those that is waiting for the chi temple. Can I sacrifice a fowl for my chi just like that without knowing him or her. Please direct

      Victor Shedrack:
      Read the guide carefully again, i think GGM has told us what to do. He said it earlier to make sacrifice to our chi with fowl.

      Bishop Emmanuel:
      Knowing my Chi is best thing that can happen to me

      Henry Brookman:
      Thanks,I’m joyful finding myself in this great forum.

      Kendo David:
      Odogwu akataka isi-mmiri igbo Nile igadioo!!! Please how can I know my chi

      Odogwu Akataaka:

      The Difference Between Chineke and Chi ukwu/Chukwu – Do They Have similarities?

      What is Chi And Who is Your Chi (Spirits/Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel)?

      Okwu Chi – Chi Temple – Light House of Wisdom

      Okwu Chi – Chi Temple

      Ask your questions. Give thanks to the gods and goddesses for all things.

      It’s time for questions. Ask that which borders you. We are here with answers on the spiritual matters upon angels guide.

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