Reply To: Discussions that led to LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM TEMPLE BUILDING


Grand Master

    Nkechinyerem Jessica:
    Did I hear you call it little? Nnam ,odogwuakataaka, indeed you’re a great man of wisdom, may the

    David Louis:
    Wen wisdom speaks all must know it and see it manifest

    Nkechinyerem Jessica:
    Gods and goddesses bless you iseee

    David Louis:
    This is so great i cant wait to see it manifest.the gods and goddess has indeed gifted u to us may ur path continually shine brighter daily.

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    You may pay online using paystack if you are in diaspora. To do this, visit our website

    If you are in Nigeria of can make direct payment, make direct deposit
    U. B. A.
    Name :
    Ekeh Onyebuchi Nzubechi

    Odogwu akataka I ga di ooo….you don’t know how reliefed I am with the latest development. ..After the consultation you did for me and it requires me to do my Chi, settle mariners and do deliverance…I have been having sleepless night knowing fully well that I am ready to do my Chi but no place to keep my Chi because I am squoting with my sister and her husband. ..I can’t do against the wish of the owner of the house
    …but with this latest development. ..I am so happy

    Isimmili Igbonile…May the gods and goddesses continue to expand your territory.

    Thank you for everything you have been doing for us here at light house of wisdom

    Very easy this way , thank you so much for the wisdom and eyes opening..

    David Louis:
    On the light house of his wisdom temple i support dis great idea.sir as u said location matters do u av any idea as to the cost of getting a location?

    Yes i concur

    Then when we get an available land even for purchase, through Angels guide…we can do it


    David Louis:
    Yes we can!!!!!

    I an ready to spend for this house as long as , we get what we want , I wish I knew this house for long , I wouldn’t have been down this way …

    Anything for success ,wisdom, knowledge the house , me especially am ready

    I was thinking if I get my chi ready where can I keep it , but as you made mention of getting a land a place to keep it alli smiled knowing that you are guided with wisdom

    Chidimma Anene:
    Thank you very much sir… Angels guide… May the Gods and goddesses of your reward massively

    Gozik Ahams:
    Thanks so much my high priest for these wonderful development and Big thanks to gods and goddess for been there for us on this great journey.

    BIG JOE:
    Am in total surport on dis development
    D great Odogwuakattaka u have done so much and ur efforts and the entire crew of LIGHTHOUSEWISDOM will not go unrewarded,u all will live long and see ur seeds germinate and bears abondant of fruits and to ever member of LIGHTHOUSEWISDOM it’s a call for duty,let’s come out and build our FUTURE the CHIEF HIGH PRIEST has set the pase once again D GGM I salute u. Upon Angels guide we stand in unity

    Please is it only for people from anambra?

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    Are light house of wisdom only for people from Anambra?

    You must be wise, get knowledge and understanding and stop reasoning like an ofeke where there’s knowledge of the truth. Just an advice!

    Haven said that, we have to face the issue of the moment. Because am no longer a child, as an elder, am aware that when important issues are at hand, the general public might find it impossible reaching a conclusion if not said by one or two people among them. Nevertheless, we have reason’s throwing such information on your cult so that you have your say.

    Haven heard few opinion, I expect more as time goes on. Base on questions and suggestions made so far, I stand to throw more light to help our success/future. It’s not easy to build

    I understand that good number of people lack foresight. Some hardly visualize things but has to await final makeup. This is why when you come to new site, during foundation settings. Some would say, Ah this house is too small

    Others would ask, What manner of house is this?

    These saying has to do with individual perceptions, leaving them in confusion until the building comes up to a certain level. Its then they would have better understanding forgetting questions and confusions onset

    We are good to go @ light house of wisdom. From no where we are getting somewhere. Soon, we have a place to call our place, our temple, our shrine, our worship center

    The location as I said earlier has to be situated somewhere within Anambra state of Nigeria. The reason been that this is light house of wisdom where knowledge rules. The source of this information comes your way by the help of ezumezu omambala river. The great gods and goddesses of river whom I serve made it possible. The name Anambra was gotten from the great Omambala river.
    Because this is where we are coming from, reaching out to you; we have needs connecting to them in all and all. Maka na apusia na ama, eburukwa lata n’obi

    When we done with the temple building as stated, it remains the property of light house of wisdom group.
    Their you can have all spiritual services done. Those you can’t take home such as Okwu Chi – Chi Temple – Light House of Wisdom

    Awele Uzu – Light House of Wisdom

    Oku Awele Ocha – Money Spell – Light House of Wisdom

    Can be kept at the temple where you pay monthly or weekly visit for ritual sacrifices. With these, you have more security, happiness doing your thing. These are like mini fraternity

    The reason we don’t go with the clear view of calling it a fraternity even though it looks like a lodge is simply because we are more open than secret societies in this matter

    We have no skeleton in the cupboard

    No hidden information. We are open and as white as snow.

