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    Grand Master

      Chukwuebuka II:
      Great One! OdogwuAkataka!

      Please sir, what is the true spiritual meaning of the Igbo red cap and okpu agu? I have received different answers but nothing has made me say yes, this is the truth.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Igbo are people with deep spiritual knowledge. Take it as I said. I have gone too far in spirituality and can’t return a failure. When I said a thing, it could be as a result of what was told or seen.

      I have seen and heard many things therefore end up acknowledging our deep spiritual knowledge and practices dịka ndigbo.

      Igbo’s don’t do things ordinary. Not at all!

      This is why you must become wise when you set your path to search and know the ways of the Igbos. Mark my words!

      Whosoever set his/her path to search and know the ways of Ndigbo is trading on the path of wisdom and must become wise. There are so many tribes but few are exceptional tribes in the realm of spirits.

      Odogwuakataaka, I agree with you. The Igbo culture itself is inseparably tied to the most holy Odinani i.e the pure Igbo religion. No one can practice Odinani in truth and in spirit and miss being wise and holy.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      I once reviewed that in Africa and World at large their are kingdoms which are not minor in the realm of spirit.
      They are Agulu eri _ Agukwu nri kingdom, Igala kingdom, Benin kingdom, Ile ife kingdom etc.

      These kingdoms are not minor and they are within us. They are all found here in west Africa state. Get to know more about them and what makes them great and favorite before the gods.
      The secret has to do with their deep spiritual knowledge and practices.

      Coming to Ndigbo, Aguleri ji ọfọ Igbo, the reason the Kingdom represent Igbo in spiritual realm. They are aka ji ọfọ Ndigbo!

      The red cap which we (Ndigbo) are known for in the land of spirits and humans stands for danger.

      Going by the red cap on your head foretells human and spirits that I am not alone, I am not a minor, I am not an ofeke, I am not efulefu, I am not ignorant of my being, I am not a nonentity, I am a nwadiala, I am a man and a spirit: I am dangerous because (ama m ife ana_arụ).

      Thank you sir

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      To proof to human and spirits that these are made possible upon a prize, we put abụba ugo (Eagles feather) at the back or beside the cap.

      Whichever side it stands has a message for the wise (human and spirits).

      Offor Paul:
      This is the first time my eyes is been open to this truth. Thank you sir

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Because ugo gbuzue, ọ chakee, the Eagle feather foretells “merit”.
      I paid a prize for this!

      To prove this, the cap goes with one feather to some people, and two to some people and three to others

      Telling you that we stand differently. The more your vibration more feather on your cap.
      Angels guide!
      Ọ bụ ya bụ isi n’etu ugo etu awụ mme.

      Odogwu akataaka more light on your path ….thank you for this messages …may the gods and goddesses be with you …..iseeeee

      Odogwuakataka, I ga adi. I never miss your Sunday teachings.. O ga adiri Mma

      Chy Jane:
      Odogwuakataka dalu rinne

      Isi Mmiri Igbo Niile, thanks. You have made our day awesome with the great wisdom with which you attended our questions. Spirit guides.

      Johnson Chine.:
      Odogwuakataka, i ga-di,.

      Nwosu Ngozi:
      Isi mmiri igbo nile thank you.

      Please how do I know what my Chi forbids and also I want to get deep with my Chi,how can I achieve this?

      Ugochukwu Ndubuisi:
      I need Saraka rituals guidelines. Monitors please help me- oo!

      JP PH:
      I will update it on the website this evening and share the link. A little patience.

      Candy Ghana:
      Isi mmiri igbo nile, Dalu o

      Please how can I recover myself again.

      Nwosu Ngozi:
      Thank you, will be waiting for the link.

      Ugochukwu Ndubuisi:
      Thank you Sir. Your good works on this forum will surely be rewarded by the gods and goddesses, Iseeee!

      Great Grand Master, thank you for the reply to my question, and the observation over my silent, the last discussion was for me to have my chi closer to me since there was no conducive place for me to keep my chi, it was that period the issue of Temple building came up. The moment is completed I will have a portion for my chi.

      The last ritual we did with a chick, then followed with eggs and other things I did even planning to redeem my vow by June.

      I have gained a lot in this forum, thank you the wise One. May the gods and goddess grant you long Life . More grace.

      Please wise One how can I know what my guardian angel forbids?

      Godwin Chigozie:
      Please I don’t know my Guardian Angel, who can help me explain it to me.


      Okwu Chi – Chi Temple

      That should be of help

      What is Chi And Who is Your Chi (Spirits/Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel)?

      This too.

      Nnam o ga diri gi nma. Isi mmili igbo nile ya gazie. Thanks so much for attending to my question and for the super lecture. So happy to belong here. I ga dika echie. More lights to our path.

      JP PH:
      Complete Saraka Ritual guide – http://lighthouseofwisdom.com/forums/topic/saraka-ritual-guide/

      Joseph Mazoje:
      @GGM as u have chosen to make humanity life a prosperous one so shall all divine entities stand to honor.
      @JP you have been a source of joy and blessings to this forum buy simply dishing out the right informations through our GGM, a proverb says a CHILD that washes his hand clean will dine with d ELDERS,You will reap the fruit of your labour. All these I pray as Angels guide us all Iseeeeee.

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