    When we do with the settings/structure, we have a watchman at the entrance that allow visitors with their ID card

    That’s to say, before you enter the temple premises, you must have a membership ID Card of the great house @ LIGHT HOUSE OF WISDOM with your ID Number

    These must be confirmed by the gate keeper before entrance

    I understand it better now sir, please am new here, I need more guidance sir

    How do I start

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    When you comes in, haven parked at car park. Before you enter the shrine where your chi or awele or any other ritual are kept, you must be confirmed by a watcher/keeper/attendant.

    You must give the watcher your portion number as well as details of your sanctuary. If you call your portion number, the watcher would enter to confirm if those juju you mentioned are what that is there

    How much is this weekly or monthly payment ?

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    If its confirmed, you now allow entrance.
    These is how we are going to situate the temple upon angels guide

    Should you need a service of a priests, you report. Because we shall institute a priest office where males and females priest/priestess are found. Its left for the priest to appoint by themselves who can help oversee the mission for success

    How much is this weekly or monthly payment, and I hope if I don’t visit my chi because of how far I am from it I hope there won’t be any problem , as long as you are handling it and I am doing my sacrifice .

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    Upon angels guide, they have to send a messenger to you

    Right in the the temple, we will have a day when old aged men’s and women shall be present for prayers

    It could be ones in a month. On that very day, those who need blessings of the spirits following gray hairs shall come for prayers and blessings

    They shall pray for the people with ofo

    I shall provide ofo ndi ichie (ofo from the ancestors) and ofo ndi mmiri (ofo from mariners)

    These elders shall say prayers with these to the congregation

    Every participant shall be in attendance with four kola nut cotyledons and a hot drink. When the prayers are said and concluded with iseeee

    You hit your fits four times on the ground, break the kolanut and put one after another on top the ofo. The ofo must be permanent and can’t be moved or be moving from place to place

    You pure your drink as well

    We also have services of virgins

    These virgins shall be under the control of the priests at priest cult

    They will be most available for you when most needed

    We also have a section where ritual material’s are sold

    These are to help this generation make a difference

    Remember my words many years back

    I said, I must build a difference generation. My people must make a difference. Because I am a difference man so shall my people make a difference

    I had never said a thing and refused to do as I said upon angels guide

    Hence am not alone. As day comes by, you see and understand better. In no distance time light house of wisdom must he on top

    Our temple shall generate funds and nations shall visit to witness the powers of the spirits

    That they shall see and understand truly MMUO DIKE – SPIRITS ARE MOST POWERFUL

    This I mote and so shall it be.


    Promise Chizurumoke:

    Opelouwa Lagos:

    Harrison Ani:


    Odogwu Akataaka:
    Haven said these, we return to make it a reality hence it calls for a great work to achieve greatness. We have notching to worry about hence we aren’t alone. Spirits are here! Angels guide


    Odogwu Akataaka:
    We are building this temple all together. Its our temple not my Temple not your temple but our temple therefore we must help in the building

    Harrison Ani:

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    I have a role to play here, you have a role as well

    The most important parts is our future, your future


    Odogwu Akataaka:
    What we did yidau determines our future that’s why the wise lays a foundation when the fool decides not to do anything

    If we start looking for plots of land when we had no money at hand, its not encouraging. Not at all

    As it stands presently, light house of wisdom doesn’t have any pulse or money in the bank

    The reason been that we had no reason for funds generation before now

    Now we see the need, we have to source for funds raising to help our dreams comes through soon

    Years they said are too Long for a child but comes so quick like morning to same child

    This is why every year some people ends up haven a proposal at the beginning of the year only to left out without achieving anything at the end of the year

    So if we should make this project a 3/4 years project, don’t shout and say its too long hence we must source for the funds within ourselves

    There are things we must be careful not to do here all through the moment of the temple building

    We must not borrow a dime from anyone for any reason

    We must raise the funds ourselves

    We have the great financial ability. During this site building, you learn and understand how to build something out of nothing. Seeing secrets how countries grow from having nothing to have something that attracts attention

    We must all work together to make it a success then reap the dividends

    @AbleGod0001 asked if some people from Anambra can help find a location then get back to the house with reports so that we know how much we are going for

    That’s good idea but not welcome. The reason been the fact that we have monitors at present who are capable of overseeing the affairs and administration of light house of wisdom

    Notwithstanding, can still source for more pioneers in addition to the monitors who we can trust the services of this mission unto their care


    These are people who reports to us from time to time, given accounts on our spendings so far. Bringing updates to the house on every development

    But before we set up these committee, we must not neglect wisdom

    Our people would say, its only when you hold a kite at hand you may ask if a woman can eat it

    We must first of all, have some cash at hand to begin the move

    I said it earlier, we can get this land at anywhere, any village or town that Omambala rivers pass through within Anambra state

    That’s to say, we have chances of getting lands at affordable prices

    We can’t be looking for plots of lands without money at hand

    Have said this, we return to answer questions on questions on how much per member monthly or weekly

    Here, I leave the room open for us to say our mind. Have your say. How much do we place upon ourselves?
    Monthly or weakly?

    Have your say, let come to a conclusion!

    More light on our path as angels guide us all

    Both options are ok, some of us are business people, while some are monthly earners, my able GM I’ll suggest we work with both sir.